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  1. No one knows for sure as Covid has changed a lot of things. Cabin probably not available as deep clean now being done
  2. In the UK they have brought in a 6 person rule due to a slight increase in our Covid infection rate, 6 people includes children. So we have folks already saying they are going to break the rule for Christmas holidays as why shouldn't all the family be together!! It is behaviour and some just don't know what the word means.
  3. I'll be diamond so, looking for the match to be verified. Does anyone have a direct number to Voyager Club or is a call worthless and I need to keep going the email route? I think you will find they stopped matching to Diamond earlier this year due to the large number of applications
  4. https://www-portexplore-me.cdn.ampproject.org/c/s/www.portexplore.me/newblog/2020/9/3/the-6-ways-that-msc-are-saving-the-cruise-industry?format=amp&fbclid=IwAR0H_wuSUrqZMb4eBTyc21_XOVwJG-6wiInkGBc8FKzm6do-2cT723kSk48 This is very interesting and I saw it on a Celebrity posting on FB it is a few days old. Sorry the link is so long iz
  5. Another point is they will allocate the flight you do not choose --it may not be the one you want. We have flown to Miami and they took us via NY as its cheaper with American rather than direct with Virgin or BA
  6. The last time we flew BA which was LHR to LAX we had to pay for Business seat selection and that was through Celebrity UK 2 years ago Liz
  7. Petra was telling us about her trip the posting is directly below this. Grandiosa 6th to 13 September
  8. I just read the email header Power Up Points and pass it to trash, like many others E+ to Zenith will never be achieved Liz
  9. Also check your travel insurance as we would not be covered for 2022 by our bank as at the moment FCO advice is not to cruise. Bookings made prior to the advice/ Covid are OK Europeans board in Martinique and Guadeloupe
  10. Not a lot of Brits dress up formally but you will see some glamorous Europeans Gratuities is the service charge Hope that helps Liz
  11. Hi Peter I will try and answer as we did this cruise in 2019 on Preziosa Most passengers are from Europe French Italian and Spanish, they do special flights like the ones to Barbados from UK. We have only done YC so cannot answer re other cabin grades, which also applies to dining question. We were taken off the bus in Barbados and boarded first, a Premiun drinks pkge and I believe wifi are now included. Having done 10 weeks in 15/16 months on MSC YC is the only cabin I would do
  12. We have sailed on MSC Yacht Club for a total of 10 weeks in 15 months up to the end of February 2020, the bracelets were around pre Covid and are used for elevators and accessing ship areas and the YC area. It saves carrying a card wallet and not wearing a landyard, we had no problem with them at all. Unlike Celebrity if you are in YC you do not have to venture to other areas unless you want the casino or a show. Liz
  13. I really am amazed at some folks worried about missing a lunch. I would rather the ships are sanitized and safe than getting lunch. We cruised Princess out of Sydney 15 years ago Transpacific and were sat in the Terminal for 4 hours as they had a norovirus outbreak on the previous cruise. Lunch was supplied in the terminal a packet of potato chips, a sandwich and bottle of water.
  14. We had just left the Azores on Grandeur of the Seas , heading for Boston it was around 3.30 pm local time when the Captain made the announcement of what had just happened. Royal Caribbean looked after us in Boston until we got flights back to UK--put us in the Sheraton and we got breakfast and dinner vouchers. Unfortunately flying British Airways or Virgin Atlantic you had to keep going to the airport to see if you could get on a flight they would not let the Go Team book our flights. The Go Team were around 40 people who travelled by bus from Miami to Boston to look after us and the people supposedly getting on after us , if I remember correctly we didn't actually dock until around 3 pm as they had divers checking under the ship and Grandeur sailed that night around 10.30 with 600 passengers Liz
  15. I posted the details from UK website on the posting “ UK Cruisers “ just below this posting
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