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  1. I often book with the cruise line directly when I am searching for cruises as it is easy to do online. Then I later transfer to a TA for available perks. Trick is that most lines now limit the time you have to do the transfer so you have to pay attention to that.
  2. I have used them in the past with no problems. That being said, there is really no reason to book a tour to Stone Island. You can basically get off the ship and with a short walk catch the ferry on your own. Then you just pick a place to eat and drink OYO.
  3. You should be in Terminal 2. You could walk to Total Wine in roughly 20 minutes. Depending on how much you plan to carry back , it would be a quick Uber if you needed it.
  4. Then simply bring on 2 more bottles when you reboard at the back to back point. We bring wine on at transit ports on a regular basis without additional corkage.
  5. Generally the free specialty dining is set for the first night as that is when the specialty restaurants are often the least busy. You can try to change, but that is up to their discretion and obviously to how busy they expect to be on other nights
  6. Essentially they are telling you that you can bring on 1 bottle per person for each cruise without corkage. That does add up to four. That is not the maximum number of bottles you may bring. You may bring as much as you want and can carry, but you will have to pay $15 corkage on the others.
  7. One of the best meal bargains in BA will be the 3 course lunch menus which are aimed at the local business crowd. Lots of food at a price well below what the same venue will charge at dinner. You will see many spots advertising the meal in their windows throughout the city.
  8. Steve is right, SF would be acceptable but “The City” is what locals will use , even those from elsewhere in the Bay Area.
  9. Would be much easier to answer if you defined which countries.
  10. No specific vaccines are required for these countries, but everyone ought to have both Hep A and B as routine vaccinations. Other things, TDaP, MMR, Pneumococcal, H. Zoster and Flu should just be up to date. I am leaving for a similar itinerary in 2 weeks and believe Typhoid is overkill for this trip. You should consult with a knowledgeable physician if you have further questions.
  11. Do have your documents, passport, boarding pass in hand and ready to show as you enter the port. This is one port that really enforces that.
  12. Why not just bring the chair. It would provide extra seating in your cabin, and get you a designated spot on deck. You could then take his Medallion and let your husband haul the chair around and pretend to be you. 😂😂
  13. Experience similar to Hank. They do not book with a number of domestic carriers so you have more options OYO when flying domestically. On international fights, especially when you are flying into and out of different cities, the pricing on EZAIR can be quite favorable and is certainly worth looking at. It is not always the cheapest and you also must look at times carefully with respect to convenience.
  14. I will confirm the previous posters that your Carnival Cruises trips don’t not count. Same master Corp, but different and separate operating entities.
  15. Do not know, but why should that be a problem. If you don’t want to do it, just skip it
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