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  1. I am not very experienced with MSC having only done 3 cruises with them, previously cruised with Celebrity. Unfortunately the 2 cruise companies are completely different and I believe what you have been told is correct, they do not do price reductions like Celebrity in USA.
  2. Bea one of the 2 young ladies that came to TSL told us they were getting calls re the OC stop being missed at 6 am. I agree they were very upset by it all
  3. I can only see Prosecco and wine not liquor when I go to manage my booking for next cruise
  4. Hi we were just on Meraviglia and in a YC balcony sorry to tell you it’s a shower not bathtub. It was a disappointment to me , but enjoy your cruise
  5. On the UK site Voyagers Club is under the Manage your Booking section
  6. I think you have to go to spa at beginning of the cruise as this is for Gold members also
  7. Hi I would say 9 pm for the muster around 9.30, if you miss muster you will have to do it early the following day. Ships/cruise lines are now very particular about Muster drill Enjoy your cruise
  8. Hi we were just o Meraviglia NY to Miami I would only do the Tulum excursion through a ship tour it is a long way and any delays the ship will wait for its own tours. If all 4 adults want to see Cirque you may want to alternate and the other couple look after the 4 yr old, we saw Sonor and I don't think a 4 yr old would enjoy it. You can pre book I would go for the cocktail option as reports are dinner/show wasn't good. The show was cancelled twice due due rough seas so be aware. There are no self serve laundries as Essiesmon says. Don't know about kids meals in Specialty dining and you cannot take drinks onboard. If you are planning tours you may want to take some sort of snacks from home for the child as in ports they don't like you taking ship food off the ship Liz
  9. Hamrag I think Sidari is quite an expert on MSC. He has done several cruises over the past 10 years and probably knows more about MSC and YC than a lot of us. He probably earned his loyalty not like a lot of us doing status match Liz
  10. You don't say which ship--we did 2 weeks from Barbados last January and the only English channels were CNN and a French channel news in English. We didn't use the tv after discovering how bad it was!!
  11. UK prices £20 for 10 £31 for 20 £40 for 40 This is for our Bellissima in February ---looks like prices are going at the same rate both sides of the pond
  12. Yes we did use multiple times on Meraviglia Oct 28th to Nov 10th but were in YC so don’t know if it makes a difference Liz
  13. Yes Bea I love them, hoped they would be on Bellissima in Feb, they are my weakness DH loves Pringles & Peanuts
  14. Sorry some were cancelled due to seas on the trip down from New York so cannot confirm any thing . Someone had 3 cancelled shows we had 2
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