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  1. I think you are me, Peggy, although I have THREE cowlicks and the other front quarter defined by a surgical scar. I can either keep it so short they don't touch, or grow it out so the weight of the hair tames the swirls. I am currently between the two extremes and my head looks like a graying lump of dough! As far as the answer to the original question, we could not find the Oster clipper we used to use on each other and good names in clippers were not to be found in the earlier days of the pandemic, so we paid an inflated price for one called "Quick Cut". That didn't have my husb
  2. If I don't save my points for travel expenses, I can spend them on Amazon (lesser dollar value, but keeps them from expiring)(to Sapphire Reserve points expire? Need to ask my banker...). We love the Reserve card for everything else, and it is the card we have signed up for many auto-payments, so we will keep the card. Travel will come back! It wouldn't make sense to drop it for 2021 just to reapply in 2022. For us.
  3. Hi Roy! Happy New Year! My husband really liked the NA -- it was very new and shiny. It was also my first transAtlantic, and I may have felt I was knocking about the ship! I know from the stats that the Vista ships are the same length and just a couple of decks shorter than the Signature ships. But the Zuidy just seemed more cozy and comfortable. We added to our sea-legs in between the two ships, and our cabins were very different (Main Deck on NA and Observation Deck on Zuiderdam). It could be we've just matured in our cruising style and will like the Pinnacle ship(s)
  4. Our last cruise (hopefully not forever!) was the Zuidy from Fort Lauderdale to Copenhagen in December 2019. We found our favorite ship! Although we were keen to try her sister the Oosterdam with a first-after-retirement cruise of 28 days... in Mar/Apr of 2020. You know what happened to that plan. The four Vista class ships, named for the cardinal points, just seem to have the optimum size -- small enough to get to know and large enough never to get bored no matter how many sea days. My other past HAL cruises include the S-class Statendam, the Zaandam & Volendam, and the Nieuw
  5. M&G are set up something like 60 days or less from sailing, and there are no cruises sailing in 60 days (or less), so that would account for the deafening silence.
  6. @Schlepporello Watch for launch sales on lines that let you adjust your fare if there is a better sale. You lose your prior perks but sometimes it really works out, or you are adding even better perks! The lines I book with are HAL and Princess... although I have yet to *sail* with Princess! Something always comes up...
  7. We caved for Hawaii & So.Pacific 35 days, 27 Feb 2022, on the Zuiderdam. HAL had thousands of our dollars "on hold" for a similar cancelled-by-us trip last spring. This has cancel-for-credits up to 30 days pre sailing. The new deposit did have to be paid in real dollars, but all of the FCC's went right towards it. We are saving so much on not travelling that we bought a new house. HINT: Pandemic does not make moving 750 miles any easier.
  8. 450 (27 Feb 2022). HAL was holding a bunch of our money anyway, now we have something to look forward to if the vaccines come through.
  9. Ian, I must have merged you with Jacqui or other CC'er, as I had a mental image of you living near Toronto or in the Maritimes. dr'spin retired on the last day of 2019; we had at that time 6 cruises booked in the next two years, and a rental camper trip in New England planned. With all but the last cruise cancelled (and that one unlikely as our travelling companions are high-risk), we are buying a new home and moving 750 miles to be near my family! That should keep us busy!
  10. The drawings or diagrams on cruisedeckplans are similar to what is available on the cruiselines' websites. The photos are whatever previous cruisers have submitted. Some are good, some are so-so. Usually they let you know things like which side of the room the bed will be on, etc. The photos are also of various ages. When the last drydock was (and when the next one will be) is often provided as well. My lifetime subscription to CDP was money WELL-spent!
  11. In fact, a flatter curve is a longer time the population is affected. The same number of people are apt to get COVID-19, just fewer at any one time overwhelmed the hospitals and health system.
  12. 🤣 (signed) Wife of recently retired family physician
  13. Seattle-ites threw open the gates and welcomed the invaders!
  14. I'm pretty sure any perks ("thrown in", OBC) will evaporate. The amount you paid to upgrade will be totaled with your base rate for FCC and any percentage thereof. I cancelled my 3/21 sailing, Monday, before the phones went useless. For once I am glad we outright bought our beverages and wifi; those amounts plus three SXs have been refunded to our credit card.
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