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  1. Having just read through the posts here, it's very sad to hear of so many illnesses and losses - yours, Bloodaxe, in particular. I can't even begin to imagine what the death of a child must be like. I'm so sorry. With that very much in mind, now's not the time to be whittling on about what are by comparison minor issues here. Life goes on, it's different, you can't go out, food comes to the door though, and I pine for the days when we could shop at Aldi! Or buy fish and chips! Things will improve, we'll all adjust, and the bounce-back, when it comes, will be HUGE!!! 🌞
  2. Exactly what my wife said - you don't go to Bettys for fish and chips. She loves the place. Thanks for the recommendation. 😀
  3. Welcome! Good to hear that the original branch is still good. We bought shares in the company many years back when it first went public, but it never properly exploited the very strong brand name and was a bit of a flop. The Blackpool branch was good (then) but some of the others weren’t. Franchisees are a risky route without proper controls.
  4. I sincerely hope not! Personal opinion, of course, but there’s nothing to beat it for both the fish (has to be haddock) and the chips. Enjoying the contributions on good fish and chips! Not surprised about Rick Stein’s in Padstow - there’s a man trading on his name if ever there was one. For me, Bettys in York was also a big let down. It has a great reputation in Yorkshire, but not for fish and chips - I was told I was an idiot for choosing that from their menu, but if it’s on a Bettys menu I’d expect them to be able to do it properly. It was dire, and overpriced.
  5. Goodness, reading this thread it looks as if P&O needs to watch out! 😉
  6. I only ever tried the later spin-offs, like the one at Blackpool. Good, though. Didn't Bryan's compete with Harry's as the best in Leeds?
  7. Most of mine are too - southerners don’t have a great reputation for fish and chips, with some honourable exceptions. I was impressed by the guy in Sheringham though when I asked him what he fried in: ”Beef dripping mate. Nothing else. And the day I have to switch to vegetable oil is the day I pack up and retire.”
  8. Not quite everywhere, happy - and not at all since late February. And in reality only a few times a year, often on holiday for simplicity. Very, very fussy about them though. Has to be right. Had some in an overpriced place in Cromer owned by a Michelin starred chef, but they were awful. Down the road in Sheringham, much less pretentious, much cheaper, but much better. Has to be beef dripping though. I do love a decent haddock and chips.
  9. I know what you mean, Ann. Essex is a county of many parts. North very different from south. We lived near Brentwood for a while - interesting.
  10. Those halcyon days when places like Ingatestone were rural.........
  11. And of course Clacton had the Butlins at the other end too - the bit with the Peter Pan railway that was open to everyone. Lovely place then.
  12. And the rides at Walton back in the day were always cheaper than the ones at nearby Clacton - a big draw!
  13. Apologies, Jean. Saw all the reports about Salcombe, had some lockdown money saved up, hired the boat for the weekend, just dropping in for a coffee. On the way to Rock next.........😁
  14. Lovely part of the country though. And plenty of places within easy reach of Ilminster.
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