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  1. Good suggestion. There’s also a little trick which sometimes helps identify the hotel - copy and paste extracts from the description into Google.
  2. London is a large city, with several areas perhaps best avoided when it’s less busy. Much like any other city. Impossible to narrow it down really, because those areas can be quite small, yet close to perfectly safe areas. Tripadvisor reviews are usually helpful on this, though, and areas change.
  3. According to one of the Saga chiefs on Radio 4 this morning, following talks in the last few days they’re expecting a relaxation imminently.
  4. Saga guy on Radio 4 earlier saying they’re expecting a government announcement giving the green light for international cruises pretty soon. He mentioned late July, but Saga plan to restart from early September to allow for some time slippage.
  5. I was looking at a Dyson too, but after looking at my son's, listening to what he says about it, and the Which? report, I went for this one: https://www.t3.com/reviews/meacofan-1056-air-circulator-review A Which? Best Buy and a lot cheaper than Dyson - quieter too at any useful speeds. It really is incredibly quiet - barely audible. That was the main reason for purchase. Not a patch on the Dyson in terms of styling though - but probably more reliable, and hugely cheaper at around £99. So impressed with it when it arrived, we bought another one for elsewh
  6. My 10 times figure is the national figure, John. It's factual, but within the UK there are major variances. Cruise passengers come from across the UK.
  7. I have very carefully left my own position and that of the other million or so similarly affected people out of these posts in the interests of objectivity. The increased risks are exactly as I said they were, but as you say each person will assess their own position and act accordingly. Long Covid is however a very real risk for younger people.
  8. The risk, John, will still be 10 times higher if the number of infections in the community is 10 times higher. What that risk is, however, depends on whether you’re vaccinated, with which vaccine, whether you wear a mask, what type, whether others wear masks, how much contact you have with others………….an endless series of variables. And the difference between Asda and a cruise ship is twofold. You don’t normally spend several days at a time in Asda, and you can walk out if you choose to.
  9. This map shows 7-day case rate per 100,000 people. The default view shows data by local authority. Zoom in for more local data. https://coronavirus.data.gov.uk/details/interactive-map/cases The vaccines are not 100% effective, so the risk (whatever that risk might be in percentage terms) increases in proportion to the number of cases. Each person will assess his/her own risk, but the problem for cruise companies is that they have to try to calculate some sort of generalised risk. Not easy, but I'm sure the background infection rate will be one of the
  10. I agree. There’s not a lot P&O can do about it. Passengers, or potential passengers, just have to weigh up the risks, and those risks are currently more than ten times higher than they were just a month ago. And in a month, the likelihood is that it will be two or three times more, now that all the restrictions have gone. People will simply have to weigh up the risk and make a choice.
  11. It's what the majority of the public seem to want, so it makes sense to follow their lead, rather than the government's. Although having said that the government message is, as usual, totally confused - you don't need to wear masks, but it makes sense if you do. The real problem is for the staff. They now have no legal backing whatever, and it can only lead to confrontation and unpleasantness. The ironic thing is that the people least likely to be wearing masks are probably the most likely to be infected. I'm pretty sure that all the cruise companies wil
  12. Great area then! And affordable too, which is why I was there. Nice road, just off Clapham Common North Side, £4.50 pw for a bedsit with garden access. A mate of mine took the other basement bedsit, so for £9 pw in 1970 we had the whole basement of a big old house, with two rooms, kitchen, garden and WC. That house sold recently for £6m, gentrified area. How in heaven’s name do young people get started anywhere remotely near London now? Even 12 miles out 3-bed semis fetch £600k.
  13. North Pole cafe for me, up the road in Clapham old town - good old traditional fry ups in the 70s. A wine bar now. The only unchanged place in London I can think of now is the incredible Regency Cafe in Pimlico. Amazing place.
  14. There are others here with far more knowledge than I have on this, but I’ll happily share some thoughts for what they’re worth. I reached the point last year when walking was taking an age because of the number of rests needed. I was using a sort of sit-on stick thing, but it was only of limited help. So I bought a Pride iGo plus electric wheelchair for its ability to fold and put into the boot. The other one I’d considered was the one you mention. It’s pretty good, subject of course to the usual obstacles on pavements. However, not long after that it struck me that I w
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