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  1. We've only had butler services once, and I hated it! Our butler told me off (gently) for making my own hair appointment. And delivering breakfast to the cabin, carefully setting up the table, asking if he could draw the blinds for us ... I just wanted him out of there Quick! Each to his own. I'm happy that Viking treats everyone the same.
  2. Try watching some of Jim Zimmerlin's reviews on YouTube. In this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eID9qlcVFzE he does mention the experience as being similar to The Haven. Personally, since discovering Viking 4 years ago, we are now not considering any other cruise line and we think it's worth the extra cost. Viking is a perfect fit for us! Lovely people (crew and passengers) in a calm and friendly atmosphere.
  3. We did Homelands a couple of years ago, from Manchester. I think it was KLM, and via Oslo in one direction and Amsterdam in the other. Our first Viking cruise was a river cruise from Amsterdam to Basel. We were supposed to fly home to Manchester via Amsterdam, but instead decided to book direct EasyJet flights ourselves (we have family in Switzerland, and regularly use EasyJet with no problems at all).
  4. So far, we've had 4073 (twice!) and 4079 (for 4 weeks) and would go back to either of them. Close to the stairways, but never any noise, and I can't say we noticed any noise from the lowering of the tenders either. We're booked into 4032 in July and 4038 in December, plus a Guarantee DV4 in April 2021 - so I think you can guess we're happy with Deck 4!
  5. In theory, and legally, yes... but in practice Scottish notes are very reluctantly accepted in many areas of England. I live in a seaside town which has lots of visiting Scots (we always know when it's Glasgow Wakes week 😉 ), and consequently Scottish banknotes are more common here than some other places, but even so, if I am given a Scottish note in my change I sometimes encounter reluctance from small traders to accept it. I guess we see them so rarely - and each Scottish bank issues its own notes in totally different designs - that it's harder to know if they're fake!
  6. I live just over an hour away from Liverpool. It is a fantastic city to visit, and especially on a cruise ship. (We have sailed twice from the Liverpool pier, on a small British cruise line). You will have no trouble finding your friends, nor exploring what is a very interesting and friendly city. If you find the Crowne Plaza Hotel on google maps, the cruise pier is just on the river near there. We stayed overnight at the Crowne Plaza one time, and they have parking, though whether it's available to the general public I'm not sure. Most times we visit Liverpool by train. Ho-Ho buses pass along the waterfront, you are close to many of the tourist attractions and the main shopping area, and if you need to take a taxi they are cheap and generally reliable. Have fun!
  7. And Europe - French TV report a little while ago said they are treating their first case. Let's hope things get under control quickly. It does sound like all the government, and especially the Chinese, are doing everything they can.
  8. I'm wondering if that's a new thing? And do they just mean for men? My OH never wears them, but I'm 100% sure we've seen lots of other men wearing jeans in the World Cafe on our three Viking Oceans cruises to date - and never have never had a problem with it. If it's women's jeans, I absolutely can't see a problem. Sometimes it's hard to decided what's a 'jean' and what's a 'trouser', at least here in the UK!
  9. I can't recommend brands, as we live in UK and consequently ours are different. As others have said, we took layers. Thermal long johns and long sleeved vests (underwear, you may have a different term for them I think!), warm lined trousers and lightweight layered sweaters, fleece lined waterproof hiking jacket with hood, fleece scarf which you can pull up over your nose, thick warm hat with ear flaps, padded gloves with separate silk gloves under them, a pair of cheap ski salopettes bought in the sales and a pair of Moon Boots. We wore everything we took. One of the best buys was a box of 'Little Hotties'- small disposable handwarmers which you can stuff in your gloves or boots. They stay hot for hours. On our cruise we had a lecturer who discussed clothing for cold climates. She said look in the mirror and ask your self the question "Does my bum look big in this?", and if the answer is "No" then you aren't wearing enough clothing!
  10. We did the trip a few years ago, with Fred Olsen (British cruise line) and it is one of the most memorable cruises I've ever done. I just loved sailing as it snowed, and watching the spectacular scenery passing by. We went on a 'Chase the Lights' tour out into the countryside to the Finnish border, all muffled up on the buses ready to jump off whenever our guide thought a sighting might be imminent. It was a cloudy night, so we were out for a long time (from 6pm until about 2am!) and I must say it was a little underwhelming. Whenever the guide pointed out the lights, all we could see was white - but the photos that were taken that night by the guide, show greenish lights behind us! However, it was not all doom and gloom. Twice, when sailing along the coastal waters, we witnessed magnificent displays of ever changing green swirls, for quite a long time. Announcements were made from the bridge whenever they saw anything, and we got into the habit of leaving our heavy duty ski wear on the beds, ready for action. It is VERY cold, and you need as many layers as you can get on. This is a cruise I would love to do with Viking. I am envious of those of you who will be heading for Norway in the next few weeks. Have fun!
  11. This is so lovely to hear... we are booked onto the extension in July. Happy New Year!
  12. Looking forward to responses to your question, as we are in a similar situation next year!
  13. Thank you - another great review (have already read many of your previous ones!) It confirms what I've been thinking for a while, Saga isn't for us at the moment - too formal and too 'British'. Even though I've recently turned 70, I still don't feel old enough for it. We'll stick to Viking for the time being.
  14. Beautifully done! I've subscribed and am looking forward to seeing the rest of your trip. 😊
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