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  1. Thanks, yes, I should have researched more thoroughly! We’d done a Rhine cruise a couple of years ago, with no problems (and lots and lots of scenic cruising), so I thought I knew what I was getting into. Hey, we’ve had a good time anyway. Good enough that I’ve just been to the desk to pay for future cruise vouchers for myself and OH. To go towards payment for an ocean cruise 😁
  2. Sorry for any confusion. Here’s what has happened on our ‘cruise’ so far. Day 1 we flew into Munich, transferred to Viking Gullweig docked on the canal on the outskirts of Nuremberg, and spent the rest of the day relaxing onboard. Day 2 - after a tour of the town (excellent) we sailed down the canal, and enjoyed the sunshine and some fairly ordinary scenery...not the Danube. Not able to go onto the open top deck as there are lots of low bridges along the canal. Evening briefing hinted that we may have to change boats. Day 3 We woke in Regensburg - on the Danube! - and spent the whole day here. Evening briefing confirmed that we would be docking at Straubling the following day, and would indeed have to change. No daytime cruising today, we left as it went dark. Day 4 We were supposed to be in Passau today, and had just booked a 2 hour walking tour, but this turned into an over 7 hour excursion - and we stayed in Straubling overnight, so this was another ‘no cruising’ day for us. We had to pack our bags this evening, ready to be taken from outside the rooms at 7:30am. Day 5 - up and about very early again - off Viking Gullweig by 8:30am and transferred by coach to Grein arriving on Viking Egil before 1pm, in time for lunch. In the afternoon we had the option to take the included trip to Gottleib Abbey, and meet the boat further down the river in the evening, or to stay onboard and See The Danube...guess which we did? Yes, the scenery on the river was just what we’d hoped for, we we enjoyed a whole afternoon of Danube cruising. day 6 - we are in Vienna, rafted initially with Viking Modi, and later another Viking boat. After the evening excursions return I think we are on the move again in the dark. tomorrow we’ll be arriving in Budapest, but we’ve heard that we may have an option to skip a booked tour and stay onboard to sail some more of the river. So a total of two days daylight cruising (including the canal)- and I do know that I should have maybe known river levels could interrupt our vacation. Viking have kept us well fed and cared for. I just write all the above to warn those that haven’t yet booked a Danube cruise that you might not get what you expected! Happy cruising everyone.
  3. We are just arriving in Vienna, on our way to Budapest on Viking Egil, having transferred from Viking Gullweig this morning. Whilst the coach transfer went as smoothly as it could have done, we left Gullweig at 8:30am and didn’t meet up with Egil until 12:30 at Grein. We have done very little actual cruising, and wish I had done more research in advance - definitely would no5 have chosen to come here at this time of year if I’d known the likelihood of major disruption to our holiday.
  4. We are on Viking Gullweig at the moment, travelling Nuremberg to Budapest. We were warned last night that it is likely that we will have to pack up and transfer to another ship tomorrow morning. We couldn’t get to Passau on the river today so were bussed there, are docked at Straubing. Internet in our room is diabolical, so I can’t read message board unless I come to the atrium area, but will try to check in again when we know the situation later tonight.
  5. I really thank you for your detailed reports - and am very glad that I didn't book the Saga cruise that I'd been trying to persuade my OH to take. He'd said all along that he wasn't old enough! He's almost 74 and I am not yet 70. We would have made the best of it, but there are several other premium lines out there which have fewer restrictions, less crowded eating spaces, a far wider client demographic, a more modern approach to dress code, and no in-cabin announcements unless an emergency! (I still can't believe that one!) We'll watch with interest to see if things change as the comment cards and reviews come in, but I suspect that we'll be waiting until we pass 80 (God willing) before we take the plunge! Thanks again - hope your journey home is calm - at least the sun is shining now.
  6. Totally agree with what you've written. I'm interested to know the opening hours of the various dining venues. Cinnamon has said, on another thread, that the MDR stops serving breakfast at 9:00am and the Grill/Buffet closes at 9:30am... but then what? We often like to have a late breakfast/brunch before heading off the ship to explore. Would we be able to do this on a Saga ship?
  7. Yes, I can understand that... if you want evening entertainment - a snazzy show, magician, comedian etc. - then Viking is probably not for you. They have mainly low key classical musicians around the ship and their Ents team consists of 4 decent singers (who can move a bit but wouldn't class themselves as dancers!) We were on Viking for 4 weeks earlier this year, and I can honestly remember NONE of the evening shows! Having said that, I can remember many shows from other cruises on more mainstream cruise lines that I would rather forget!!! (Tribute acts and 1970s comedians who should really have known when it was time to retire 😏)
  8. Hurrah! For once, the sun is shining in Bergen! Viking Jupiter is in port with you, and their Panomax webcam has a great view of the Saga ship - here's a link:- https://viking.panomax.com/jupiter
  9. Presume room service would bring it if one wanted a later breakfast? Or surely there must be somewhere to get pastries, fruit, yoghurt? 9:30 seems very early to me, when I’m on holiday!
  10. I’m in agreement... it’s really lovely to get such a detailed and regular report (thank you again Cinnamon), but the Viking ships seem (to me) to be far more thoughtfully designed. Maybe it’s the age demographic that the different cruise lines are targeting. This ship looks very traditional to me, which makes sense if so many of the passengers are elderly and have limited mobility. Never say never of course, but for now Saga isn’t at the top of my wish list.
  11. Enjoying your regular reports! Can you tell us what art or crafts are available, if any, on your cruise?
  12. Following along too, and looking forward to hearing your opinion, as our situation is very similar to yours - for us 30+ cruises, on quite a few different cruiselines, over about 20 years. We discovered Viking a couple of years ago and have already racked up 8 weeks onboard their ocean ships, and find them absolutely perfect in almost all respects. I think we may try Saga at some point, though my OH (74 next month) still doesn't think he's old enough! Will be very interested to hear how you like the British experience as that's one thing that slightly bothers me. That and the formality! Have a wonderful trip and thanks for sharing the experience with us.
  13. If you look at Google Maps, satellite view, zoom in on Greenwich and you'll see a Silversea ship moored in the river. Also you can see the Greenwich pier, where the tenders take you.
  14. I've just been looking at Viking ships' itineraries on Cruisemapper, and can't see any mention of cruises into or out of Greenwich. London sailings now seem to be out of Tilbury, which is about an hour from London. Is this due to local protests, does anyone know?
  15. Thank you! That’s really helpful. I just wish Viking would put lists on their website - it would make choosing a cruise easier, especially when looking for a back to back! Janet
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