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  1. Christmas 2016. Ours wasn’t scheduled for that late on Millie; I can’t remember the exact time, but we did change our plans as it just wasn’t worth it to get off, especially as the port was a little way out. We did use the shuttle bus on the previous evening to visit the mall and refund our money left on the Octopus card (excellent investment). We’d already spent a few days in HK prior to the cruise (definitely worth it) and so we were not too bothered when we realised how few hours we had on that second morning. The lifeboat drill was also carried out on that day too. We’re returning to HK next year.
  2. Same here, just keep moving those placeholders.
  3. When we did the overnight in HK, on the second day, the actual time allowed off board was very tight (literally a couple of hours) as customs & immigration staff were onboard and were checking all paperwork. They actually delayed departure as they were requesting certain individuals to report to GS. Several tannoy announcements were made during the life drill stating we weren’t going anywhere until these pax had reported to the local authorities.
  4. No, that has never been the case when I’ve asked. The policy was always that you could move the onboard booking to a future cruise and then rebook, if you so wished, the same cruise at the lower price (price drop scenario), or alternatively lose the deposit if you cancelled completely.
  5. No, this is X we talking about. I’d be more amazed if the website was actually correct 😆.
  6. Agree, same for us: sailed another line without any status. I have been more amazed to read posts in the past saying that they would love to try itineraries on another line but don’t because of not having any status 😯. Can’t think why one would restrict themselves from seeing other parts of the world just because of not getting free laundry or minutes of free internet.
  7. I’ve been saying for years that it’s best to price it out on both sides of the pond, including any perks/promos in your calculations. The only thing I reiterate is that if you book on this side of the pond, be sure you’re totally happy with the deal from the outset as any changes to the booking will probably cost you more money. I also wouldn’t book a GTY over here as we have to accept whatever is allocated, whereas in the US you can change to another cabin providing it’s in the same category.
  8. And in nearly 30 cruises we have been asked a few times to show our passports to gain entry back on to the ship (this doesn’t include Bonaire though). Just saying, it can depend solely on the ports you visit.
  9. If you are the highest bidder - MoveUp is their payable upgrade system.
  10. We’ve only been on X sailings over Christmas and the NY - no crackers.
  11. I wonder if this will alter now the new IT system has been implemented over this side of the pond and with the new pricing for perks if the beverage package is chosen, in line with the US?
  12. But if you moved it from a previous sailing and had already paid the $100 admin fee, could you move it again and if so, would you be charged another $100?
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