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  1. Can I buy a bottle of wine at a bar and take it to my cabin?
  2. I did not know the loyalty programs had been merged. Thanks. Have to look into that. On my ACL trip I felt like such a newbie - so very many people who had taken lots of trips with them!
  3. I really don't recall numbers of choices, but that sounds about right. With only about 100 passengers they cannot have a huge menu. I never felt I was missing out, but of course people have different ideas about food. I thought the service was very good, and the open seating provided a great opportunity to meet lots of people.
  4. Yes. I took a New England coastal cruise on the American Eagle last fall. It was a lovely trip. The accommodations were top-notch, and so were the food and entertainment. A different experience from AQV (we took about 6 trips on the AQ) but I liked ACL so much that I booked another trip while onboard the Eagle. Pearl Seas is another line that I liked.
  5. They have "encountered an occurrence"? What does that mean? Not sure that is even good English! So sad, we have loved AQV.
  6. Hi...going on a 12 day transatlantic this spring and I know I will have to send some things out. I know about the $35-ish bag special for tee shirts, pj's etc, but I think I will need to have some nicer things taken care of. Does anyone have the slips showing the prices per item? Thanks.
  7. Will I get something on my pre-cruise documents that identify me as a Key holder? Or is this not designated until check-in? Have not been on RCCL for a long time - do they still use cards that you receive at check in?
  8. Thanks so much for posting this. I did this and got the credit in about 24 hours!
  9. Breaks my heart. My late husband and I took about 6 or 7 trips on the AQ and loved it. Only issue was the 2019 Mighty Mississippi cruise having to be diverted due to conditions on the river. They brought someone on board to change everyone's return flights and paid any additional charges and transported us to the airport at their expense. Sounds like a different entity since then! I might have considered a solo trip but not with everything I am reading now.
  10. Or you could do what I am doing next spring. I will go eastbound on another cruise line (shudder), spend 6 days in London, then go home on the QM2.
  11. I am probably not allowed to name it, but there is at least one website which shows detailed deck plans. If there is a sofa bed in a particular cabin, it is indicated by a +. I suggest you look for one of these websites and check your assigned cabin.
  12. It was the third sailing of the American Eagle. My first on ACL - had been on Pearl Mist last fall. Experience very similar: good food, interesting ports with good excursions available, nice people, excellent service. The ship was pristine. Many Eagle Society (past cruisers) members. I almost felt like I was regarded as an anomaly. (I have cruised many times BTW on US river cruises and ocean cruises). My cabin was a single - 217 - and it was not large by ACL or Pearl Mist standards. Kind of cramped getting to the closet. Few drawers, but lots of open shelves. Odd. Nice bathroom. Decent balcony. Loved the size of the ship. Smooth trip, although one night we had some turbulence. Fast up and down movement, not side to side. Over in a short while. Did come home with Covid but mild case and over it quickly. Do not recall seeing a single mask on board. Will be glad to answer any questions.
  13. Agree with BaumD. Safe, yes, but appropriate, no. I was on the American Eagle last week and I'd guess the youngest people I saw were 50ish. Nothing for kids to do.
  14. Thanks - never mind. My mistake. I find the website very hard to navigate sometimes!
  15. I know - but it was $60 pp before!
  16. Copied from the website just now on my booking: Plus Beverage Package$76.69 per person, per day Enjoy a wide range of drinks for $64.99 per day plus a 18% service charge. Before I rebooked to reduce my fare, it was $60 with no service charge!
  17. I, too, feel that Princess has gotten too complicated. Medallions, the app (I do not want to have to carry my phone around all the time), Plus and Premier, green line/blue line, etc. Last cruise was November 2019 and a couple of early-pandemic planned cruises were obviously cancelled. That was easy. In the meantime I have been widowed and will be sailing solo so no-one else to help me figure all of this out. Oh, well, I have a year before my Greenland cruise to study up! Will follow the boards religiously!
  18. Also booked on the August 2024 Emerald Princess Greenland trip. I rebooked yesterday and moved from an oceanview to balcony in a better location and still saved about $100. Yes, you have got to keep your eyes open!
  19. Leaving on my cruise next week. What kind of toiletries, if any, does ACL provide? Shampoo, conditioner, soap? I don't like body wash so will bring my own bar soap if necessary. Thanks.
  20. And now the itinerary says we will be anchoring, not docking, at Provincetown.
  21. I took a cruise last fall on the Pearl Mist. Out of Portland ME we went up into Canada. Loved the ship, but our weather was bad and two ports - of course the ones in which I had the most interest - had to be cancelled. Bar Harbor and Campobello Island. Service great, food great.
  22. Excellent news, as I will be sailing on her on the 28th of this month.
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