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  1. ON QM2 I much prefer the PG restaurant. It's a more inviting atmosphere. When they remastered the ship in 2016 they rode the QG restaurant with far too amy tables and the decor now looks like a catering hall in Dubai.
  2. I have never thought it fair that some people expect TAs to subsidize part of the cost other cruise. Especially now that they're doing three times the amount of work on some bookings.
  3. Why do you care? They did the work on the original cruise, had to deal with he cancellation and will do more work on the future cruise. Whatever commissions they get they've earned.
  4. This is not about hurting ports. This si about saving people.
  5. I don't think the US will be any safer than Europe within the next couple of weeks.
  6. And then post about it on the appropriate board.
  7. This is a hard question to answer because passenger demographics will change on the same cruise line from one cruise to the next. Your best bet to find younger people is shorter cruises (7 to 10 days) to the Caribbean or the Med (although the Med right now is not the safest bet to book.)
  8. Sorry, I stand corrected. So if the vodka is Beluga do we know what kind of caviar they will be serving?
  9. I certainly hope the menu is Beluga caviar and Vodka. Never heard of Beluga vodka.
  10. Agree completely about Candles. Once is more than enough. IMO they need to rethink the concept to make it more appealing.
  11. I don't understand. What part of gratuities included is confusing? Alcohol is included too. Do you also throw down a $20 bill every time you order a martini?
  12. Don't worry, another one pot these fake sales will be along with the next holiday.
  13. I understand completely. After spending all that money on cutting the ship in half and totally renovating her they don't want to risk contaminating her. Do you know anyone who will ever book another cruise on the diamond Princess?
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