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  1. In the old pre-Covid days X used to sell unlimited access to the Persian Gardens for about $100 per person for a 7 day cruise. Is that still being offered? Maybe that might interest the OP.
  2. Agree that no shore excursions are needed in Bermuda. It is an easy island with efficient and reliable good public transportation. Taxis are extremely expensive....but you can always use them if you want. Suggest you take the Ferry from the Dockyard into Hamilton. Nice ride and pretty views from the water. Hamilton is a pretty town with nice shops. Good restaurants too for lunch or dinner. From Hamilton, take the bus either onward to St. G or back to the Dockyard. The "pink" buses are high-up with a good view. On way back to Dockyard from Hamilton get a bus that goes along the South Road for the ocean views. Even get out at Horseshoe Bay or Warwick Long Bay (our favorite) and take a look there. The walk on the beach between the two is beautiful. Look up what sites interests your group and plot your own adventure.....just go. Don't rely on a group tour...you see only what they take you to. Easy to get around. No English-language barrier and their $ equals US $. People are very friendly. Go on your own and find the "real-Bermuda". Enjoy.
  3. We had a custom-designed day with Rome in Limo from Liverno. Did exactly what we wanted and spent every hour we had on tour. Very highly recommended. If Rome in Limo is in your budget, don't hesitate to use them.
  4. Yes, if you book a ship tour (to Oia or elsewhere) you get off first and are tendered to a dock that buses and car can get to. You will not have to do the cable car to Fira going to your tour. At least that's how it used to be.
  5. M-class including Summit have the "sweet 16" cabins on deck 6. Are any available?
  6. Have stayed in 8046 and multiple times in 6028 (a sweet 16). We find the sweet 16 balconies much more spacious and useful than the triangular ones. We would book sweet 16s over the triangular balconies every time. However, we may not want to book 6035 because it is port (smoking) side and not far from the open deck at the theater lobby one decks below (possible smoker hangout).
  7. Good advice above. IMHO best Ocean View on M Class ships. The larger windows are "left over" from when the area was the conference rooms....not originally designed as staterooms. I would book here.
  8. X has offered a disembarkation day Everglades air-boat tour. We did this some years ago and it was very well run. Luggage goes into the tour bus hold and terminates at either FLL or MIA. Very easy and fun.
  9. Thank you for this post on the fate of the old R Ships. Very interesting.
  10. Have actually stayed in 6302 and would NOT recommend. Balcony is slightly larger than standard, but nothing like the sweet 16 on M-class (which we have also stayed in multiple times). The balcony of 6302 ends, but the roof of the restaurant below (at balcony floor level - it was blue in the ship photos) continues out. Not only does that block your view down to the water, but crew would walk & work there using the window washing machines (yes, on the restaurant roof right outside your balcony) while the ship was in port.....most days. Guess why that's why the restaurant windows are so clean each night! Very strange experience.
  11. Completely agree with the above post. Well said. To the OP: 1. Welcome to CC. I see this was your first post. 2. Suggest in DR you do a tour or shore excursion. Don't recommend any independent exploration there. 3. As others have said - Nassau is nothing special.
  12. Easy to keep prices high when your ships are not sailing. Why cut prices when it's all demand & no supply. Be patient.... when the ships return and are not at capacity (whatever that is) ... deals will follow.
  13. Mark - Amsterdam is a wonderful city with spectacular sights. Can't comment on this particular tour, but can only suggest that you look into what is there.... and see what you want to see.... not what the slow-moving X bus tour takes you to. Some great sites include: Rijksmuseum Van Gogh Museum Anne Frank House Daily flower auction at Aaslmeer Keukenhof Gardens - In early May it will still be open You will miss most of these on the X tour and that's a shame. Please consider staying near the Museums and seeing what you want to see. It's an easy city to get around.....just watch out for all the bikes!
  14. One last thought - If C1 is in your budget, the balconies of these aft cabins are amazing on all M-Class ships.
  15. Try this Thread: https://boards.cruisecritic.com.au/topic/1289058-sweet-16-cabin-question-on-summit/ Do a search there is plenty of info here.
  16. Can't help with window-washer location, but have stayed in 8046 and the larger angled balcony is nice. However, that larger balcony makes the balcony in 8048 not-private (right next to the angled balcony). The person standing at the edge of the 8046 balcony can look right on to the balcony in 8048. I would not stay in 8048. Prefer the "sweet-16" cabins to either of these.
  17. Here in New York it's hard to believe any cruising will begin this year.....but I sure hope you are all right. Fingers crossed and watching with optimism!!
  18. If needed you can lift the bed frame to slide the case under the bed. Have found that the frame extends lower than the actual space under the bed and is easily lifted slighty. Three cases should be no problem....you have the whole space under the bed.
  19. From a Cruiser in New York: Please try to understand the situation here. Writing from just outside NYC. New Yorkers have been strong & determined. I am proud of our state and proud to be a part of our recovery. As a whole, there has been incredible compliance with tough restrictions for 12 weeks now and counting. We have done an unbelievable job of beating back a horrible illness brought to us because ...well, everyone from all over the world comes to New York. If your area has not had a hard-time with this illness, be grateful. As everyone knows, NYC has had the worst experience with this illness. The facts are that 1 in 35 people here in Nassau County have had a confirmed case of the illness. State-wide daily deaths were as high as over 800 and yesterday were at a low of about 35.These tragic numbers are off-the-charts compared with just about every other area of the country. Today all restaurants remain closed except for delivery and take-out. Limited outdoor dining can begin here (just outside the city limits) on Wed....but not in the City. The City itself has not even entered its first phase of "reopening" which will begin tomorrow. BUT today all our numbers are going in the right direction....down. Less cases, less hospitalizations, less death. We are beating this beast and no one here wants that to change. So, when will cruising out of New York Harbor be permitted by the Port Authority of NY & NJ? That would require a mass gathering of several thousand people from all over the country (and world) to assemble on a pier and ship and return after days together. Hint: Last week the world-renowned Metropolitan Opera here in New York cancelled its entire fall season.
  20. If you plan on at least 3 nights in a specialty restaurant, look into the packages.
  21. Stayed next door in the veranda cabin 6303. Would not stay there again. Maintenance crew walks on the restaurant roof right outside your balcony to clean the restaurant windows below on most port days. That was weird with workers right outside our balcony, and you can probably expect that. Also as you probably know view is not as good with the roof extending past your balcony. We were fine with no noise from the restaurant below. These boards advised to make sure you are not located over the kitchen areas (blank white space on deck plans) as that can be noisy. Where there's a restaurant, these's a kitchen somewhere to make the meals!
  22. If you do wait to upgrade until you board, resist the first person who asks - probably while you are still on the boarding line. Go to the bar you expect to frequent most during the cruise and upgrade with someone who works there. Apparently (according to these boards) the person who makes the upgrade sale gets something out of it so you will be "immediate friends" with them. One tip: make sure the person you upgrade with is one of the regular servers there. X puts extra people on for embarkation day so just ask. I made that "mistake" once. It's always nice to have a server-friend at your favorite bar.
  23. We usually eat in specialty venues at 8:30 pm and are often "last in" and among the last to leave many nights. Honestly, no way you want to enter at 10pm. If, for some unusual circumstance, you must dine so late one night, talk to a restaurant manager and ask what they suggest for you. But forget about eating at a restaurant at 10pm. Entering a restaurant at 10pm is going to be so uncomfortable for you even if they will seat you. You will be rushed and dining alone at best. No thank you, .....Not for me!!
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