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  1. Have sailed both ships on multiple occasions. We love the amenities and layout of the Royal Princess. However some things, such as the buffet, may have to change a lot post COVID-19. It also has some size issues with its course in Alaskan waters. That being said, we would prefer the Coral for the better viewing areas and full promenade. We last sailed on it to Antarctica and it was fabulous having so many spots to see scenery from.
  2. Funny, I thought most of them moved to condominiums in Florida.
  3. I had one for October that I was still considering, but the cruise line cancelled it. Actually Canada cancelled us as well
  4. Have missed tender ports because of rough seas but have also missed docks for the same reason. Nothing is a guarantee
  5. Elevators are easy as they can be programmed to open at every floor so no need to touch the buttons. But won’t that be a fun ride every time from 5 to 14.
  6. I am going to go back to 600 feet as you also need the 6 feet between the first person and the hostess. Geez I am so glad I have decided to return to auto travel for a while. Cruises are a long way off for me if ever
  7. Not that I think you will ever see it, but if you do believe you are so entitled, then you should take it up with the TA. It was the TA that was providing you the perk, not Princess
  8. I have juggled a variety of items in the past, but never animal crackers. Might have to use full boxes , otherwise I think they would be toooo light to toss.😁😁
  9. I would not worry too much as it is unlikely this cruise will occur. We are booked for the same cruise on 10/12. We have been upgraded once already, but I doubt that that cruise will go off either. Not a pessimist but a realist.
  10. We were on the next to last sailing of the Grand to Mexico Feb 11-21. This was the initial one that had the virus on board but was not recognized while we were sailing. Our email to quarantine did not appear until 12 days after our return, when more cases were recognized on board the cruise to Hawaii as well as some in our fellow passengers who had debarked and gone off in varying direction.
  11. I am glad to see an optimist. I have a cruise scheduled for October, so after yours, and I sincerely doubt it will take place. Have not cancelled, but we have nothing invested in it and any pre/post arrangements were done privately with refundable options and no up front fees.
  12. Actually the Pacific Princess is carrying roughly 115 passengers in just that situation. The bulk of passengers got off in Fremantle but a number stayed on board and they picked up a few from HAL in the same situation. They are heading to LA with a stop for fuel and supplies as needed in Honolulu. I think Cruise and Maritime did one of the more clever moves. They had 2 ships on extended cruises in Asia. The ships met and exchanged passengers based on their origin. One ship took all the Aussies and NZ’s to Freemantle. They have since gotten off with the NZ passengers flown home and the Australian passengers in a 14 day quarantine on an island off the coast. The other ship has all the Europeans and is on a long haul back to Southampton. Not sure if there were any from US or Canada on either ship. Slowly but surely most everyone will get home or at least close to it. More problematic is how, when and where all the crews will go.
  13. You guys are taking way to many antibiotics for viral illnesses. That is one of the drivers of bacterial resistance. It is also simply bad medicine.
  14. Personally I suspect long voyages of this nature will be slow to return. Even as the current Pandemic slows down there may well be a continuing outbreak of Covid, just to a much lesser degree. Given the difficulties that cruise lines have faced and are currently facing, I think they would fear what might happen if a passenger or two came down with the disease while on a long journey while the ship was distant from its points of either embarkation or disembarkation. The risks of shorter cruises would real but substantially less. Closed loop or one or two country cruises may return much sooner.
  15. Because it sailed in support of the Zaandam with a full crew as well as some extra medical personnel but with no passengers. It has a full complement of rooms available for the passengers who are being transferred
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