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  1. Chicago trip done. It was 20° cooler and awesome. Did a ton of walking and met the future SIL's family. Daughter has a wedding dress. She is gorgeous (I might be biased) Five days later (3 work), I might be recovered.
  2. Well, my BP is up and down. I took my home machine to work Friday to compare to one of anesthesia's to see how accurate it is. Well, it was within a couple of points, but it was 164/102. No wonder I felt like crap. They offered to let me go home, but it was a short day, so I opted to finish the day. When all the rooms except mine were done, they sent a nurse in to "babysit" me. I did the work she just kept an eye on me. I've had a pretty low key weekend. It is very hot and humid now, so I'm staying inside with a fan and wearing short and tanktops. I go out an look at the garden, maybe pull whatever is ripe. I've been so unproductive. I feel OK, but don't know how Monday will go at work. On the other (bright) side, I'm going to Chicago next weekend with my daughter, granddaughter, daughter's BFF//maid of honor, and fiance' to go wedding dress shopping. She wants to go to a specific designer. I'm excited to go, even though my routine will be terribly out of whack. Although, I have to say I am looking forward to temps in the mid-80s rather than high 90s.
  3. Well, y'all, I've been out for several weeks. In that time, the hubby and I have been hiking (we're up to almost three miles in ugly humidity. We skipped one day because the dew point was 75 at 7:15AM. 🥵 I had a near-syncopal episode at work a couple of weeks ago. A coworker drove me home and I went to the doc the next day. The gist is that my BP was stupid high and I started meds. I also wore a heart monitor for a week. One of the directions was essentially "don't sweat." In NC, during a heat wave. Ugh. Anyway, the heat and humidity were high enough that I was walking around with chest pressure due to my chronic lung disease. The meds seem to be working-my BP is starting to come down-and it will be interesting to see if the heart monitor shows anything. Sympathy to Cynthia on the loss of her father.
  4. Got off work early today, so went to REI and got new hiking boots. I tried the Keen Targhee and Merrill Moab. I liked that the Moab was not waterproof and cheaper, but the Keen felt more like what I've been in already, in spite of waterproofing (which I didn't want). I went ahead and got the Keens along with a pair of lighter socks. We'll see how it goes tomorrow. The humidity is supposed to be lower, so there is that.
  5. 31#1Hubby didn't feel good this morning, so I went on a hike by myself. I pushed hard and did our one hour 2.8 mile hike in about 50 minutes, but I paid for it. My gluteus maximus/glutes are achy, but the good kind of achy. The dew point was 71, the temp in the low 70s. It was pretty miserable. I struggled to breathe the entire time. OOTD: #1. Keen boots (that are falling apart), bike shorts, and royal blue technical shirt (in honor of DDay/Operation Overlord) #2: "Making pour decisions" tank and Target shorts. *After* a shower. Felt ucky after that hike.
  6. It is. He has brown spots in his sight and is losing peripheral vision. I do most of the driving, but he gets around by picking non-rush hour, dark, or rainy times.
  7. My husband also has both. His eyesight is failing, and we're trying to get in as many things he wants to see as we can.
  8. @slidergirl I do not have rain pants yet, but will add them to my slowly acquiring list. I was able to add the week prior, so we'll have two weeks in Grand Teton/Yellowstone. I'm still looking at airfare and vehicle rental, plus need to add more hotel/lodge nights. It feels like we're spending a fortune on sightseeing, but we want to see as much as we can before DH loses his sight (he had both glaucoma and macular degeneration). We'll spend more, but we'll also have some more down time and see more things. My Mom said we spent two weeks the summer we went as kids. (southern coastal GA to STL to Rushmore/Badlands/Yellowstone/Grand Teton). She reminded me to not try to do too much while we're there. Hmmm. Not a bad price.
  9. I'm the redhead on the right. And Mom laughed about Dad's outfit when she sent me the picture. I was hoping you'd speak up since I know you're near SLC. We're flying in (since we can go non-stop) and renting a car. I understand it's a five hour drive. We are planning to layer up. I have a North Face 3-in-one jacket that I think will work. I also have two pars of Athleta Ranier tights. They keep me warm in the winter-cold rinks. Do you think they'll work? I have a pair of Keen boots, but they are OLD and starting to fall apart. I think I'll superglue them for now, and get a new pair in July (we are buying things in phases so we don't break the bank at one time). I have several Athleta performance tops that will fit me again after I lose another 20 pounds. I have a wide-brimmed hat and will probably get a warmer one before we go. I ordered my day pack today-an Osprey Daylite Plus. Hubby is planning to be the pack mule and carry the bulk of the supplies so I can carry my camera supplies. He's working on building up strength and is loving this excuse to get in shape after his hip replacement. What I still need: new boots/wool socks. water bladder, trekking poles long sleeve wool shirt(s), and ?bear spray? (rent). I have a small folding knife and DH has a bigger knife (that he'll check). We also both qualify for lifetime NPS passes and will get those too. What else do we need? PS: Love the shirt! PPS: Recorded the recommended boots so I can look at them when I'm ready to buy some.
  10. We went when I was a kid. I asked Mom for pictures, and the outfit I'm wearing in a couple was from Christmas '72. We apparently went in '73. *However,* we drove from southern coastal GA, to St. Louis to visit relatives, then to the Badlands/Mt. Rushmore/Yellowstone, camping all the way. I. Hate. Camping. We'll have a week (unless I look at the vacation book and can get more time and line up the house/petsitter).
  11. Yikes! Already? It's too early, though we're supposed to be in the 90s later this week.
  12. We did too. It was our only NCL cruise. That act was amazing!
  13. We went to REI Saturday and got trekking poles for the hubby. We're starting to hike for Yellowstone in October (brrr) and he needed some. I still need a day pack, water bladder, and new boots (mine are at least 15 years old). Last week, we did an easy 1.3 mile trail twice. Today, we bumped up to a moderate 2.8 mile trail that didn't feel as challenging, but my calves are telling me about it. We want to build up to about 10 or so miles by October. We're going to local parks twice a week now, and are planning a couple of fall trips to the NC mountains before then.
  14. Me too! I've seen a lot of news about the new Sun, and I'm just not interested. It's too big and too busy. Just give me a balcony cabin and a good itinerary, and I'm good. We're on the Emerald next year for Norway. Caribe deck with the larger balcony. We can't wait.
  15. @zackiedawg Welcome back! I've missed your birds.
  16. That's awesome! I learned (decades ago in nursing school) that kidney stones are fairly common in the southern US due to all the tea we tend to drink. I don't know if that applies to you or if tea contains purines. Either way, at least you have a plan now and will hopefully have fewer stones in the future.
  17. 19 Crimes is my husband's wine of choice. He like the one aged in rum barrels best. I prefer whites. Hubby found a new (to him) favorite last month on the Sky. It's Errazuris Estate Carmenere Aconcagua Valley, Chile, GIs. We don't even know how to pronounce it, but he consumed quite a few.
  18. Plus, you said it was your dominant side too? Are you able to use your fingers/hand for minor tasks yet?
  19. I have heard that rotator cuff surgery feels like a chainsaw to the shoulder, it's good to hear that replacement isn't as bad. Keep healing well!
  20. You could do the same with a long sleeve shirt. I just rarely wear them. We don't use pain balls at our out surgery center-we use nerve blocks, and lots with Exparel. It's a long acting medication. It can last up to 96 hours. Keep up the PT-it's your best bet right now.
  21. Thank you! The best part about sewing is that no one else had anything even a bit similar.
  22. We only had about three hours, but we walked around (I managed to get us lost, then unlost) and ate a meal. We walked in and I told the host "we're American tourists that don't speak a word of French, but we'd like a meal. Can you help us?" He laughed at me and we ate a danged good meal. The menu was an initial challenge-it was in French, duh-but there was a QR code to scan for several foreign languages. We stopped at the store recommended by our guide to get some wine on the way back to the bus. When I broke my shoulder, I wore t-shirts. I'd put the injured arm on first, then use the good arm to stretch it over my neck and other shoulder. I took the injured arm off first. I wore bra and shirt for two days too, showering ever second day. Hair washing was the worst, especially since mine is long.
  23. We went to France and Spain this week. Sunset out of Southampton Bee in wisteria in Bilbao Monument aux Girondins in Bordeaux "The Higgins Boat" at Utah Beach The American Cemetery at Omaha each/Collesville-sur-mer
  24. We are back from our cruise. We had pretty good weather, but crossing the Channel was pretty rocky. Dave and I both felt it. We went outside our comfort zones in Bilbao and Bordeaux and went somewhat on our own. Kind of scary since we were guideless and didn't speak either language. Food was excellent in both countries. D-Day sites (especially Utah Beach and the American Cemetery) were emotional. Neither of us had family members die in WWII, but his dad was a WWII vet. I can't imagine how it would feel to someone who lost a family member there. And, amazingly, both of us lost a couple of pounds. I guess we didn't cruise correctly? 😆
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