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  1. Lottacruises, I did win the raffle once! I received a day's admission to the spa including the thallassotherapy pool and the tepidarium, where I discovered that I really, really, really like those heated-tile loungers. Finished up in the relaxation room with lemon-infused water and chairs with footstools looking out to the sea....it was great enjoyment for me!
  2. All these cruises and we've never been to the Sail Away party! January might be my first time. On the car radio this morning, I was listening to "Come Sail Away" by Styx. Throw in some calypso and I'll be all set to go... if the Sail Away deck party does not conflict with the Spa Tour/Raffle, I'll unpack later and attend with our accompany pair of Young Adults (who I anticipate will attend in any event). What should I expect?
  3. Appetizers: Chilled Peach soup, strawberry soup, shrimp cocktail (or shrimp in any form); Mains: surprising to me but the lasagna is terrific, shrimp (in any form), fish, the Formal night beef choices; Desserts: Grand Marnier souffle, (room service) chocolate cake or various MDR versions, fruit plate
  4. We'll be onboard January 5th for a celebratory (college graduation) cruise with a first-timer. Are any of you you active on the Roll Call page?
  5. I'll be interested to hear how people respond. It seems that the bridge is above you.
  6. Boarding Group assignment appeared on our boarding papers (which look slightly different different than before). Note: If you are curious, you can select "print" to view them but opt not to send them to your printer.
  7. Having fun while being pampered in a relaxing atmosphere (so, the overall Carnival experience!); and Comedy shows; and (couldn't limit myself to just two) the singing waitstaff show (even though I get teary-eyed when they do their "you're leaving our FunShip" song).
  8. I also missed the midnight opportunity to check-in. Completely forgot. Was in a panic when I remembered and went online around 5 am - and got an 11:30-noon Check-in time. Initially, I was disappointed by that...until nice people here assured me that times vary by port and 11:30 at Tampa is "early." Boarding Group #A02 (which also hints at "early"). Our countdown clock is ticking away and the excitement is growing...gangway, we'll be on our way to you soon!
  9. If some cabinets are not complete on the sailing date, how would they have known that at the time passengers began booking? That would concern me. Our only (somewhat similar?) experience was on the first cruise after a dry-dock. Things were not complete, rolls of carpet were sitting out on decks awaiting installation, some workmen were onboard, the wait staff wasn't used to working as a team so service in the main dining room was slow, etc. I will not knowingly book another cruise immediately after return from dry-dock. Your experience could be different.
  10. Zephyrhillscruisers, thank you for your extreme efforts in posting your experiences despite the awful Wifi coverage. What a battle! I hope Carnival can rectify some/most of the glitches before we board. Sorry that your sailing was impacted. Do you have any comments on dining teams/service timing, production shows, cabin service, buffet, CD, cleanliness onboard, etc.?
  11. Taxi to San Francisco beach and parasailing at much less cost than a cruise line's excursion - young adults love that! Walk around downtown and eat at a locally-owned restaurant on the seafront. The best guacamole I've ever eaten was in one of those; I could guide you back there but not name the place; sorry about that! If you have some skills in Spanish and or are into educational outings, stop in the Mega Store (a bit like a small WalMart) to see the items, food packages, etc. Buy your lunch and go have a picnic somewhere! Also, there is a bowling alley a few blocks away from the seafront in the downtown area.
  12. Reviews, please.....all of you folks who will be fortunate enough to enjoy a cruise on Legend out of Tampa in the coming two months or so, please do your fellow (future) cruisers a big favor and write a review to post! TJlewis, sorry to hear about your wrist surgery preventing your planned trip. So very sorry you couldn't sail. Counting down the days until our January Legend voyage as our first measureable snowfall approaches mid-week,
  13. ...solved the issue by taking the diaper off and putting his baby in the pool naked." This would be considered quite usual/normal in most of Europe.
  14. We, too, have sailed on Decks 1 and 2 on other ships and found them to be tranquil. Especially handy when you return after a particularly busy, exhausting excursion, too. Your cabin is right there - no need to wait for elevators or climb more than a few stairs.
  15. Our first Carnival cruise was on the Fantasy with a similar gray space on the deck plans. It turned out to be some sort of pantry/storage and there was a door that slammed incessantly all night, every night. Guest Services said we were not hearing it - but we absolutely were. That was such an awful cruise that, initially, I wasn't sure I would ever cruise again. So glad we tried again!
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