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  1. What can I say - I am a Regent fan. Sailed Ponant to Antarctica, didn't do it for the luxury, and I wouldn't consider it a luxury line. English was not the primary language and came second with announcements (you then start to realize how obnoxious Americans must be when English is used for the first announcement and people then start talking while the second language is on the announcement and people around you are trying to listen). Great for expedition cruises. Regent We enjoy Regent and just feel special with the excellent treatment we get. While there is not special dining for upper suites, the dining is just great and we have never had service that wasn't just great. The variety on the menu means we always have something we enjoy. At the roll out of the new menus several years ago, the vegetables (great selection) came out cold and that was fixed. The specialty restaurants are also very nice. If you want to keep your shorts on after 6 there is the pool grill (weather dependent) that is nice. But for us the selection in the MDR is worth getting dressed for dinner. There will be a satisfaction survey both midcruise and at the end. If any issues are not handled this is the place to document them. We just feel that extra effort by the staff/crew that we get throughout the ship.
  2. I have safari on my IPhone and could not log in this morning, couldn't even get the log in screen. On my PC now and I was still logged in from previous access.
  3. Your TA might have the name of someone who expedites the passport renewal. And yes, Regent will probably have control of your passport and that is to make it efficient to show the passports to immigration for the ports that are being visited. Some ports want to see them and some ports will accept a list from Regent.
  4. As stated, things can and will change as we get closer to our cruise. But I just located testing sites at the airport ( international terminal) that we fly out of (DFW) They are guaranteeing results in 60 minutes. Now will wait til closer to departure and double check the requirements with what is available.
  5. Ref: Renewed passports and GE - at our GE renewal interview the officer told us that we also needed to stopped by a GE office to notify them when we got a new passport. For GE renewal we did not get an option for virtual interview. Renewal application submitted in June DH got approved in 2 days I got approved in 3 weeks. We went for our interview 3 hours away (we were given an option of waiting until next international flight and do the interview when we reentered the US, we wanted the Pre TSA option working.) Went for our interview in August, we were called in together. DH got approved that night and card in mail in 2 days. After 20 days I started calling and finally got a person who told me they could not put a trace on it until 30 days had passed. Finally got approval at 28 days and then got card.
  6. They will provide 2 bottles of spirits or wine and beer and soda for you. If you have any specific choices they will try to accommodate them. Have not seen minis on Regent.
  7. Our experience was pre-COVID, and most people had on white or something light colored. But those that didn't seemed to have just as much fun as those that did.
  8. I think I understand that TAR day is the day one itinerary ends and the second of a B2B begins. But What does TAR mean?
  9. Contract tracing not needed unless someone has tested positive. I haven't heard of anyone on a Regent cruise testing positive.
  10. Loriva: It was not a large list--onebottle of rum and two different types of sodas/mixers. No response yet (two days and counting). Don’t expect a response other than your requested products will be in your cabin when you get there.
  11. Not in a penthouse, I just call the Regent number and ask that our suite get stocked with : and list beer, soda and wine (red or white) and a spirit we would like. If there would be something they don't have, our steward will tell me when we arrive and I will ask for something else.
  12. J80Crew - thank you so much for the great detailed review. I have a question about dining in the evenings. Does everyone get seated at one time for service, or can you go to the dining room anytime during dinner?
  13. TVDad said I have an upcoming Panama Canal cruise in January. In one port, Grand Cayman, there are only two shore excursions offered by RSSC. Both are sold out. When I can't get an excursion because it is sold out, I call Regents and ask to be put on the wait list, and I have gotten the excursion. I think you can now do wait list on-line. They have always cleared for me.
  14. We have been mostly pleased with the included excursions and a couple times did a Regent Choice because it included a place we really wanted to go to. I have been able to book two excursions on one day twice and did this thru the online system. I believe the first time you get to see the times of the various excursions are through the online system, so that should give you an indication of if it is possible to book two cruises. I will know which of the two excursions I really want and book that one first.
  15. If given the choice I would definitely go with shower only and we are on wait list to change from a combo to a shower only on a future cruise. As fudgebug said, be prepared if you have a combo. When we have a combo neither of us will get in or out of the tub without the other acting as safety, with an arm to give one more place to hold on to. The real issue for us is that the side of the tub is fairly high.
  16. I have enjoyed and appreciated the varies lectures on our cruises. As mrlevin mentioned Terry Breen mentioned Terry Breen has provided some great lectures We cannot stay up late enough for the entertainment *too much to do during the day). When they have invited entertainment aboard, the shows were earlier and they were just great.
  17. Not sure what category of suite you have, but if you do not have a butler and do not have the opportunity to complete a form identifying what you want drink wise in your suite, you can call Regent about 45-60 days before your cruise and let them know what spirits and soda you want. It will (has before COVID) be there waiting for you. If you wait until you see your attendant if will then take a couple hours to get you stocked up. When reserving excursions patience is the word. Your can see available excursions for the ports you are on, by going to the cruise itinerary on line and click on the port. When time comes to reserve them, I usually do two ports at a time and check out; then do two more ports at a time and check out, etc. Others have reported losing stuff when they were doing all the ports in one session.
  18. I am interested in that also, but something tells me that whatever process is used now can and probably will change over the months and depending on the port of embarkation. Having someone explain what they did to get on the current Splendor would be great.
  19. I seem to remember that a couple time our deposit was $1,000, not a percentage. Also, if the cruise consultant does a talk, I always go. Out of 4 that I have gone to I have won the raffle of $200 OBC twice. It is also a very interesting talk.
  20. Because of what is happening in the world, my first question would be vaccination requirements. I think you will find many cruises to/in the Caribbean this winter. My choice would be RSSC. We have sailed with them several times and have 2 scheduled next year. They are 100% vaccinated requirements, usually few if any children, probably none with the vaccination requirement. Next, I would look at the ports and sea days of the various cruises for the cruise lines mentioned above and see what I would like to see.
  21. From what I remember from cruising ( oh so long ago , my memory fails) there is never much of a selection of Azamara merchandise. I do like spending OBC on a sweater or shirt that “timidly “ has the ship name. It would be nice if Starboard made an effort to stock Azamara merchandise.
  22. Thank you very much for spending the time to give us details of your trip and also the admin stuff around COVID testing etc.
  23. Thank you for taking the time to post your adventures. How did you find the place for your COVID test in Tampa (google or TA)?
  24. Thank you so much not only for the interesting writeup of your trip, but also for the info about the protocols for COVID. Although things change, your writeup give me some kind of idea about what to expect. I have really enjoyed reading your posts.
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