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  1. Using CruiseDeckPlans cabin-checker tool, your cabin is just under the aft edge of the Pizzeria. with some deck chairs maybe over your bed. These chairs may be dragged around in the wee hours as they clean the deck. Take earplugs (I recommend the waxy ones for comfort and efficacy!). Otherwise looks like a nice balcony cabin. There are very few perfect cabins; even some of the highest priced suites are under noisy venues!
  2. If it's a higher speed, I'd say go for it. Because your time is money! Some cruise lines their grades are not actually low-mid-high speed but all the same speed, just more or less sites banned. So when you sign up for Social media -- those are the only sites you can go to. Surfing more, Streaming more. but all the same speed or that is what I understand. Post on the CCL board with a descriptive subject and see if anyone can help you in re: faster speed or just fewer sites blocked. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/133-carnival-cruise-lines/
  3. I saw a pasted image here on CC that there were in fact FOUR fares available during SnS -- refundable with or w/o the Beverage Package, nonrefundable with or w/o BP. This is where a PVP comes in handy.
  4. I apologize for suggesting OP pour in cabin and take out to ship. I hadn't read the T&C recently!
  5. WiFi. Set up your voice-over-internet at home -- do this by going somewhere with wifi, put phone in airplane mode, turn WiFi on. Find the settings for voice over wifi and turn it on. Done. (Turn airplane mode off.) You are not missing anything. Don't know which is the $100 package. Have not cruised with Carnival but have had ship's internet/wifi on our last two cruises: RCI and HAL. It is much better than the old days! But still a bit slow, more so the farther you are from the equator (band of communication satellites there). My husband was able to do his fairly high-bandwidth medical charting, email with no problem, and even made a conference call-over-wifi from north of France!
  6. Where does the Allure go after reaching Barcelona? Why not stay on her as a Back-to-Back?
  7. Thanks idahospud. I wrote it off when those on the other thread noticed that the original refundable deposit had become non-refundable 10%. However, if my PVP can quote me a refundable deposit, and the fare is less than the jacked up "May Sale" one, the $500pp OBC for a minisuite is a few (33 to be exact) dollars more than the combination of OBC and grats from the May Sale. Will look into it on Thursday!
  8. The only one I've noticed in the last 2-3 weeks was a couple days ago, "Coming Soon: The first technologically-driven escape room at sea!" Huh, I thought that all rooms on a cruise ship were escape rooms! In mid-June I got one on Skagway train that is for the cruise I have booked. Not a special sale though, just an infomercial.
  9. Nice to see you Tom! Someone recently linked to a cruisedeckplans (I think?) page with your covered balcony data shown as a color key, so I was just thinking, "I haven't seen Tom O around!" Glad you are still cruising! We too have decided Vista ship is perfect for us. Switched a 28-day So.Pacific on Emerald Princess to one on the Oosterdam in fact. Good informative thread and nice hat! I would have the steward empty your fridge and buy a couple buckets of beer (pay for 5 get 6, so 16% discount). Unless you are up to 3*/4* and then I think you can call to have the minibar re-stocked. Not sure you can get them to stock it just with Heineken as the "count" of each beverage is how they know what to charge you...
  10. Oops duplicate. Silly forum software...
  11. Yes the TA in EM's post was TransAtlantic; she did post the link and it was NOT sponsored by any Travel Agent(s).
  12. That's the Panoramic OV (or on some ships there are Spacious Panoramic OVs that are nearly suites in size). We had a Panoramic OV on Rhapsody OTS for a TA and it was very nice. We also are booked in the Spacious Panoramic on Freedom but do not think we will be able to make the cruise.. 😞
  13. Oh, right, of course. I slipped up with that suggestion. For pre-dinner drinks only, four bottles for two drinkers, you may get away with it! PS if you pour a glass in the room, you can carry it with you to dinner.
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