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  1. Was that in your "My Offers"? Or just when you were looking at cruises?
  2. I'm different - as a solo cruiser, I stick to a $250 a night (cruise fare only) budget. This usually gets me an Inside cabin, but I have had ocean view and balcony cabins. Just depends on how far in advance, I book the cruise.
  3. Damn - even solo (for $2,389) is a bargain for this ship...... I was booked for an April one but solo, it was over $450 a night in an inside cabin. (I did end up cancelling that)
  4. When cruising solo, I like to share tables, so I go to the MDR, but if I want to eat alone, then I usually go to the buffet. BUT I have to say that I would feel strange, if I had to dine by myself in the MDR. It wouldn't feel right. With land solo travel, I'll eat by myself and usually have a book to read while eating. But this would be ok and I wouldn't feel strange in this situation.
  5. I've cruised solo a few times (6 post covid and 5 pre-covid) and I have a Cruise budget of $250 a night (cruise only in Australian Dollars including taxes/fees). This usually gets me an Inside cabin, but I have had balcony cabins for this price point. I think you need to set a $ per night budget that you are happy to pay.
  6. I've done 5 cruises (in Australia) post-Covid and they all have been shared tables of up to 10. On my last cruise that I got back from yesterday, there were 3 pairs and 4 solos.
  7. They just announced that Norwegian Sun will be replacing Spirit.
  8. Even Solo is a great price at $1194 for an Inside (the virtual balcony), but flights back to Sydney one way are over $1,000. I could use points via Qantas (at 55,200 with US$122 payable in taxes), but those flights are via LAX and almost 20 hours in length. And I really dislike Crapstar.... I mean Jetstar. I did some dummy bookings and there are (at least) 50 inside cabins left.....
  9. Maybe if they made these offers to more people, they wouldn't have that trouble. My Offers today are pitiful.....
  10. I hardly get emails from Carnival. I have to check my offers every now and then. Right now I have those 2, as well as "Funtastic VIFP Sale"
  11. As a solo cruiser, this will probably be out of my price range, but I have registered for pricing. The interactive itinerary isn't very good imo.
  12. Very happy about this too! I keep them as a souvenir. I kept forgetting to get them, last cruise. I still have my daily newsletter from my first cruise on the Fairstar!!
  13. I find it really fascinating who gets it or who doesn't. I've been on 5 cruises since cruising restarted and I didn't get Covid on board either. The first 4 cruises were with masks everywhere - I mostly used 3 layer cloth masks. I also tried to social distance whenever I could. Took the stairs as often as I could (but held on to railings, as I have problems with my knees and I don't want to fall down the stairs) and washed hands in the toilets, going into the shops and dining areas, as well as if there was a hand sanitizing station on entry to bars etc. The last cruise was with no mandatory face masks (other than Embarking and disembarking) and I did the same thing with washing hands, social distanced etc. I did carry a face mask everywhere, in case I felt the need to wear one, but I never did. I have had Covid but got it on land, with 2 vaccinations plus one booster.
  14. We are going to Moreton Island. If weather is OK, it will be for Friday. We were given $200 OBC per cabin as well as a 50% future cruise credit.
  15. I'm on Carnival Luminosa and this afternoon, we turned back and are heading to Australia. Our ports would have been Lifou, Mystery Island and Noumea. We will be informed in the morning where we will be going.
  16. My solo cruise budget is $250 a night. This is cruise only. And there have been some really great deals the last 6 months. I'll be going on my 5th solo cruise tomorrow since cruising restarted!
  17. I'm interested in the Vanilla Plantation in Lifou. Has anyone visited that either on the ship excursion or on their own?
  18. I've heard so much about this special, but it's not coming up for me... Has anyone tried calling Carnival and to get this special price? I had already booked the 7-nighter on the 5th and can't do the following one. I usually do everything online if I can, but maybe 'next time', calling would be better?
  19. (Sorry to start this thread again, but I thought It would easier to ask it here) Are the prices for the Sydney/Brisbane to Hawaii cruises including gratuities?
  20. That is excellent. I booked mine this morning and no where as good as yours.
  21. I was able to get on Luminosa on the 5th Feb for $848 with $150 OBC in a Balcony SOLO!!! Great pricing!!!
  22. I got the special before the last special (in early September) $715 for an inside Solo with no OBC. I thought that was a bargain. Shame I didn't wait a little longer.... I am looking forward to this cruise - I have not cruised to NZ either and it's been on my Cruise Wish list.
  23. I still can't choose a time for boarding and I am 17 days out. I'm in Arrival Group C, but was on Group A, before I started fiddling around with the phone and App. I'm on Android.
  24. I came here looking for accommodation suggestions, as I booked a Carnival Luminosa cruise last night! It sort of booked itself the price was bloody excellent! I'd like to thank everyone for their suggestions. I ended up booking the Kingsford Smith Motel.
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