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  1. We did have to skip our first stop in the Bahamas because of rough seas in the area. Had a nice sea day instead.
  2. Sorry we missed you. We got on the Wind the day you disembarked. Doesn’t do you any good but our seas were almost glassy smooth yesterday and today we have a small swell but still a smooth ride. We’re just north of the Haiti this morning.
  3. On the Wind right now and just finished breakfast. I asked about the waffles as I saw a waffle maker on the service line. They adamantly maintain that they have never had frozen waffles of any kind. Even the crew mess has fresh waffles.
  4. Thanks for the bon voyages! After not cruising in 2019 we are really looking forward to this cruise.
  5. For the most part that’s true. On our last cruise we had the lovely Yi. Yi is Chinese and I believe she said she went to a butler school run by one of the 5-star hotel chains.
  6. Yes you can pre-book the Grill on line prior to your cruise. We sail in 11 days but I am our reservations a couple of months ago.
  7. Absolutely needed? Probably no. Recommended? Absolutely yes. Availability does differ from ship to ship, itinerary to itinerary. For instance on the Wind with its fewer dining venues and a warm weather itinerary the Grill can be booked pretty solid. On the other hand our last cruise on the Spirit started in November in Italy and it was cold and rainy for the first few days. No problem getting a table. By the time we got to the Suez Canal the Grill was pretty well booked up but with the more numerous dining venues on the Spirit you could probably have gotten a table.
  8. I’m on a cruise not at an amusement park. No wrist band for me!
  9. I remember getting our first Silver Box back in 2012 and thinking it was really pretty special. That came after nearly 20 years of cruising with Holland America and having gone from a fairly nice package of cruise documents to pretty much nothing except e-documents. Some eight years later and about to go on our ninth Silversea cruise I would have no problem opting out of the full Silver box and would easily settle for just the preprinted luggage tags.
  10. When I read this thread I couldn’t help but wonder if Silversea said no to paying for their name to be used. Here in the US you’ll see shows where brands are clearly visible or others where they’ve removed brand names or have somehow obscured the brand. Car and trucks on TV shows are the example. One show recently the auto was clearly an Audi but the distinctive five-ring emblem on the front grill had be painted black. Still makes me wonder as Silversea would have had to agree and cooperate at some level to let them film.
  11. I will have to say HAL’s compensation for this missed cruise is one of, if not the best, package I’ve seen from any line.
  12. I don’t know what to make of it and maybe it’s nothing but the NA is still docked at Terminal 21 and there’s virtually no activity around the ship. There have been some tankers trucks (water/fuel?) but not apparent activity at the stern which is clearly visible on the webcam. Waiting for a part? Waiting for a decision or decisions from the authorities and company about cruising with only one azipod?
  13. Not that it is related but the live port cameras show half a dozen small port authority boats literally surrounding the NA. Probably because she’s still in port but interesting nonetheless.
  14. Yes. Passengers with free or included gratuities are included with those who paid the HSC. They can tip additional cash without the issue of having the staff having to surrendered the tip.
  15. What I think he meant to say was RCCL bought a controlling interest in Silversea.
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