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  1. We’ve been doing it for years, mainly for the greater flexibility and extra OBC.
  2. We could, but we travel with our teen kids - different generation to us.
  3. I’m paying $99 for two weeks on Princess for unlimited internet access. I make do on X with my free Elite minutes as the price difference is so great.
  4. Considering the move - no way would I give up an FV on an M class ship. We’ve sailed in a corner one on every M class ship except for Summit (nothing wrong with her but the itineraries don’t suit us).
  5. Our OceanReady is fine, but our DSs won’t show green on the ‘Cruise Personalizer’ on the app, even though it’s fine on My Princess and I’ve been able to print out the boarding passes. Any ideas why it’s not working? Can’t understand if it okay on website and shows complete, yet it won’t show that on the app?
  6. Wrong. As others have stated, the two girls can go in a cabin on paper on their own (my teens do it all the time) as long as their cabin is adjacent/next to/across the hall from their parents, irrespective of where in the world the sailing is. I suspect the problem is that the OP didn’t realise they need to pay for 4 pax if they have 2 cabins for 2 people, or that they would have to pay even more as they are past final payment if they want to start adding cabins to their booking. There wouldn’t be an option in our house unless they were paying for it themselves!
  7. VA you’ll get on really well with our youngest DS on our August cruise; he has a selection of bow ties and he’s even started a trend at school: ‘Bow Tie Friday’ 😎!
  8. We are completing that itinerary in reverse next month. I’m sure a few of us will be posting our comments/review after the sailing. If you want to know anything in particular, ask now and I will try my best to answer on our return.
  9. If it’s out of a pot, milk first but if a tea bag is put directly in the cup, then it’s milk last 😉.
  10. Definitely jam first 😄.
  11. Correct, the ‘formal’ afternoon tea is for Elite and above status in CC, and the buffet is for everyone. Suites are as Chemmo states above.
  12. Yes, our kids have always founds friends to hang out with - many they still keep in contact with years later (apparently, we are meeting up with one in NY this summer 🤷‍♀️ 😎). If there are only a few, which shouldn’t be an issue during Spring Break, then X do group the ages together.
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