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  1. I would take an aft Haven for a fall cruise up the Northeast. We didn’t have any problems with our butlers during both our cruises in an aft cabin. May take them a little longer to respond but give them time for your requests and they should be met. the walk to the Haven area was a plus for our eating habits 😬
  2. Agree, extra sunglasses. My good pair was crushed between the ship and wall as I was sailing through the Panama Canal. I was taking a picture holding onto my glasses with my mouth. Slipped out just as the ship was being tied up at one of the locks.
  3. Last year on the Getaway, we had two issues with our aft Haven cabin. The door between our balcony and the next cabin was open and kept slamming as we sailed. I can’t remember the second issue but I mentioned them to our Concierge at breakfast and both were fixed before we got back to the cabin.
  4. With Cunard, the dress code for evening dinners is stronger. When I was on one f their ships, a dinner jacket was needed all nights and sometimes a tie was required. They don’t close the ship early in the evenings. 😁
  5. We’re booked in a Haven for Dec 2024 and didn’t take any drink or meal packages. Only “free” Wi-Fi and $50 of shore excursions for one.
  6. We had our fridge emptied and stored an ice bucket in it. Kept ice around longer.
  7. We had an aft cabin and loved it. Sat and watched the seaplanes take off and land one afternoon.
  8. If you have the time and money, think about Amtrak to Seattle. We did it several years ago from Chicago. We don’t like flying either. Just make sure you arrive in Seattle a day or two before cruise. Our train arrived 4 hours late due to hitting a truck crossing the tracks. After the Alaskan cruise, we took the train back to Chicago. Great views and time to relax after the cruise. We were celebrating our 50th and splurged for a bedroom on the train.
  9. When you check in at the port before boarding, give them the credit card you want charged.
  10. Agree, we had an aft cabin in Alaska and loved the views. Made hot chocolate in the coffee maker and “chilled” out.
  11. I would choose the aft balcony. Room maybe smaller but balcony will be larger. We had an aft Haven balcony last year on the Getaway and spent most of our time on the balcony watching the world go by.
  12. Some of the one night entertainers (comics, musicians) go form ship to ship during port stops. Their shows could be scheduled on different nights for different sailings.
  13. Just booked a Haven aft, Escape, 376 days to go. Told my wife, first she laughed, then cried, too long. 😢
  14. Does this elevator only go between decks 17& 18?
  15. Thanks, that’s the answer I was hoping for.
  16. Just booked an aft Haven on the Escape. We had a similar suite on the Getaway last Oct. Looking at the deck plans, I don’t see any elevators going up to the Haven on deck 18 where the restaurant is located. My wife has difficulty with stairs. Am I missing something? Thanks.
  17. We had an aft Haven on the Getaway in November. The last morning we went to the Haven for breakfast and just stayed in the lounge till we were escorted off the ship.
  18. We had an aft Haven cabin on the Getaway in October. We booked it because the large balcony was more important than the pool, bar or spa. Sure it was a walk for meals in the Haven restaurant but we needed the steps anyway. The butler was efficient making sure we always had ice and dropping off something for our evening snack. He always responded if we called to request something. Our room steward was the best. we will definitely book and aft Haven again.
  19. We were on the Getaway at the end of Oct. there was a representative from the American Dinner walking around the Haven lounge with showing their menu. Even had one of the waiters walk us to the restaurant.
  20. Maybe it has to do with where the ship is departing from?
  21. If you drink more than three sodas a day, the soda package is worth it.
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