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  1. Stringent entry restrictions remain in place upon arrival in Dubai which includes: a mandatory DHA test on arrival; a mandatory 14 day quarantine and a follow up test before release. This is from Emirates airline website --they are testing passengers!!
  2. Hi UK cruisers ,this is from the moneysaving expert.com website Currently, package holidaymakers whose trips are cancelled are entitled to all their money back within two weeks under package travel regulations. Yet there are unconfirmed reports from travel expert Simon Calder that the Government will soon agree to changes to the package travel regulations which could mean companies will be able to issue credit notes instead of giving a cash refund. These credit notes, or vouchers, would enable the holidaymaker to book a new trip within two years. Any customer who does not redeem the voucher can then claim the sum in cash. We asked the Government about this, and while it didn't confirm any details, it did suggest that an announcement would be made in the coming days. We'll update our site as soon as we know more. I don't know if this applies to cruise packages booked with agents, if so we are all going to have to accept a cruise credit. We are trying to get a refund for an Emirates Holiday that they have cancelled on Tuesday for travel mid April and are offering us a credit note.!!
  3. Our Maldives trip in April is looking very unlikely at this moment! 3 cruises booked November 20 /March 21 / Nov 21 as we are both seniors it's a case of wait and see.
  4. We have a cruise booked in November and not sure if that will go ahead!!
  5. Hi interesting thread. DH and I fall into the over 70 category, take NO medication and consider ourselves fit and healthy. My Zumba class 2 x each week is cancelled due to UK schools closing so I have to find another way to exercise ( I am the oldest in the class) We all think we are OK but my instructor said last night like her Mum I am not infallible all my body is 71 years old including my lungs which is what this virus seems to attack, so we seniors have to look after ourselves until this monster virus is over Liz
  6. Have you spoken to your insurance company?
  7. It really depends where you are from as USA and UK have different policies. I suggest you talk to your TA in the first instance Liz
  8. I am talking about UK not Italy if you are going to put Boris down fine --I am happy with things here. We have tested over 30,000 people
  9. WOW you have just realised its a Pandemic this was announced last week here by Boris!! As to what the UK/Boris is up to, I am senior I have faith in the plans mentioned. Our government will give daily news bulletins either Boris or a senior person from the government and if necessary we will stay at home for the required time to protect ourselves. As an aside a Chanel 9 reporter in Australia who met with Tom Hanks and his wife now has been tested and has the virus BUT he states he had no symptoms if this is the case there are a lot of people going to get infected and not just in the UK
  10. The cruise will pick up passengers on each of its ports, therefore I would guess it is cancelled but it’s only a guess. The only sure way to find out is ask your Travel agent or MSC direct.
  11. A lot of you seem to be worried about cruises in May/June/July or later this year, I posted this on Friday as to the experience friends had. This was after seeing the cancellation listing, please spare a thought for others in the same position Checked with TA at 9.15 Friday re their Caribbean cruise on Preziosa 17th March Tuesday, they were told MSC say all OK but not calling at Martinique. They have had a call at 12.30 cruise cancelled --this is a round trip from Barbados and flights from LGW organised by MSC.
  12. It's not just MSC most cruise lines have different T&Cs for different countries (Celebrity & Princess have different for UK and Australia we travel with friends from Sydney)
  13. Mickey 89 cruised earlier this year
  14. We were screened by ship crew for temperature checks on Bellissima as we got on and off at ports on our B2B 8th to 22nd February Agree nothing at Dubai airport or LHR
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