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  1. Was the transmission rate on this sailing better or worse than the average (over States) transmission rate on land in the US? I'm still looking for some evidence, any evidence, that a cruise ship environment is inherently "more risky" than any land-based environment. I read that the CDC thinks so, but they didn't say why. Without actual evidence, that's an assumption. Where I live in Canada, the current, statistics-based Covid riskiest place to be is in someone's home: your own, a family member's or a friend's. The most transmissions are occurring via family gatherings.
  2. I spent lots of time learning about masks back in March when they were really hard to find, so I made mine. I'm not much of a seamstress, and have an old, cheap, crummy machine, but even with that and barely any sewing skills I was able to make lots. You could probably even hand sew a few. There lots of info on the internet, from YouTube tutorials on construction and fitting to journal articles that look at the filtration abilities of fabrics to help you pick the best. There are many different styles and patterns now, so lots to choose from.( I am partial to a mask that covers the whole bot
  3. We now know much more about covid now than we did in March. It's less deadly than it was in March and April because we have treatments, and also because we know so much more about it. People need to update their fear of this virus based on this new knowledge. And my advice is be wary of any official who tells you to "wear a mask" without providing any guidance about what kind of mask you should be wearing. THere's a huge variation in mask efficacy based on size, fit, materials and construction. Wear an effective mask if you want to have any hope of filteri
  4. That plus the large, “Avoid all cruise ship travel” warning to the public. It’s pretty plain that they don’t want people cruising. If the cruise line satisfies me that they have added these improved air filtration measures, I would cruise today. I am really only concerned about aerosols. I can do my own distancing, hand hygiene and droplet prevention like I do every day.
  5. Yes, you are right. The level wasn't raised, it was re-issued. Thanks for the edit My poor choice of words aside, the point was really just to say that the CDC, despite lifting the official ban, is still not keen on cruise travel, and they don't think you should do it, even if it's not officially banned. So they re-issued, highlighted, brought to your attention, this message. From their website, it's: Warning - Level 3, Avoid Nonessential Travel—Widespread Ongoing Transmission. How they determine that "widespread ongoing transmission" is occurring right now, is a hea
  6. I understand, the list is long and the requirements are stringent, but I believe the cruise lines are motivated to get sailing again, so I think they will do everything they can to make that happen. I think cruising will look different for a while, but not forever. (I also think that once individuals realize that their own actions and behaviors put much of the control in their hands, the very high fear level will come down. ) The part I see as undeniably good news is the lifting of the official ban. That's the first good news we've had in a while, and the first sign of progress.
  7. I think this is great news. For the people who are concerned about it, I say take heart in knowing that cruise passengers and crew will likely be heavily monitored, and if they do cause an outbreak, that will be responded to quickly. JMO, based on their recent Level 3 warning, it seems the CDC is not thrilled about this, and will probably be watching very closely. One significant outbreak will probably get the ban back, so cruise lines are going to be very vigilant about protocols and passenger behavior. Covid mitigation strategies will be strict and will not be handled like a s
  8. A thought occurred to me. Is the CDC elevating its warning level to Level 3 because they expect that they will be encouraged/pressured into not extending the No Sail order? And so they elevate the warning level to convey the "we still don't think cruising is a good idea right now" message, despite no official ban being in place?
  9. I think the argument is really: are cruise ships more likely to be sources of outbreaks than other places that people congregate. If so, why? What is it about a cruise ship that makes it more likely than an airplane+hotel stay+restaurant visit+park visit that makes it uniquely different? If there is something, I'm all ears. But so far, I have not seen any reason why a cruise ship environment is any different. I have read the recommendations and if implemented, they seem to be more stringent than what I get at my local Costco/mall/train etc. A poster mentio
  10. It does answer my question, and thank you so much for such a thorough explanation :) I'm a devoted mask wearer myself, but I am not too bothered by people who don't wear them. I wear a good mask to protect myself, my advice to others is to wear a good mask to protect themselves, but some people can't wear them and I understand that. To be honest, I don't have much confidence in the masks other people wear anyway -- the materials, the fit, a lot of them look pretty useless to me, so I rely on mine and not others'. I'm pretty sure masks will be required on cruise ships,
  11. Yes, I would think you'd have to call. I don't think the online booking engine is able to handle things that are "outside the box".
  12. I'm so curious as to why you refuse to wear them. Is it because you don't think they are effective? Don't want to be required to wear something? They are uncomfortable or make breathing harder? Don't think Covid is as big a concern as others do ie only harmful to people in high risk groups and often inconsequential for the rest? Some combination of those? Sorry, don't mean to derail the thread -- I have seen this sentiment expressed here and there and I just wonder why. But I will say that I expect masks to be absolutely mandatory in shared spaces for a while on cruises, with a ze
  13. Are you just not reading the contrary opinions then? ;) Because they are here on this board. I can understand if you don't want to cruise. Fine by me, none of my business. But what I can't understand is the idea that others feel it's their place to impose their concerns about it onto me. I don't share these fears. I think with safety measures in place, there's a way to get cruising down to an acceptable risk level. What risk level? Basically an equivalent (or lower) risk to any land based vacation where you go to an airport, get on a plane, stay in a hotel, eat in restaurants, dri
  14. Unanswered questions for me: What is the percentage of humans infected that qualifies as an uncontained outbreak and what is the threshold for cruise cancellation, while sailing. .01, .1%, .5% etc? Will the lines be required to be transparent about improved air filtration, so we know exactly what improvements have been made, on what ship, before sailing. The vagaries about age of the ship and the possibility of even making such improvements is not good enough. (In fact, if it's not possible to make those improvements to a particular ship, then maybe cold-layup for thos
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