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  1. I miss those sunsets at sea, as I enjoy a cocktail before dinner, a dinner that someone else made.
  2. It's getting so bad that I'm putting chocolates on our pillows.
  3. The deal breaker, for us, is beyond Celebrity's control. During quarantine, my husband was diagnosed with recurring throat cancer and will need chemo/immunotherapy. We will not be able to cruise until there is a covid 19 vaccine, if ever. We wear masks when we go out and have gotten used to them. We are thankful to others for wearing the masks that protect us and other community members. As my husband's nurse told me, masks are much more comfortable than ventilators.To the comment that required masks for cruising would be a dealbreaker - I wouldn't consider cruising until after the CDC discontinues the mask recommendation, even if neither of us were high risk.
  4. Eh, there are so many places you could catch something on cruise ships. What about the theater? You are sitting closely to different people every night. Some viruses are spread by breathing. How many people have touched the slot machines before you? And elevators. I'd like to see them eliminate self serve at the buffet. Extend the sneeze guard so the passengers can't reach in and have crew members serve the food.
  5. May you continue to be blessed with good health and a happy attitude. ❤️
  6. I received an email saying my cruise was cancelled. There was a link in there where I could choose a 100% refund. I clicked on that and received an email saying I would be refunded within 45 days.
  7. Yes, it would help a great deal. In fact, I'm heading to Fred Olsen cruise to take a look.
  8. I've been watching for our May 13th cruise to be cancelled. It's true that the cruise appeared on the Celebrity website, but when I tried to do a dummy booking, it showed no cabins available. So they were not taking deposits on my cruise up until the last minute. Soon after the announcement of the extended suspension, we received an email from LLP/Celebrity that included an apology, as well as an offer of a refund or 125% future cruise credit. I am satisfied.
  9. Why do you think you could turn the FCC into a refund? I understand it's a use it, by the end of 2021, or lose it. I would gladly exchange my cruise for the same cruise next year with the same cabin category and perks. Initially, I thought I would take the 125% FCC, but then I checked prices for next year. The extra 25% does not get us what we have paid for. Celebrity is in complete charge of the prices and could raise them significantly and then we're stuck. Other people may not be planning to cruise again due to age and health issues.
  10. We love cruising and will book another cruise, once Celebrity is up and running again. I'm not interested in changing the minds of those who don't enjoy it or have preconceived notions. Who wants to be on a ship with a bunch of unhappy passengers.
  11. I would be flying from CT. I just received an email from JetBlue that we have been re-assigned to an earlier flight on the same day. No mention of the 14 day self-quarantine in FL. We know we will not be cruising, but I'm waiting for Celebrity to pull the plug on the May cruise. Once that is done, we will cancel our flights and hotel. I'm worried that Celebrity will play the waiting game, knowing that we will be banned from flying to FLL.
  12. I wish I could exchange my present cruise with it's perks for the same cruise next year. I got a really great deal. The present prices are high. Initially, I thought I'd take the 125% FCC, which has to be used by the end of 2021. It seemed like a no-brainer since we look forward to cruising again. If the majority take FCC, though, Celebrity could jack up the prices (even more) to recoup the extra 25% that they offered. Our cruise is in May, so I have some time to think about it.
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