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  1. It depends on the cruise- on our Christmas cruise on the Grand it took place in the lounge in an hours time total. I think it would have been way more fun over time, but it is still entertaining!
  2. At both the port and airport they have an information area- if you tell them where you are staying they will write it out in Chinese characters to give to the taxi drivers. You can also print those out in advance (the hotels can help with this to get back to the ports) We actually didn't have any problems in Shanghai at all! Also, the metro in Shanghai is very good for getting around
  3. There are many small boats in the waters around San Francisco. Also between the Golden Gate and the Farallons is a stretch of water known as the "potato patch". Even on your best weather day it is always rough there!
  4. In the US you can buy Christmas crackers at any party store or import store (World Market), but because they have just a tiny amount of gun powder in them (makes the popping sound when pulled) you can not bring them on a plane.
  5. I'm pretty sure they can do up to 12- If I had a group this large I might try working with corporate to set up a special dinner in advance!
  6. I tend to think of it as more of a fondue for one- amazing with the bread!
  7. when my 12 year old doesn't want to go to kids club he like lectures, movies and craft activities
  8. I was wondering also- not sure if this is a holiday cruise thing or a regular cruise thing? If so, it was not offered to us last year on our holiday cruise
  9. We have some friends we are trying to introduce to cruising and I thought a BVE would be a great way to show them around. I too had heard that the program had been cancelled so I called to confirm it a few weeks ago. Yes, I was told that it was cancelled but was also told that if enough people wrote letters and requested it that they might reinstate it.
  10. Yep- it's the home airport code- sometimes you can get it to work, but if not go ahead and call they can correct it for you in just a couple of minutes!
  11. MSC is a different experience- beautiful spaces, good deal once you figure out the pricing structure and great coffee and gelato! The food was okay- very small portions and not quite as fancy (and yes, heavy on the fish choices- also only a few choices each night). The buffet was huge and that creates it's own issues- by the time you go through it, most of your food is cold. They do have some great drink packages, room deals and they will even give you a loyalty status match which is really nice. Overall there are reasons we love Princess, but we would go on MSC again if the price and itinerary were right!
  12. So when I say "we try to take as many pictures as we can" I'm talking about the photo opportunities on the boat. There are usually 4-6 casual posed photos with the backdrops available every evening. We get dressed for dinner and go take these before dinner. Then we always make sure to take pictures whenever there is an opportunity- getting off the ship in every port they usually have picture taking, formal nights they take pictures at your table, and then there are sometimes things like pictures with Stanly the Bear, or champagne pour with the captain etc. Look in the patters everyday and talk to the photo department (you will get to know them all if you do this!) They will tell you what is going on that day. My other advise is get your pictures everyday, and the downloads everyday- it's to easy to miss pictures as they pile up if you don't pull them out!
  13. We travel with our 3 kids so for us it's a fantastic value- we do try and take as many pictures as we can- last Christmas we were on a 15 day Asian holiday cruise and I think we came home with 250-300 pictures with the digital images. Many were really good and I think it was well worth it for us!
  14. I usually order melon and prosciutto- yummy and goes great with the mimosas!
  15. I don't think it would fit- we had problems with a regular wheelchair being a little wider then the door. if you really need a stroller I would look at umbrella strollers- I've even seen clips that can put them together as needed for a double. Another option is a collapsible wagon- we use one to help corral all the carry on stuff and it folds up and fits under the bed- great for in port at the beach!
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