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  1. I agree free is not free. The tips and added cost of basically the same room as a sail away are excessive to $1,000.00 for 2 people. We enjoyed the sail away rate many times. Recently on the Gem 2 in ocean view for 14 nights was like $1,900.00. Same room with free drinks package was $2,900.00. My wife doesn’t drink. Cancer survivor so no bashing, please. But I can’t drink $1,000.00 worth in 2 weeks. On RCL and celebrity we’re diamond and elite so we get a few free drinks a night but we enjoy Ncl activities more. The Gem was always fun nightly dancing activities. Going on the Bliss soon and hopefully the same. I think it’s all personal preference. My 90 year old mother cruises with drinks package only. Red wine has preserved her well.
  2. Bottle of wine soon to ya room. Very cheap wine. Pour into the sink.
  3. I hope it’s soon. Paint chipping and water on air conditioning unit. Paint chipping all over balcony. Un useable. God only knows what is in the paint. Wonderful staff and friendly service. Great cruise on tired ship. 14 nights October 2019.
  4. We used to love Celebrity but the last 2 cruises on eclipse and Equionox were beyond boring. Silent disco is the replacement for live music and dancing opportunities. Recently enjoyed the Gem with non stop activities and live music. The band Prism was fantastic. Every night a theme party with excellent activities staff. We lost weight on a 14 nights cruise. On Celebrity we ate well but we were bored to death. Maybe later on we’ll be back on celebrity but not while we’re Young. Age 65.
  5. Where is the best snorkeling place from shore? We’re going soon and are probably going to try this place. Sounds great. We’ve always enjoyed snorkeling from shore and have our own snorkeling gear.
  6. Where about? Good snorkeling from shore?
  7. Have you encountered country music and line dancing in the Q bbq? Any Zumba? Latin dancing anywhere? I booked the Bliss because of dancing opportunities but feedback has been sketchy. We enjoyed non stop fun activities staff on the Gem past October so we booked the Bliss Enjoyed your information on your cruise. Many thanks! Excellent!
  8. Some travel websites offer a cruise price tracker and notify you of price fluctuations. It’s great for seeing the price move in either direction. Others might have excessive inventory of rooms. Seems like sometimes there are large groups cancellations. Could be Europeans who canceled for USA based cruise and vice versa.
  9. I’ve basically been doing this including drinking water for a year now. Weight loss of 6 to 8 lbs total. I don’t drink water or eat from 7 8 or 9 pm until 7 8 or 9 am daily. Yoga daily and walking are my workouts and piyo. I enjoy a drink of grated ginger root and lemon water multiple times a day. Oatmeal and walnuts and blueberries and sesame seeds most morning. Tai chi class also. Yoga moves your organs around increasing your metabolism. I used to drink water too late at night and too early in the morning which messed up my metabolism. I’ve got a L4-5 spinal fusion. Missing right leg ACL tendon. Right arm rotator cuff tear that is inoperable. Age 65 now and living healthy is the best revenge. I can’t be sitting for long time. It kills me. I’m in pain but try to keep moving. Weight loss helps everything.
  10. We’ve been loyal to royal for years. But we enjoyed the Gem Halloween cruise 2019. Excellent activities staff. Live band Prism was outstanding. Many nights of activities. Theme parties. Food was decent. We are booked for the Bliss soon because of all the activities. Last few on RCL were boorish and worse on Celebrity Equionox and eclipse. Seems like as we’re aging the activities are most important to us. We want to move it before we loose it. We’ve enjoyed cruises out of New York City for many years on Ncl spirit and other cruises. The gem cruise was excellent.
  11. Transatlantic seemed to be best price further out. Reposition cruises vary with prices sometimes last minute others many months ahead of time. Bermuda cruises are cheaper in May when water is cold but great deals end of August and first week September. Short cruises out of Florida ports are very cheap last minute. Loyal customer favorite cruises like RCL Grandeur out of Baltimore are always a little higher in cost. Thanksgiving cruises seem cheaper. Xmas and New Years High $$$ A stock market dip can cause cancellations and lower prices.
  12. Valuable lesson for all of us to learn. Likewise a newlywed with name change should be diligent. Our daughter recently married and she was going on a cruise a couple of months out and she checked out her passport and it worked out. Could have been similar situation. We covered this for all 19 people in our family reunion cruise in 2013. Some people had to update their passports. Thanks for sharing your information. Cruise critic is excellent for information! From real life situations. Very sorry for your situation and lost vacation and money. For Europe cruises the cruise lines should also post more information. Once you have flown over to Europe is not the time to find out.
  13. Can anyone please post Bliss dailies? Preferably from a 14 nights. Activities schedule. Any Zumba or similar? Someone said that they offered a dance class in Q in the morning.
  14. If you’re fortunate enough to have a relative in Florida with who you can visit? It’s perfect to drive down with the understanding you are going to score a cruise last minute. So many cruise ports. So many ships. My parents have been on many out of their Florida condo. Many groups also go with busses for rides to and from port. Last minute cancellations happen all the time. Especially with elderly people. Even happening to my father as he fell boarding and mother and he spent the time in Miami hospital. Thanks for cruise insurance. Older we get the most important thing is cruise insurance.
  15. I usually go to Priceline and put in a specific date with the ports I can drive to. Example a couple years ago while staying in Naples Florida my son came to visit me. We decided to go on a cruise about a week before and I looked into Miami, ft Lauderdale, port canaverale and Tampa which are all drivable. Scored a 5 night cruise for 2 at $195.00 total. Booked about a week before sail away no drinks package. Being in Florida with a flexible time frame there are deals.
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