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  1. Thanks CCWinelover - I expect we’ll get email soon too. We’re booked on the first segment and the final one too. Plus the transatlantic prior to the world cruise (notice the letter mentions cancelling voyages that would have joined it). Sad, but Viking are doing the right thing in letting us know in good time. JB
  2. was this part of the World cruise? Someone told me that that's been cancelled, but I can't see anything official anywhere.
  3. I just looked at the availability for the 20/21 World Cruise, and see that the Owners Suite is showing as 'Available' - but when I check the availability for the first leg of the cruise, from Miami to L.A., the Owners Suite is 'Sold Out'. (I'm keeping an eye on the figures as am wondering if/when they'll cancel this cruise - surely it can't go ahead?)
  4. I agree, we may be back too. Gave up on P&O about 5 years ago, too much cost cutting and paying for extras onboard. Liked Fred cruises very much, especially at Christmas time, but the cost for a suite (won’t cruise without a balcony) was extortionate. We bit the billet and booked a Viking Ocean Cruise - seemed expensive, but SO much nicer - and they are now our preferred cruise line (Done 3 ocean cruises with them and 2 rivers). We should be on one now and have another three booked. If they go ahead, and if we choose to go. 😏 BUT, we have to fly in one direction at least to t
  5. So, any predictions about the World cruise which starts in Miami this coming December? 😉
  6. We’ve sailed many different cruise lines, including Fred’s ships several times - all four of the current fleet. They are old-fashioned in many respects and currently cater for an older, predominantly British clientele. But we loved every cruise we took with Fred, apart from one on Braemar, which coped badly with the rough seas we encountered that year. We found the crew to be extremely friendly. Three years ago we discovered Viking Ocean cruises and have found our perfect match in them. No formal nights on Viking! But if Covid means we must stay closer to home, and Fred has a more mode
  7. I don't understand why payments made with future cruise vouchers aren't eligible for a refund? So if you've used a voucher which you got as recompense for, for example, a cruise that went wrong, you surely haven't had the benefit from that voucher when Viking cancelled your cruise? Would the same also apply to Cruise Certificates that you buy on river cruises to use against a new booking? (asking for a friend...😉 )
  8. Local newspaper reports say she’s just sheltering from high winds? (It has been exceptionally windy for the time of year, but even so?) And someone filmed her arrival at Pier Head
  9. She’s at the Cruise terminal, in the heart of the city. We’ve cruised from there twice, and once from the docks at Bootle. One of the best cruise ports that we’ve experienced - with history, shopping, bars and museums minutes walk from the ship. And friendly natives. (But I am very biased, it’s just over an hours drive from our home!)
  10. Maybe they're practising for the possible Round Britain cruise that has been mentioned to us UK cruisers. 🙂 There's a webcam on the Wirral side of the Mersey, which overlooks the cruise terminal, so fans might want to check it out later:- https://www.wirralcam.org/wirralcam2016/waterfront2.shtml
  11. That’s one that we’re booked onto too, followed by Miami to LA.
  12. Well, the last two announcements were done two months apart, so you may have to wait until towards the end of July to hear anything. But who knows...! I understand your concern - we are already wondering about our two December cruises, which will bring us across the Atlantic to the USA and central American countries. Not something I'm now looking forward to at all.
  13. Thanks for that information, and your other reply - I'll check out the link now.
  14. Reviving this thread! I'd be really interested to know if any of you cancelled when your final payment date was due. There seems to be a lot more availability on the whole World Cruise now, and also on the Miami-LA leg that we're booked on to. As we're in the UK our final payment is in September.
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