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  1. @electro do I have to SAIL by expiration date or BOOK by? If sail by, I will have to cancel and rebook my January sailing as I have applied one already, which I can put on my June sailing.
  2. I can use them if I get them fairly soon. I've already booked a January 2020 and a June 2020, and applied 1 to each. I could cancel both & rebook and apply your sister's to the January, but should probably get it done fairly soon. Want to email me with price & contact info? I'd do paypal or venmo. Also I see you recently did the Star, I'm sailing on her over the summer, would love to know what you think @electro
  3. As far as I know, here is who doesn't get your DSC or the tips that get auto-added with perks, so they should be tipped directly IF you use these services/staff: platinum dinners (I guess, didn't realize till that was posted here) butler concierge child care staff (someone said, my kids are grown so I don't know) casino staff? no idea, but I'd assume they don't share DSC and when I gamble I do always tip dealers when I win If you use the spa services (like massage), an auto-tip is added so you have tipped the spa person. If you order a drink outside of the UBP an auto-tip is added so you have still tipped bar staff There's an "extra tip" line for items with auto-tips added, but unless something or someone is really exceptional I do NOT leave an extra tip, 20% is a very fair tip and standard on land as far as I know - that's what I would ordinarily tip at a restaurant or beauty salon or other tipped person. In a land hotel I'll leave a tip for the person who cleans the room, but on board the DSC covers their tip. What I'm hearing in this thread is the DSC becoming part of the fare, and there's subtle pressure towards the old envelope system, which I thought the DSC was supposed to do away with -no, not the envelopes in the room, but the CC expectation that it's the NORM to tip over and above. I've learned to stop being cheap and I have no problem with DSC and tipping folks on the above list who aren't in DSC - quite generously when deserved, minimally when undeserved. I usually also tip my steward extra for extra-good work. Our last sailing our stewardess was OUTSTANDING and we tipped her 50 euros (Jade had just arrived in Europe so figured she could use euros) even though she is covered by the DSC. There's a lot of not-so-unspoken expectations here to tip the steward extra no matter what and I have gone along with that, but not sure if I really should when the service is average. We tip bar staff intermittently if we ask for a more complicated drink (I always tip for a smoked old fashioned because it is a lot of work) but I don't feel obligated to tip for every drink-after all I've tipped $20/day and there are some days I don't even have 2-3 drinks! No idea if we are right or wrong - but after paying $1109 in DSC, UBP service charge, SDP service charges for a two week trip, that really does seem like a lot of $$ going to tips already, and I don't feel compelled to hand out even more money to the people who have benefitted by my $1.1k in tips. JMO, not meant to discourage anyone else from handing out 10's and 20's and 1's as they see fit.
  4. thanks, don't-use doraner(@).comcast dot net if anyone has any for sale. Pls lmk price. thanks
  5. I have no idea how the transfer works so perhaps someone who does know could provide instrux? I’m looking to buy two cruisenext deposits for cruises in 2020. Please post if you have some for sale. I’d invite you to message me here but I don’t know if the messaging function works.
  6. Thanks. I had done some googling beforehand - the balconies on 9 seem smaller than 10 but it’s hard to tell really - the one in the video for deck 9 didn’t really show furniture on the left. The one on 10 clearly has room for 2 loungers and 2 regular chairs...although with a Norway itinerary maybe it will be too cold anyway!
  7. You said you upgraded to business class? how did you do that? Thru NCL? Because you say they “added it back on along with the upgrade fee”
  8. Looking at cruising out of Southampton. "Free" air from PHL is $399 which is an excellent price and well worth it - but hubby is a "business-only" traveler. When I was working on reservation I asked NCL rep if we can book the free air and pay for upgrade to business and he said no, but I've gotten other misinformation from NCL call center. Has anyone successfully done this, and if so, was it worthwhile pricewise or could you do better on your own? TIA.
  9. @Harratine did you book this as a cruisetour? I'm going a bit nuts with this discount, have two cruises booked already. I searched Alaska and only saw cruises. Can you point me in the right direction please for 20% on the Denali cruisetours? thanks
  10. LOL and perhaps that's the "catch du jour" on the dinner menu!
  11. I read an article about suites & cruising, and it was noted that ships tend to sell from "top down" meaning in my mind lots of people are in the same boat 😆 we are regarding buying suites at "rack rates".
  12. I'm trying to find a balcony size list or at least some reasonable info about the size difference of balconies between decks 9 & 10 for aft PH balconies. Someone mentioned casually Deck 10 balconies are bigger but 9 has wraparound. I can see wraparound but can't get any more detailed info than that in spite of some research. Can anyone help me out? I remember one of the ships, I think Breakaway, actually had a list of room names and room/balcony sizes. Anyone have any info about the difference? TIA!
  13. Hubby and I love Haven and will ONLY book Haven, so yes, we book at full price (or whatever TA deal we can get) the least expensive Haven suite that we would be happy in. We've never gotten an upgrade in the Haven by bidding. Hubby would be so miserable out of the Haven that it wouldn't be worth the trip. Yep, when I hear the deals of folks getting upgraded to Haven I ask myself the same question, but the flip side is "how stupid would I feel if I didn't get the upgrade and then the trip sucked because we really wanted Haven?"
  14. How can you tell it's been applied to your reservation?
  15. I'm holding 9232 which is an SF - is that my best option to maximize cabin/balcony size? Any other suggestions? Looks like it has a wraparound balcony. The 20% off sale has me a little crazy. My hubby who swore he would only do Haven, saw this itinerary "14-Day Norway and the Arctic: Summer Solstice" and might just give it a try. So-- Cabin recommendations please? Does 9232 make the most sense? Do I get value over a straight penthouse suite which is the same size? Pretty sure I do...going up any more is $$ more... How is the butler/concierge experience on the Star? Private restaurant for lunch & dinner, right? How is the entertainment? Any more recommendations or words of wisdom before we pull the trigger...or not...?
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