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  1. Thanks for this info -- with the Golden leaving the fleet I also wasn't sure what upgrades she'd had (and which like MedallionNet were skipped).
  2. I booked Princess, Alaska, sailing on 6/13/2020 on 11/15/18 (the first day the itinerary became available for non-Elite). I booked HAL, So.Caribbean, sailing on 1/6/2021 on 6/17/19 -- with the Early Booking Bonus. I guess those are both about 19 months and probably represent the longest time available from when schedules are posted.
  3. I carry my Samsung Galaxy 9+ in a neck wallet something like the Bandolier posted above, but "vegan" (fake) red leather and much cheaper, from Amazon. I often carry it that way at home even! I also have the clear plastic waterproof one for excursions where it may rain.
  4. pcur: HAL is our line of choice. Gala nights are pretty understated! On our last cruise I wore a four-way shell with different jewelry for each print, with a black topper/cardigan to hide the reverse print and for temperature comfort, and either a long black skirt or black trousers. DH wore a semi-fancy long-sleeved guayabera with whatever pants he had on (it's VERY hard to get him to change anything once he's dressed for the day!). I can't say whether we were over or under-dressed! Apparently not enough of either to stick in my head. Your intended outfits look very suitable to me!
  5. There are many threads where people took a guarantee (which is what you're doing if you let them pick) and got an upgrade. There are many where those with guarantees got the stateroom from H@LL. How much money and do you feel lucky? Make sure you are OK with the worst room in the category you are specifying. Cabins that are way up front will have more motion, those far aft may have engine noise (although there are many who love aft balconies). Some cabins may be under the galley (they cook all night) or near the showroom. OTOH, if you are new to cruising and unfamiliar with the ship, you may not know how to pick a "good room". In the end it's your choice!
  6. I have been able to fly with a corkscrew in carry-on -- as long as it does not have a foil cutter "blade" on it. Mine is imprinted "TSA" right on it. The scanner-person will want to look at it though, so place it in a tray to minimize rooting through your bag.
  7. Thanks for the reminder this thread was -- I had gotten the e-flyer, prompted 'filed' it in my Alaska folder, and forgotten it! The dinner is not that big a deal, but the other posts made me run a dummy booking and our base fare had gone down as some others reported! Made phone calls and e-mailed my Cruise Vacation Planner who was able to get us the deal and the fare (for two cabins.five people woohoo). I never expected the fare to vary within the 3-for-free promo, so had stopped checking! This is my SIXTH re-faring since launch last November. So Thanks Again!
  8. Then you know that jeans can be worn multiple times between washings. Khakis and chinos to several dinners if you wear only in the evening and don't spill. I like the idea of two each of each kind of trouser. That way you can turn one in for washing and still have one to wear depending on your mood. DH and I travel for any length voyage (sea or land) with four bottoms/nine tops in the suitcase and what we travel in. So 5 and 10 total plus a cardigan and an outer jacket... Raincoat and/or umbrella as forecasts dictate. Cruises are easier because the laundry is always available and reliable -- unlike bus trips where you may be in different hotels each night several in a row, just when you'd like to have some smalls washed!
  9. ^^^THIS^^^ My three favorite vacation modes are cruising, travelling in our travel trailer, or staying five or more days in an apartment or boutique hotel in an interesting place. What do these share? Packing and unpacking once (twice if you count what you do before heading home)! Unfortunately, dr'spin is still attracted to "if it's tuesday this must be belgium" bus tours and we are scheduled for two before our next cruise! Working on the packing list for 12-day Central Europe next week! And then there is the aspect of "being forced to do nothing". Knit, read on KIndle, sit in the Crows Nest with a boat-drink... It's pretty wonderful.
  10. Look at HAL's Great Alaska Explorer -- 14 day R/T from Seattle. Several different ports (they do change the itinerary as well as what ship has it from year to year, so can't speak for 2021). In 2018 we visited Ketchikan, Juneau, Icy Strait Point, Anchorage, Homer, Kodiak, cruising Hubbard Glacier, Sitka, and Victoria. In 2020, we are going to cruise Princess (Golden Princess) 14 day R/T Los Angeles which means no flights for us (!). Our ports will be Ketchikan, Icy Strait Point, Juneau, cruising Hubbard Glacier, Skagway, Sitka, and Victoria. Again, cannot guess what they will offer in 2021; Golden Princess is leaving the fleet.
  11. We had a Deck 10 inside on the Zuiderdam last April and were thrilled to book the same on Oosterdam next March. Not nearly so small as I imagined, although no sofa. SO convenient to the Crows Nest (which is also the Exploration Cafe now, one-stop-shopping!). It would also be handy to the spa as well as the Fitness Center, if you like to spend time there. Not a long walk to the Lido (pool or buffet), a bit longer to the MDR, but one walk a day is not too bad! The Cabana on 11 is an option I hadn't considered!
  12. Wow, YOUR Ovation cruise sounds more than awesome! Circum-pacific or nearly. We have two "live-out-of-a-suitcase" 2-wk land-trips between now and the SoPac cruise (Central Europe leaving next week, and South America in January). Like you, I'm more excited about the long cruise (picking excursions) -- but I do have to get to packing for Europe where it is about 20 degrees (F) cooler than here!
  13. @awhfy That sounds like a good color scheme for you (judging from your thumbnail photo) -- Cobalt turns my skin Frankenstein green! I think the palazzo pants will be a perfect kick with the other colors! I am off in 10 days for a land-trip to central Europe. I spent last evening browsing VivienneFiles. Did not find anything that helped (but I sure do love her ideas)... It's only a 12-day tour, but our flights are with FinnAir having a carry-on limit of 8kg/person! Also the longest we stay anywhere is 2-nights so laundry will be tight -- either handwash or by the hotels. The highs look like they will be about 60, so significantly cooler than home OR my mom's where I just spent seven weeks. So today I'm rooting through storage boxes for cool-weather clothing...
  14. Wow, that's wonderful to hear! It's great when good things grow. Do not know if we will get to travel inland again; we have another 2-wk roundtrip out of Los Angeles planned for next June on Princess. We *and* our family members will not have to fly, although they will have to drive a total of 12 hours (to our house) and then back. But they can do it as long ahead of time as they like, to have time to recover!
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