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  1. Thanks, Avril - that's very kind. All OK for the wife and me, except that we're locked down for the foreseeable future. At least three months, but in reality it will probably be until such time as there's either a vaccine or a cure for Covid-19 and its effects on the body - quite possibly more than a year. I'm on the NHS/Government 'extremely vulnerable' list with the magic text message telling me not to venture outside the house, but that's a positive because it has enabled us to access some online food deliveries, which were impossible before that. We also have a nice house and garden in a delightful village, so we count ourselves lucky. Unfortunately my wife can't go out either, because if she brings the virus in she'll pass it to me. We've been married for nearly 50 years though, and still very much enjoy our own company, so we're not going to fall out now. Plenty to do in the house and garden, plenty to read, plenty to watch. All good really. I do hope you're getting on OK too, Avril. Harry
  2. People are not, do not, and will not heed advice if it suits them not to. Most affected countries are in lock-down for this reason. We need to be, and already should be, but nobody's prepared to bite the bullet and make a decision.
  3. Sunday Times reporting much the same thing about the dramatic reversal in policy, as a result of a change of mind by Cummings. Johnson is no leader - he takes his lead from Cummings. Same report talks of chaos at Number 10 and ludicrously late decisions, with Johnson shelving everything instead of taking action in January when it was clear what was going to hit us.
  4. Me and my mates? I'm confined to home because COVID-19 would kill me, and my 'mates' are concerned that being on the frontline in theatre the failure to provide effective protective equipment would kill them too. Is that really fair, and is it right that the government should lie about the safety equipment? What are you doing by the way?
  5. And that's one of the key problems. Those advised not to go out for health/age reasons have no real option but to shop online, but it's almost impossible to get a slot, and if you do chances are half the stuff won't turn up because the shelves were stripped before the pickers got to them. One solution would be to give priority to those who really have no other option, but that would involve quite an outcry from the ones pushed to the bottom of the queue.
  6. The funny thing about that, Avril, was that the ones who disappeared were the ones who inherited the most from my wife's mother, because they assured her they'd look after her. My brother in law was executor, and his words were: I won! Didn't go down too well with my wife.
  7. Just to put things into perspective, guys, I'm perfectly cheerful about things. Not remotely down or bothered. What happens happens, and I'm not at all bothered about death. The children are looked after financially, likewise the grandchildren, and, of course, my wife. We looked after our parents, no holidays or cruises then, and tried to do the right things when our brothers and sisters vanished into thin air at the slightest hint of a problem. There are plenty of people with far worse problems, huge numbers of them. I remain, despite popular opinion, very cheerful. My wife, however, is upset at the prospect of losing someone she's loved (unbelievable isn't it? 😁) for 50+ years. It's far worse for the ones left behind.
  8. Only up to a point, Avril. You know my addiction to facts and statistics, and I know it's going to be almost impossible to avoid contracting this virus before a vaccine or treatment becomes available. I also know that my age, health conditions and immunosuppression mean that an ICU bed plus ventilator is my only slim chance of survival. And I also know that even now, before it all kicks off, an ICU bed is a near impossibility. I accept all that. I've redone my will in the last few days, taken some steps to reduce IHT a little, and given the kids passwords to things they'll need to administer the estate. Forward planning, and I'm not worried about what will almost inevitably happen, except so far as it affects my family, and I've done my best on that. If I hadn't taken all these steps and sorted things out, then I would worry! Que sera.
  9. There's a huge difference between equipment shortages and shortages of essential equipment needed to protect NHS staff from dying. Think protective equipment for soldiers - do we really send soldiers out to battle in their ordinary clothes without protective equipment? That's pretty much what NHS staff are being expected to do because the government hasn't got a grip on this until far too late.
  10. Even if the army decided not to provide you with a gun or ammunition or protection of any kind?
  11. Community spirit works both ways. These people were treated abominably by the NHS when they worked for it, and they're now being asked to go back without the provision of proper safety equipment to protect them. They're older people, and therefore at higher risk. Would you go back with a fair chance that it would kill you?
  12. I know some. They were treated so badly they aren't biting. Inadequate supplies of safety equipment, no ventilators, risk of death because a lot of them are high risk. The usual bull from Johnson.
  13. But where would the thousands of nurses and doctors that the government's got rid of over the last few years come from? They've made this crisis far worse than it need have been - incredibly there's even a piece in today's Telegraph admitting that!
  14. Maybe, Avril. I think I must have been trying to relive my 60s student days! It was fun for a while, especially shocking old work colleagues, but I got bored with it. A ponytail seemed one step too far, but might have been worth a go! Best bit though was being grabbed by a woman at a dance with the words 'C'mon Hippy. Let's dance.'
  15. And with no effectively coordinated healthcare system the consequences will be far worse.
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