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  1. I had to google "Parrotheads." I thought maybe it was a school mascot and I could see when their spring break was! LOL. Not quite! Thanks so much for the input.
  2. Ridethetide: Was this rowdy group on a Windstar ship??
  3. Hi there knowledgeable folks, We're thinking of booking the last cruise of the Caribbean season on the Windsurf. Do you think this is advisable? Is there a noticeable let-down of service or food on the last cruise of the season? Any insights you have would be appreciated.
  4. Well, I looked at my February Wind Surf cruise today, and the price remains constant BUT they are now offering $1000 onboard credit for those booking now. What a sneaky way to get around their price guarantee. Honestly....
  5. For what it's worth, I am very prone to seasickness and have never had a problem on the sailing ships. And on the Windsurf we sailed through a hellacious storm around the heel of Italy. Of course, we were mid-ship on the lowest level and I was wearing my wristbands. But still, the movement didn't seem that bad on the upper levels either. I think there's something about the low-slung profile of the sailing ships that lessens movement. JMO
  6. Amen! I check EVERY Thursday and Friday to see if my 2020 sailing has gone on sale. Seems like sometimes they change the prices on Thursday, sometimes on Friday.
  7. LOL. I feel the same way about the mask & snorkel! But I did use their fins, which worked out fine.
  8. So sorry! Misread your post and thought you wanted something in Rome. My bad.
  9. We stayed at the small, family-run Relais Rione Ponte, which is in very close walking distance to Piazza Navona and various restaurants whose names I don't remember! The friendly staff at the hotel can direct you to a good restaurant.
  10. LOL, boy, that's the truth about the Oceania board.
  11. It's actually about 14 miles to Long Beach Airport.
  12. My travel agent told me that within the 120 days they will offer future cruise credits. We'll see what Cometman is offered.
  13. Thanks so much all of you! Not only was there good information here, you were positively inspirational!
  14. We are considering back-to-back Classic Caribbean and Yachtsman's Caribbean cruises. Does anyone have an opinion on the advantage/disadvantage of doing them in any particular order? It occurs to me that it might be nicer to do the smaller ports at the end of cruise. Any helpful thoughts out there? Thanks in advance.
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