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  1. Thanks for the explanation, Keith. And I understand their reasoning. Maybe if they didn't call it "Supper Club" it would not matter that it is really "Dinner and Dancing."
  2. Remember the good old days when festivities at a supper club began at 10PM or so? That's why they called it a supper club and not an Early Bird Club. I don't understand why they don't start this later so you can make a whole evening of it and not get tossed out at 8:30 looking for something else to do.
  3. And the above post his why God invented more than one cruise line!
  4. Make sure you record it before you leave and then watch when you get home.
  5. Consistency is what makes a product special. I'm not willing to accept the potential that the food may not be as good due to who's in the kitchen. If they put someone in there who can't produce the expected results he/she should immediately be replaced.
  6. To anyones who buys art or jewelry on a cruise ship.....for what you're overpaying you could probably buy another cruise.
  7. Could you please come toss mine too?
  8. This may not be the answer to your question but my advice is to leave at home anything you don't trust the ship's laundry to do. That way you won't worry or have to wait for someone else to clear their load out of the machine.
  9. This begs the question if there is availability for a cruise in the category you want want not book it, or at least put a hold on a suite right there and then? Why wait and risk being faced with "sold out?"
  10. PRIVATE TOURS. That way you control everything including where, when and especially HOW you will visit sights. One of the main reasons Regent's included tours, to me, are a waste of money.
  11. Brochure fares and half off fares are one of the hallmarks of both Regent and Oceania's fake marketing ploys.
  12. What if you bought a TV a few weeks ago for $1000? Now there's a sale on the same TV for $200 less. Do you think you can go to the store and ask for the difference? Why should a cruise fare be any different?
  13. I stopped bringing a tuxedo years ago but you should do what makes you comfortable, not what you think others expect.
  14. sananda, Where in anyone's post does it say that anyone travels exclusively with Seabourn? Or that they only cruise? Or that they don't take land trips which are not discussed on these boards? I agree that diversity is important which is why I sail with other lines and travel by land frequently. Seabourn just happens to be my favorite cruise line and I don't care if it isn't someone else's or what some silly survey says,
  15. Did you have your TA get involved to help steel the matter. That's what they are for.
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