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  1. I bought one over a year ago direct from yellow hammock. Its greens, blues and yellow.. When my husband ripped the hammock due to having his keys on his belt they still replaced it for no charge. Might be pricey but their customer service is top notch and its a fabulous addition to my side patio.
  2. I spoke to someone at VV. They use Pier 4 at the port in Old San Juan
  3. Exactly one week after requesting the rebook I recieved the email today from Virgin with my new cabin and Extra Sailor loot.
  4. My TA sent in my paperwork last Friday. Got the email from virgin that they are "On it" with a case number. 1 week later and nothing. My TA called and opted for the call me back option and she has not gotten a call back yet. I am hoping to change from my Feb 10. 8 day from Miami to the 7 day from San juan. SO far I am not holding out hope.
  5. My TA called and I recieved an email shortly after on Friday. But I have not heard anything from virgin since. My TA called yesterday but could not get through. Your request has been received, Catherine. We’ve received your request (Case #XXXXXXXX) and our team is diligently working on it now. We’ll be in touch within the next 7 days with more information — so don’t worry, you’ll be hearing directly from us soon. Booking Number: VLXXXXXXXXXX-XXXXXX The Virgin Voyages Team
  6. My cruise fare has trip flex. But I can't change anything online.
  7. the valiant was to be my first sailing with Virgin. 2/10-2/18. Everything is paid in full - including my non refundable airfare with allegiant and my hotel with Expedia. I cant cancel my flight online - I have been on hold for 2 hours trying to get on someone on allegiant to answer to see if I can at least get a travel voucher. Why didnt they cancel the folks on the non completed ship and screw those of us that booked on a ship in service??
  8. I would book the splash if they offered a bar tab instead of the shake for champagne. the hubs and I are not wine or champagne drinkers so its wasted on us.
  9. I will borrow shoes from them if they still offer them. My current spin shoes are mountain bike style and super heavy. I don't want to bring them with me if I can avoid it.
  10. Thanks everyone for your feed back! Looks like I will book for a February sailing.
  11. My husband and I ( 53 and 50) have so far only sailed on Royal Caribbean . We are considering Virgin as we like the no children aspect. Ours are grown and out of the house. How is the music selection on Virgin? The hubs likes classic rock and hates modern music. When on royal we spend alot of time in the pub listening to the guitar player. I am happy listening to all types of music. Thanks!
  12. Just off the Wonder - I never had an issue getting a seat at the pool or solarium. Did not see the signs about reserving chairs. Now kids in the solarium were a big problem. Whole families brought toddlers, babies and young kids to hang out there as a family. Nothing was done about it even when something was said. It seems that parents were taking a vacation break from parenting too - VERY rude and obnoxious kids running wild everywhere. A teen broke into the arcade prize cabinet and was stealing items. Another broke the glass on one of the elevators. I heard the whole family was thrown off the ship after that.
  13. Bionic bar is a one and done for me. I tried it when it first came out several sailings ago. No need to try again.
  14. Ask for the "secret chicken sandwich" So worth it. Hint - the item they add to the sandwich is in the sides with a sauce... I have always enjoyed spending the day at the main pool. Plenty of music, room to swim and a lively bar
  15. I purchased the Beverage Package and VOOM combo on Black Friday for my upcoming Wonder 50th birthday cruise next month. It was $84.99 a night (PP plus 18% on the drink portion only) for the combo when I bought it. I have OBC from my RCCL BOA visa card that I had added prior to paying That combo is not being shown anymore. Best price I paid for deluxe drink package was $18.00 PPPD during Glitch gate. Of course that cruise was cancelled during the pandemic.
  16. Thank you for the review! We are on Wonder mid March. So far we are not planning to do any specialty restaurants for dinners but we did book Mason Jar for Embarkation day brunch and Giovanni's for my 50th birthday lunch.
  17. I will be on WOTS in March. I will try that! Thanks!
  18. I sailed on Anthem back in 2019. We tried Jamie's while on there. I really enjoyed it. I tried the original Giovanni's back in 2004 on Mariner - my very first cruise. As far as I can remember I enjoyed it. We are trying Giovanni's Italian Kitchen and wine bar for lunch on my upcoming 50th birthday cruise in March. I will have it actually on my birthday. Looking forward to trying it. I am Italian/Sicilian on my fathers side.
  19. When in March? I am on the 3/19 sailing and it looks like Odyssey is with us too
  20. Going March of 2023. Price has been between 265 and 280 PP. And its been sold out for 5 months. I always enjoy the free pool and snack shack. Might try the buffet for the first time next month.
  21. I found the thread about it a few pages back. There was a way to fix it too.
  22. Went on the app early this morning to check in for my March Cruise on WOTS. Noticed that my Crown and Anchor status is not showing. It has the correct number but the following message: Sorry, we’re unable to display your loyalty status and points right now. Please check back later. I emailed C&A. Will let you know what I find out.
  23. Can you tell me what night the Love and marriage show and quest is?
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