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  1. Coming to Cozumel and was disappointed to read many negative reviews re: Chankanaab which was always our go to when we visited there.


    Paradise Beach has great reviews.  However, seeing all the inflatables I'm wondering if there is a quieter section of the beach to relax at.  (2 adults)

  2. We have gone to Krazy Lobster a few times and loved the food, service and massages.  However, last time we were there the beach had washed away, leaving only a few feet of sand between chairs and water.  I seem to remember a small bridge to climb over sandbags.  


    Not sure where we will go in December.  Can someone recommend a beach either all inclusive or not where the beach is better than at Krazy Lobster?  

  3. 5 hours ago, surfnsun said:

    A few shots from last night after a very relaxing, much needed, sea day. MDR menu, MDR dress policy, ship officers. Seems to be a pretty lively ship compared to what I've read in the past.  Or maybe it's because it's a short video of the Martini bar area.  😁




    Thanks for these...I thought San Marco was for early/late dinner diners...What is without reservations....For Anytime diners?

  4. 1 hour ago, surfnsun said:

    These are the canvas located at aft beginning at about cabin 8159 on deck 8.  They appear to be covering the balconies on deck 6.  They are not a bother for us on deck 8, but I am glad we are not on Deck 7.  Just more fascinating, useful information from a traveler who missed a tour in Rome because she got the meeting point wrong.  😆


    Thanks for this photo...I had originally had a cabin on Deck 7 over these and I really wouldn't like looking down at them.

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  5. 13 hours ago, surfnsun said:

    Ok, NBLIVING,  so DH didn't order an Old Fashioned tonight, but I asked what might be a somewhat, maybe, questionable, not sure looking, say what?, but very friendly staff member..."what type of cherries do you serve with an Old Fashion".  To which she replied "we only serve maraschino cherries".  But I can tell you the cherry I missed last night was not your typically maraschino cherry.  Larger, not quite as red, and tasty according to you know who.  😆

    When we were in Puerto Rico in February my husband had the best Old Fashioned ever.  Had some sort of cinnamon stick in it.  Have you ever tried that? 

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  6. 12 hours ago, retired dude said:

    we live in tampa so there are no other options with celebrity out of our home port and rccl out of tampa is the same 20 year old ships that also need attention....It is what it is, and we just returned from taking cruises out of miami and lauderdale...At lease least we are trying to be loyal customers, we just expect that if you raise the cruise prices by 30% that maybe just maybe a few upgrades to the cabins might be justified....We enjoy celebrity and have for over 25 years, we just want a decent return on our investment.....and yes i have discussed this with the parent company.  Like  i said if the ships are full there is no need to right some of the wrongs...It is the corporate way....just say'in

    We live about 30 minutes north of Tampa and agree that the RCCL ships out of Tampa really need an update. We love the ease of cruising from Tampa.  We cruised from Puerto Rico on Virgin Voyages in February.  The flight times were crazy and waiting in the airports were a pain. 


    Every time we drive to embark on a Miami departure we usually get lost driving when we get close to the port.  Tried flying, but dislike having to spend so much time in the airport. Really wish Brightline from Tampa to Miami was completed.


    Another plus for cruising out of Tampa is that we don't have to leave our beloved standard poodle with his sitter the day before our cruise.


    Love this thread!






    7 hours ago, May B said:

    Hey dude. I wonder if I know you. 😁


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  7. 8 hours ago, surfnsun said:

    Actually, I'm glad you asked as I took a picture earlier of what's across from your cabin.  The first photo is the door across from you that says "crew service pantry".  Not sure about the noise but I would imagine it's used mostly during the day when servicing the cabins.  Can't be too bad compared to our neighbors who were up and in and out bright and early.  The second photo is from our balcony this morning, which is a bit more aft than yours on the same side of the ship.  Hope you can zoom in or let me know and I'll crop and repost.  It appears the boxes may be window cleaning scaffold which are well below our deck.  Finally, folks, beware the creativity.  I had to have two of these "puny portofino" so I'm well on my way to Ninja Powers.  😁




    Thanks! I don't think the crew door is a problem because we'd sleep through a hurricane!  I am concerned about the canvas covers though...Would my cabin be over these?  If so, looking down may be a problem.  Also is window scaffolding that close to our cabin?  You are the best!  Hope you're having a wonderful cruise.

  8. 15 hours ago, surfnsun said:

    More helpful stuff if you happen to be Concierge Class, and the last photo is more ninja power, liquid courage in defense of gosh knows what might await.  😁





    We will be in 8141 Concierge in December.  Thrilled about these perks.  I was trying to count down the cabin numbers to determine if our cabin has bed near balcony or near window.  Are you on Deck 8?  How do you like your location?  Thanks!

  9. 1 hour ago, surfnsun said:

    Welcome aboard!!  As the saying goes, let's get jiggy with it!  We left our Rome Hotel Dei Borgognoni via our precooked online SharedShuttle reservation.  Cost was 80 EUR plus tip in a shuttle that we shared with 8 others going to our ship and picked up before us at various locations.  Uneventful ride although the shuttle was late arriving at the hotel.  Rome is crazy busy!  We left at 1100 and arrived port 1215 and through security by 1230 and sitting down for lunch at 1245.  We are in a Concierge Class Balcony cabin so we enjoyed lunch in the San Marco dining room.  I'll post a few photos to include one shot of our port of Civitavecchia with a pretty cool looking ferry, the Main Dining Room, our lunch menu along with food photos.  Beef and salmon dish and both dessert options.  I shall need another cocktail before posting stateroom and some ship photos.  Connie is in very good condition after her long spa days with face-lift.  😀


    THANKS....We will also be in a Concierge balcony in December.  Had anything been done to refresh your cabin?






  10. 12 minutes ago, CruiseSWE said:

    Grazie Mille! 🥰 So excited to see pictures. If you are able to I would love to know if all the staterooms were refreshed.🙏🏻 We are cruising in 3040 this summer. Have a wonderful cruise! 😀

    Just read this in a FB group: (Hope some of the rooms have been refreshed)

    -Our cabin on deck seven hasn’t been refurbished. Very dated and balcony grubby.
    -Our room on 8 has not been redone either. It’s not bad but it would have been a nice surprise. I just wanted the shower door instead if a curtain. Oh well!
  11. 1 hour ago, leaveitallbehind said:

    There is a canopy directly below you that is over the balconies below as they are extended out on the deck from your stateroom.  This would likely impact you direct downward view if that would be of concern.


    You can contact whomever you booked through and ask to be moved to a different location as available within your assigned C2 category if you want to, and they will move you.

    Thanks so much.  Switched to 8141


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  12. 10 hours ago, osborne66 said:

    Dropping off luggage in the room when you board has been done for several years now. 

    Haven't cruised Celebrity in many years.  I seem to remember that you could not go into the corridor your cabin was in to leave your luggage until they announced cabins were ready.  So go directly to leave your carry on luggage in cabin even though it may not be ready?

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  13. 12 hours ago, flagmom said:

    @tbmrt I didn't notice what time of year you will be sailing, but as it takes several hours for a ship to make its way upriver from the Gulf to New Orleans, a large portion of your journey will likely be before day break, which will limit what you may be able to see. But some of the larger landmarks, like the Pilot Station and pilot boats will be well-lit. My husband wrote the original narrative that Saint Greg referred to in his post. It describes the views from the cruise ship in 2019, and he has an updated version, with photos, that I can send you if you're interested. 

    Would love that flagmom!  Thanks so much


  14. On 3/19/2024 at 9:18 PM, Travelling2Some said:

    I told my doctor that what I really like to do is read books, drink things with umbrellas in them and eat fried carbs.  She said, "me too" with a smile.  She is a frequent cruiser too.  BTW, what is with all the whole wheat pasta on Celebrity? 

    Can you request regular pasta??

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