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  1. Thanks for the update Terry. The situation in Europe is at the least concerning if not horrible and unfortunately seems to be in line with the more dire medical predictions. If there is a saving grace it is that there shouldn’t be any surprise this time around and hopefully the impacted countries individually and collectively move quicker this time to reduce the spread. From a cruising standpoint the almost non-existent European cruise season is, as it normally would, starting to wind down so potential closed ports in the short run will not be an issue. Of course now we have to deal with the cancelled or at least delayed trans-Atlantic cruises and what that might mean to the Caribbean season. With even the more or less permanent Caribbean cruise ships still not sailing the Caribbean season is in my mind much in doubt. It may well start up in some limited form in the next couple of months but who knows. On a personal aside I was sitting on my front porch yesterday watching the leafs start to fall from the trees in my front yard. It struck me that six months ago I was sitting on my porch watching the same trees starting to come to life and hoping the then emerging pandemic would be short lived. 200,000+ US and 1,000,000+ worldwide deaths later and I am not too sure I won’t be sitting on my porch six months from now wondering when will this all end. Professionally we call that a symptom of Pandemic Fatigue and it’s hard not to let it get to you even if you understand the cause.
  2. My problem is the state of the cruise industry. It’s just a bit too shaky for me right now.
  3. That would be incredible but a bit unfortunate too since we didn’t meet. We cruised on the Wind departing January 23, 2020. We disembarked February 3, 2020.
  4. It makes me exceedingly sad to agree. It brings to mind a song by Reba Mcentire several years ago entitled “If I Had Only Known” when I think back about our January cruise on the Wind. I can’t help but wonder if that might have been our last cruise. I hope not but......
  5. For sure very doubtful for us. I can’t imagine our 100 +/- days over the past eight years on Silversea in the Med without being to book private tours, self-guide ourselves, or just getting off in port and just wandering around. It would not have been the same and nowhere as good.
  6. Indeed we are considering land travel and are actually thinking of touring around a bit by car. We can control our exposure and not be subject to the proposed cruise ship measures. We’re still motivated to cruise and still have a cruise bucket list but we can wait awhile. If in a couple of years there are still restrictions then there will be a whole lot issues that would make cruising the least of our concerns.
  7. We too are used to it here in Texas but then again we’re not paying several hundreds of dollars a day to enjoy our patio and pool.
  8. Masks, social distancing, and ship tours only are sufficient to keep us off a cruise. Again it goes to if those measures, including testing, are required then that is a clear signal to us that the virus is still prevalent and not under control.
  9. I read them over on FaceBook. My comment there was: We will not be cruising under those conditions. More importantly the very need for them means the virus is still very active and present. That alone will keep us from cruising.
  10. I guess it’s the practice of still advertising and booking some of the close in cruises that bothers me the most. For instance some are reporting over in FaceBook that the November Moon TA has been or is in the process of being cancelled but others have heard nothing and Silversea still shows it available. Which is it? I am sometimes reminded of my early career when I’d tell my boss I “hoped” to have something done by a particular time only to be chastised and reminded “hope” is not a “plan”.
  11. Silversea is using what I call a 30-45 day rolling cancellation process. Not sure why other than they are hoping against hope that some miracle will happen and they’ll be able to at least resume some cruising. That may be a reasonable business decision but quite frankly it is a little off putting for me. But what do I know. As I have posted before no way did I see this pandemic becoming as broadly spread or as long lasting as it has turned out to be.
  12. No doubt there are many considerations when deciding which ships to either sell or scrap. I found it interesting that the Carnival Fantasy was in dry dock in 2019 but was one of the first ships Carnival sent to the scrap yard. The videos I have seen on YouTube showed they didn’t even bother to strip her of her furniture, etc.
  13. Should have added that another driver for us and Deck 9 is that the husband of the couple we cruise with has mobility issues. Yes he could and does use the elevator but he prefers to be able to walk to an open deck.
  14. Have to say I’m not running out and buying any cruise line corporation stock any time soon. I already have several hundred shares in a utility company in Chapter 11 and don’t want more. 😕
  15. We prefer the Pool Bar during the day and then the Panorama at night.
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