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  1. On board the Rhapsody of the Seas awaiting muster now!
  2. crystalspin

    Zuiderdam Question

    Yikes, what part of a bar DO they have?
  3. Unlike @Beachdude, it seems we rarely if ever use binoculars, and love to take my mom along. I've booked our fourth cruise to Alaska, all with her along, as well as a Chile-to-Argentina Cape Horn cruise. Took his mom a couple of times too -- she was seasick most of the time, but she still wanted to go, power to her.
  4. Welcome to Cruise Critic @invisible_pineapple! You're forgiven for not reading the whole 92 pages -- some questions are so old, answers may have changed! If you are looking at the non-alcoholic packing (Quench) on the HAL website, you'll see a short list of what is covered (I see it doesn't mention espresso drinks, how odd, they are covered). There is also a Coke-brand soda package for less than half the cost of the Quench. (Quench covers the sodas too, just like the Signature Beverage Package also covers Quench, and Elite BP covers Signature plus higher priced alcohols.) The free drinks are ship's water (additionally filtered in the dining venues), coffee, tea (I believe both black and herbal teas are available), iced tea, lemonade, and in the Lido some sort of Hi-C punch. I believe orange juice (from concentrate) at breakfast. I believe Quench provides fresh-squeezed, but someone that's had it will have to confirm. ETA: here are the still-not-comprehensive lists: http://www.rogerjett-photography.com/here/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/Beverage-Packages.pdf
  5. crystalspin

    Drink pricing and more

    OH! I see it! it was hiding under a drop-down of my recent searches. (ESC closed that list but left the menu for limiting the search.) THANK YOU THANK YOU!
  6. The slots are there but they are intended for full-sized papers -- of which they are often brimming. A small note could easily get missed. I took inch-diameter round magnets (not rare earth but good and strong) from Staples and put a couple on each of the five doorways we had in a row on the Zaandam. There is a small notepad in the room, or one could use the back of a spa sales flyer!
  7. crystalspin

    Black Friday

    Agree on the early booking gets the worm! Er, deal! Just wanted to post this URL. https://book.princess.com/pdf/onesource/pc/sales_marketing/PC_CyberEvent_VoyageList.pdf
  8. crystalspin

    Drink pricing and more

    Just to clarify, your choices are not only "drink the free drinks" or "get a drink package" -- there is also paying by the drink. Hence the price ranges Grandma gave above. Bob I did not know that! Thanks!
  9. crystalspin

    WiFi and Streaming package questions

    I have to use WiFi calling in my own home! We live in a black hole for all the common providers -- before we got the WiFi set up, I and our contractors were always wandering around in the street yelling "Can you hear me now?!!"
  10. crystalspin

    Black Friday Deals 2018

    So?? Did they?
  11. 15 for the cruise, but only 9.5 until we leave for Spain!
  12. crystalspin

    Hal princendam

    On the site Alphen directed you to, you'll see a tab for Prinsendam -- that will take you to other pics of staterooms including 3 on the Dolphin Deck.
  13. crystalspin

    Cancelling a Booking

    Thanks OP! I have a booking for Alaska 2020 for MY sister and BIL that I made and paid for, it is interesting that I would have to impersonate her to cancel.
  14. crystalspin

    Crown Princess Cabin E316 Info Please

    That is the Coral Princess. The Crown just has two insides set in a very large white space -- like from elevators to elevators...