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  1. Delightful to recall and enjoy simple pleasures. Visits to Melbourne years ago included trips to Ackland street, lots of bakeries and places near by for fish and chips. In recent years fewer bakeries were about but still a pleasant place to visit.
  2. Not healthy but quite like hot fresh doughnuts sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. Have not seen for along time. Others at bakeries are fine including the kitcheners, with cream and jam, but they must be fresh. we have found wonderful bakeries in country towns in Victoria. we are also found of the Grampians, lots of wildlife. .
  3. Numbers of positive people are high and would indicate the increased amount of testing and their large populations and high density living conditions. Early in the pandemic there were low to no positive cases in some countries, but testing was low or not being done or not reliably reported. Hopefully the people who are testing positive do not all go on to become ill requiring intensive care or die. Remarkable how this virus is infecting some at close quarters, like work sites, and family groups but not all? On cruise ships couples sharing living spaces were not both infected. Same with staff. Also not all develop a serious illness and die. Many unknowns. Some countries have very high density living conditions that would be favorable for infection transmission of all sorts. Feel for people living under such conditions and hope this will resolve as soon as possible.
  4. Some positive ideas around sailing from Australian ports with locals. There would be a market and a lot of pent up demand. No issue with excursions built into the fare, albeit cost, crowding if all travel to the same place at the same time? Plus sometimes the ship and service is the attraction rather than seeking port intensive cruises. Some cruises like river cruises and regent already have included excursions in the fares. Some do prefer to do their own thing at their pace but a compromise would be possible. We dislike being herded about but some organised excursions are done well without that happening.
  5. Wonder what capacity will be in terms of number of passengers and staff? Will there be mega ships or scaled down? The largest ship we have travelled on was a Cunard Queen Vic. which was fine in terms of space and crowds. Mainly we have done European river cruising which we loved. Also wonder how port stops will be managed in terms of crowding? Guess we will discover in time. Reports about flights locally people are saying flights are packed? If so that is a concern. If we want to travel suppose the choices and risks will be ours to make. Meanwhile we are locked in which none of us would have imagined.
  6. That is also a factor. We do not mind a road trip at our own pace but finding suitable accommodation can be difficult in some places. Plus there seems to be a trend to so called glamping in tents that will not appeal to some. The attraction of a cruise was to unpack once and relax or do whatever you wish. Many of the all inclusive resorts are marketed to families with related activities. We enjoyed travel away from the heat of summer but this year that will be more challenging.
  7. It is not looking promising for a return to cruising sadly. There are a few offerings on very small ships on in land rivers, short trips but not for us. We are going to do a short break soon and may do others while we wait out the pandemic. Wonder what the trigger will be to open the possibility for overseas travel again?? Given how many people holiday overseas forcing people to limit their travel to here means at peak times, places could be crowded with options for accommodation reduced. Time will tell.
  8. https://www.theadvocate.com.au/story/6973654/travellers-enter-tasmania-despite-state-not-joining-travel-bubble/ Some have travelled to Tasmania and into quarantine. Hopefully it may indicate a change in restrictions? Equally hopefully all will be safe. Sounds as if the plan was for the NZ people to be processed by immigration in Sydney and then free to move to other states?
  9. The border issues are unclear with tinkering and changes depending on state announcements related to covid infection numbers. Nevertheless there have been examples of some people able to move about without needing to abide with rules, exemptions granted. We all hope for free movement but no one wants to see increasing infections and fatal outcomes. There was talk of letting people in for work related reasons, fruit harvest, shearing etc. Meanwhile we all hope for no major stuff ups. We are denied the ability to travel out of the country and hope the powers that be know how to keep the population as safe as possible, given we have zero opportunity to escape at present.
  10. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-10-16/14-passengers-from-new-zealand-detained-in-melbourne/12777080 Wonder what happened and how they were able to travel onto Melbourne from Sydney?
  11. Can well imagine. Thankfully there were great efforts to bring people home and cooperation from some local authorities. Albeit at great cost in terms of life/health and money. Remarkable stories were told and some were extremely sad. Still can understand the desire to see that beautiful part of the world may we get the chance to travel again. Hard to believe that less than 12months ago we were unaware of such life challenging events, including being denied the right to leave Australia indefinitely.
  12. Watched the story albeit the 1st part, will have to wait for the 2nd. beautiful scenery but sad that people became infected on the cruise. Must have been very difficult for staff and passengers. From memory there were a few larger ships caught up in South America at the time, some were posting on cruise critic?
  13. Some warm spring weather which is pleasant in the garden and for walking. Dislike really hot weather but it looks as if we are locked in for summer, cannot leave the country. Hopefully the bushfire season will not be as bad as last year. Painful listening to all the political fights over borders and even koala bears. Distressing to hear how some people are suffering as a consequence of the virus and the restrictions to their ability to be with family or friends. Annoying to hear officials say some people add monetary value and are exempt from freedom of movement and even quarantine in some cases. Nevertheless we must be obedient and comply or suffer the consequences. Saw a report one of the health people telling people to make their bed every day and it would improve their mental health. Wash your hands. Almost childlike messages. Easy for those still receiving large 6 figure plus salaries to lecture to the downtrodden. Meanwhile we read of the stuff ups in the hotel quarantine inquiry and statements that no one was in charge!! Bizarre and dangerous risks with peoples welfare and safety. Its like something from another century or country. Take care.
  14. https://thepointsguy.com/news/croisieurope-river-cruise-covid-outbreak/ this is another article about the outbreak. Hope all recover. It is very unfortunate but can see why people and businesses want to try. Eventually we can again travel but its not looking possible in the short term. As much as we would like to do so.
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