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  1. Well, I had the best and worst on my last cruise - the best got off two days before the end of the cruise. The worst (well, not really, but mediocre) would bring dinner when asked (we always pre-ordered) but it was the wrong thing; first night tepid, second night soup was warm, entree was ice cold, like it had been sitting around or just pulled out of a fridge and not even heated! #1 got a very nice tip, #2 got more than he deserved but he had brought dinner a couple of times so he got something....
  2. I can only tell you about Jade - she did not have a Haven restaurant, but Haven guests got suites-only breakfast in Moderno and lunch in Cagney’s, same menu as bigger ship Haven. 3 bottles of alcohol - read the suite descriptions. PH and CY PH do not have them, I think it’s at OS/DOS/GV level when you get the free bottles. No idea about blankets but I have heard they are available. As far as excursion-lunch-excursion - depends on port stop time and excursion times. We did this on Bliss in Alaska - had Mendenhall/Whale photo safari in the morning, had butler leave lunch in cabin, rushed back to ship, had lunch, and then left on Tracy Arm excursion. Tight timing but do-able. You might have different time options, with some planning it may be possible, depends on how long you are in port.
  3. You have already tipped - but do bring a bunch of small bills if you want to tip over & above the 20% you have already tipped. Another option is if you frequent a small number of bars/bartenders hand these bartenders $10 or $20 at the end of the cruise instead of the singles—I’ve seen it done both ways. We tend to tip when we get our drink if we’ve ordered something time-consuming, like a smoked old fashioned, but not if we are ordering a regular drink on the menu that is easily and regularly made.
  4. Thanks, that’s exactly what I needed to hear. And yes, identical scenario - regular concierge did escort us off, I’m sure to collect his tips!
  5. Interested because I have a 3 pm sailing, which means all aboard by 1 pm which seems really rushed to me if boarding begins 11:30....
  6. Simple arithmetic - are you even going to eat at specialty restaurants? If yes, then keep that one (it is worth more than the 250 mins) and drop the internet pkg and replace with booze pkg. Internet worth $125, one day of booze pkg and you are ahead!! Plus if you really want internet you get discount for buying it before you sail. No-brainer. And yes, you should be able to change your perk selection. $20/pp/day for booze pkg so $40/day for you and wife, vs $240/day if you buy it.
  7. Call NCL the second they open, you will probably get right through. I thought it was one entree, as many apps, sides and desserts as you want?
  8. Here’s a different tipping question: On our last Bliss sailing 7- day the concierge did absolutely zero for us; the assistant concierge did everything. We tipped proportionately - nothing to the head concierge, and something reasonable that otherwise would have gone to the head concierge (perhaps $50-$100) to the assistant for making a few reservations, not a lot, and always being available to us when we needed something. I felt like I was stiffing the head concierge and it certainly gave that appearance, but I think what I did was legit but I have to say, I was uncomfortable about it because I know the unwritten rule that you always tip something. I felt like maybe a token $20 might be OK but might also be insulting. What do you tipping gurus think is the appropriate way to handle this situation in the future? The head concierge was always chatting it up with other guests when we stopped by, which is fine, and we got fine service because of the assistant, so not a complaint at all, but looking for guidance for the future as we have another Bliss cruise coming up.
  9. I don’t know what’s common practice, but to my common sense, the full fare, not NCF fare, should be taken into account. Break out the port charges and remove them for the non-visited port. Taxes should be charged on the REDUCED 11/12 fare, not full fare so there should be a refund there as well. As for the daily cost of perks, that shouldn’t be considered, because they are buried in the cruise fare, and if you are only drinking for 11/12 of the cruise, that is what you should pay. Also the auto-grats should be pro-rated. As for commissions, again they should be based on the reduced fare. This is becoming much more complicated that it should be. IMHO it should be a straight 1/12 refund of the total fare and DSC excluding port charges & taxes, and 1/12 of the autograt for the perks, and some unknown number for taxes (probably 1/12 of them) and whatever the port charge is. OP, I think you said you disputed one of the CC payments you made? Personally I think that is a good idea - I’d dispute on the basis that NCL is not working with you in good faith, and repeat your chronology of what has occurred, and that they consistently have ignored your request for explanation of why this underpayment is truly the 1/12 you were promised. You are ENTITLED to a breakdown of this refund because there is no way 15 pounds is the correct amount.
  10. In another thread someone commented on different olive choices for bloody marys on NCL - stuffed with blue cheese, pickle or pimento. Please share your favorite Bloody Mary hack/recipe here that’s realistic to request on NCL! TIA
  11. We did a TA on the Jade this spring and didn’t need to make reservations. Always plenty of seating. May have been because 14-day cruise - but every night was a different show. There were three true production shows, but every show was decent.
  12. People talk about tipping the steward extra because he/she has to clean a bigger room but I suspect they have fewer rooms to clean so all other things being equal, IMHO it’s not obligatory to tip them because they get DSC. Butler and concierge don’t. Having said that, if my steward is outstanding, and every one I’ve had in the haven has been, I do tip extra. BUT—don’t feel obligated just because you have a bigger room, unless you make a lot of extra work or have a lot of extra requests.
  13. Why not purchase airfare? I bought mine over a month ago for my June, 2020 cruise. Sometimes (especially using miles) it’s smartest to buy it as soon as you can.
  14. Same thing happened to me on my recent Jade cruise. I caught it after my first excursion and went to shorex desk and asked them to fix it - they fixed it on my upcoming excursion, but not the original one! This may well be in the category of the other thread about the SDP where there are numerous stories of people being told they can have less than they are entitled to, and at least one report of someone being charged for extra appetizers when they are included. NCL is aware - on my Jade cruise the concierge told the suite guests to make sure they had their Latitudes discounts on excursions! But from the reports on here, they do nothing about it. Extra revenue? Does NOT make them look good, I have to say.
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