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  1. I'm happy with the planning but not so happy with the paying!
  2. I'm seeing about 40% of the new sailings as Venetian sailings. There appear to be less, but still a few, on Origin.
  3. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it is the same when looking in Australian dollars from here. I'm very attracted to the Dawn 75 day circumnavigation of South America which includes the Amazon with per diems from circa AUD1000 per suite.
  4. JP, it's probably a bit different from the Albany you are used to but it's well worth the flight! The town has some lovely colonial architecture, nearby are beautiful white sand beaches and behind the town is a picturesque quality wine region to visit. What more could anyone want?
  5. Stumblefoot, do you have any idea of the timing of the Dawn's South America circumnavigation? I'm guessing early January 2022. Many thanks.
  6. We are interested too. However, we need to be a lot clearer about the state of the world before we make the plunge and book even if that means we miss out. It is a great itinerary.
  7. At the moment it is working with very good compliance. As I said, it is almost entirely Australians returning to the country. Everyone knows what will happen.You have no say. You are transported to a hotel, fed and accommodated for 14 days paid for by the Government (or, more correctly, our taxes!). Most of our recent cases are from people in hotel isolation. It has therefore been acquired overseas rather than within the community. We are averaging less than 10 cases a day for the entire country. Some states have had no cases, or deaths, for many days. There is clamoring for relaxation of restrictions and that is now occurring. There is no clamoring for opening the borders at the moment.
  8. I think you accurately sum up the situation in Australia at the moment. Particularly among non-cruisers, who are the majority, cruising is getting a dreadful rap. About 20% of the Australia's Covid-19 infections and deaths emanated from the Ruby Princess debacle where sick passengers were allowed to disembark into the community without health checks or quarantining. An inquiry now underway will apportion responsibility. Everyone entering Australia now, virtually only returning residents, has to quarantine in a hotel for 14 days. There are severe restrictions on who can enter or leave the country. While the troops are getting restless and many of the lockdown components are now being eased, my guess is that a full re-opening of our borders is still a long time away. The country now is down to a handful of new cases each day. There will be no desire by governments or the populace to increase the risk here by quickly allowing in residents of countries with much higher prevalence of the disease and set back the progress that has been made. 14 day quarantines will remain for some time. In the meantime I can see a cruising bubble incorporating Fiji, Australia and New Zealand, for their residents only, but that is likely to have limited attraction for cruise operators in the new age of social distancing.
  9. Add in Vietnam, a major Asian cruise destination. They had seen it all before with SARS, took prompt action, and consequently have had one of the best records in the world. While there is always a suspicion about information from some countries, health authorities believe they have got it right. In due course I'll be happy to travel to parts of Asia.
  10. "the burden of administration"? I'm more inclined to think the effect on cash reserves. That is what any prudent company will be doing in these strange times.
  11. Many thanks for those responses - they are what we were hoping to hear. With regard to Stumblefoot's point that their experience was that the cruise was cliquish, the same is often said of the World Cruises too of course. I think it is pretty much inevitable given that you'll get to know people better who are on for a long time and have something in common. Having said that, on our Word Cruise last year we met and enjoyed the company of many who were not on for the entire cruise. I too would expect lot of coming and going. The one we are looking at has 5 segments ranging from 9 to 17 days. Now we have to make up our minds which we won't do too quickly. It could be a choice between the Med Grand Voyage and the WC in January 2022. I am one of those who is quite skeptical about what is going to happen to cruising in the short and medium term so I think we'll be keeping our powder dry and not doing anything until we are a lot clearer about the future. If that means that we miss out there are still many other things on the bucket list. Many thanks again.
  12. I'm interested in hearing from anyone who has done one of the Grand Voyages. We are at the early stages of considering the voyage on Shadow, starting in September 2021, around the Med and the Black Sea. We have been totally spoiled after the 2019 World Cruise (the best vacation we have ever had by miles) but I'd be interested to know what sort of "atmosphere" we could expect on a Grand Voyage. Is it really just a number of shorter cruises linked together or is there a different feeling amongst those doing the whole cruise? Sorry if I'm being a little imprecise.
  13. 25% deposit? I had the same situation (an improvement in benefits) within the last year but the TA was able to get me the new benefits. I know times are different now but a good travel agent should be able to sort it out. Similarly, price reductions have been passed on in the past.
  14. Fully agree, mysty. Thanks to you DCC for a superb effort all the way through, not just these last difficult weeks. Your positive outlook has been a great help.
  15. DCC. I have to say that all is up in the air for us at the moment. We may join from Bridgetown on Dec 28 but we want to see how the finances survive all of this.
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