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  1. I forgot to check I was still in shock. It probably melted by the time I recovered from the shock.
  2. Watch out for the doubles prices. We got charged $26 for a double whiskey and coke.
  3. I just reading the site. They were saying it was taking longer than they anticipated due to the gear that the Army personnel is wearing, plus they have to search for the other two bodies.
  4. I have mixed feelings about the recovery of the bodies. I know that the family want the bodies back for their closure but it would be terrible if further incidents happened during the recovery. Especially in light of news that they have to search to find the other two. Very risky.
  5. I confirmed that my staff member is on the Oviation of the Seas. They are fine. They didn't have much more to say.
  6. There always disclaimers that if the pricing is an error like printing error then they not entitled to honour it. The fact that they haven't got a booking number then there probably not a lot that going to happen.
  7. I have a staff member who was cruising to NZ on RCL. Not sure which ship they were on. When did did the Ovation leave Sydney?
  8. Ovation of the Seas: Guests and one crew member on island at time of eruption The captain of the Ovation of the Seas has made an announcement to passengers that a group of guests and one crew member were on the island at the time of the eruption. He told passengers on-board that they're waiting on information from the government to see what's happened, a passenger said. The cruise ship will not leave the port until the missing passengers return. The passenger who relayed the announcement said people were silent after the message and a helpline has been opened up on the ship for those who are missing loved ones.
  9. Nine News Sydney #BREAKING: It's understood 24 Australians were on White Island, off New Zealand, when the Volcano erupted this afternoon.
  10. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/ This site will have the most up to date information.
  11. On the herald sun site says the following ... Cruise ship Ovation of the Seas is berthed in Tauranga now. A spokeswoman for the ship's owners, Royal Caribbean, said it was not certain whether any passengers from the ship were on White Island at the time of the eruption. ''We're not sure if our guests were involved. We're still gathering information at the moment.'' Now that was 27 minutes ago. So maybe as reported above there is later information.
  12. Hopefully tourists are okay. White Island was of serious consideration for us to visit on our December cruise. Its always been volatile. Reading the article it doesn't sound good. Fingers crossed. From article ... Aerius Helicopters and Kahu Helicopters have confirmed they were not on the island and are on standby in anticipation of an evacuation. She said they were waiting for confirmation of the number of people on the island. White Island Tours boats were reportedly near the island. Aerius Helicopters owner Graeme McKenzie said his business was currently not responding to the incident but was on standby. It operates tours to White Island. I know on Princess excurison they use Aerius Helicopters. But people could have easily booked the flights themselves.
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