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  1. I'm wondering where in NY you can get a cocktail for $12. Besides a tavern or pub.
  2. I'm very calm now. I just had half a martini and am about to toss the other half. I do hope no one loses any sleep over that.
  3. Have you ever heard of lunch? There is a big difference between the chef purchasing local ingredients while in port and what you can get from a local restaurant who really knows what to do with those ingredients.
  4. This review just underscores my aversion to ship's excursions. You're always better off booking a private tour or just exploring on your own. In many ports you can find local taxi drivers who will take you around for a fraction of what the ship charges.
  5. Again...what is the problem. Have as many meals ashore as possible and you'll enjoy real local cuisine. Cruise line kitchens are geared toward a common denominator of tastes. Restaurants ashore are geared toward their local cuisine.
  6. Depending on the length of your cruise it can be a nice change of pace from the other dining options but on a shorter cruise I would first try TK Grill, Earth and Ocean and the MDR.
  7. What about shows? What if you want to leave after five minutes? Does that mean you're subsidizing someone else's entertainment? This is a false premise. If you think you're paying for someone else's drinks book another line and don't come to the luxury line board to complain. This is what the luxury lines offer and no one is forcing you to sail with them. That's why God invented premium lines.
  8. The best luxury option for the Arctic at this point is the Scenic Eclipse. That will change in the next year or two as Crystal and Seabourn introduce their expedition ships. Also check out Silversea (they have several expedition ships although they are all old and renovated.)
  9. The answer to your dilemma is so obvious it's the proverbial snake biting you. Have lunch off the ship in all ports and dinner when the ship stays late enough. That's where you'll get all the authentic local cuisine you want.
  10. In a case like this I would seriously consider shipping your luggage to the ship so if there's a flight or some other problem you won't be without it. I do this nearly every time now and consider it the best money I spend. Nothing like walking through the airport luggage free.
  11. I'd rather get off last!
  12. I agree completely with Caroldoll. I would never eat in the MDR on Oceania.. Fist of all the room reminds of a catering hall and the food and service is no better than many mainstream lines. The specialty restaurants are a whole different story though which is why you need to be at least a penthouse to get in as often as possible.
  13. That dream becomes a nightmare when their clothes no longer fit.
  14. wripro

    Pre-Cruise Hotel

    I don't think its' laziness,more a case of ignorance of the rates. Of course, a good travel agent will make their client aware of this.
  15. Because they can pile their plates as high as Everest with food.
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