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  1. We want to do some whale watching in Cabo. I have read several times that people have said you can see some whales from the cruise ship. We were going to do a tour. However, I’m wondering if the boat tour to the Arches and Lovers’ Beach is enough to do for a whale tour,…or does that trip not venture far enough out?
  2. Can I ask if there is a company most recommend for whale watching in Cabo?
  3. This is excellent information. Thank you so much! We will be walking the line in January!
  4. I will do a shuttle if we cruise from Galveston again. For the record, I know you can schedule ahead for an Uber ride which I looked at doing. The cost quoted was over double what we actually paid to get from IAH to Galveston. Honestly, even if we had pre booked, there is no saying our driver wouldn’t have got caught up in the traffic and been late anyway. It’s likely not as difficult as we experienced but if you have a tight flight to catch, I would not risk it.
  5. We had no delay with immigration, however finding the location to grab our Uber and getting the Uber was a nightmare. With Ubers in the area, the ride might show it is only 1/4 mile away, however, due to the traffic in the area it can take far longer than you think. And since we were going to IAH, a couple Ubers dropped our ride. We were told by another that some don't want the long commute from Galveston to the Houston airports. In the end it took nearly an hour and a half to get an Uber and we had to run at the airport to get our flight.
  6. I have read "walked the blue line" a number of times in relation to Mazatlan. Can you explain what this means? I don't know anything about the Beatles Road so I will look in to that. I keep seeing mention of the Malecon as well. I'll admit that once the Panorama started to have issues, I stopped researching the ports so I am behind on my planning. I think our cruise at the end of January should be good to go as planned. Fingers crossed! As for the cooler weather, we are fine with that. Sounds like the perfect temperatures to walk around and take in everything without quickly overheating and having nothing but energy to sit at the beach.
  7. Okay. Sounds like skills I could learn from watching pros on YouTube so I’ll try out another class. I appreciate your feedback.
  8. I wish I could help him 😞 No worries, thanks anyway.
  9. I have no idea if this is allowed, but are you able to share the name and contact for your PVP? If it is not, please ignore. I do not use one, I just book myself. However, I have a disabled friend who uses one from every cruise line as he books accessible cabins. He tried to put a cabin on hold yesterday and the PVP he spoke with gave him some very incorrect information so he has zero confidence.
  10. Glad you were able to find and snag a solution!
  11. I am going to sign up for the pasta class. I'm sold 🙂
  12. That is what I saw! Lol. However some that claim to be on board now say it is at 15 knots and scheduled to arrive in time. Who knows?
  13. This is great info and I really appreciate all of it. The more I read and look in to it, I don’t think the Queen Mary is for us, as a hotel. I did take a look at Hotel Maya. I think the Convention area you suggested is where I’ll focus. As for the rental car, it would likely mean less if a headache if we drop it off the night before. Maybe one of the locations mentioned has the after hours drop off availability. I’ll see which hotel is close to one of the car rental locations.
  14. Yes, I literally just read the same thing on fb. That’s great news for them.
  15. I’m curious why skip Mazatlan and PV, but stay in Cabo long enough to still get back in late for debarkation? They know the top speed they can currently go so why not leave with enough time to get back to Long Beach on time? Do you think for the sole purpose of giving the passengers at least one port stop? I wonder if those currently on board would have chosen the port, or on on-time debarkation. I hope they had a great day in Cabo either way!
  16. I remember last January on the Vista. Once onboard I made a beeline for the desk to sign up for the tour. The person helping me looked at me like I was crazy. Told me they have never done anything like that. I kept explaining and still nothing. Turns out he had never heard of it, and the tours hadn't quite started operating on all the ships post covid yet. He was so adamant he knew it didn't exist that he had me questioning my own sanity! lol Someone else from behind the counter came to explain that neither of us were wrong or crazy. I will be signing up for our next cruise.
  17. I hope a suitable solution is offered. It’s hard to let the kiddos down. ☹️
  18. Actually, a lot do in fact. I have gone to book a resort or hotel and right there in the reservation system is a warning that the main pool or restaurant is closed due to construction. They want customers to be aware as that may change their plan. My flight to LAX has already been adjusted once by 15m, over 80 days out from departure. Even Uber will give you a warning that your ride may take longer due to traffic delays. We know when railroad workers, pilots, etc, will strike so that we can make adjustments. Why is it too much to ask that Carnival alert us that this issue could arise during our cruise so we could make adjustments? It’s not. People just want to tell others to suck it up and enjoy your vacay anyway. If my engine light is on in my vehicle for months, I’ll either ignore it and drive anyway, or get it looked at. If the mechanic tells me I need a new part but it is still drive-able, and I decide to take her for a road trip without necessary repairs and it dies, then I can suck it up and blame nobody but myself.
  19. Same. The $400 OBC was a kind gesture to those onboard now. I would much rather have the ports of call. I know not everyone cares, its no big deal, but the itinerary is important to some.
  20. What was it about the cupcake class you did not enjoy? Too basic?
  21. ..and continue booking people on the ship knowing this and not giving them the heads up? I am on her in roughly 80 days. If I knew of the issue I would have held off booking this itinerary until the future. Some don't mind the risk, but I do. I don't book during hurricane season because I know the odds are higher itineraries can change, ports get missed, etc. I wouldn't book a ship with issues, that would "most likely" get me to the destination ports. This is our first MR cruise, and most likely our only. I cannot switch now.
  22. The pasta class caught my eye for sure. I just figured the likelihood of me ever making pasta from scratch at home was next to zero. Lol
  23. Exactly, however if the same issue continues to happen “here and there” you would think the “part” needed, or the fix required would be readily available/doable. So that a sailing may at worst case be late coming in to a port, or be forced to leave a bit early perhaps, but not miss two ports entirely like the current Panorama sailing. If that ship is sailing each week with the possibility multiple ports getting missed is entirely possible, in my opinion they should be selling it to clients at exactly that.
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