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  1. Note to self. Reconsider impulse to give Princess a try😂 Seriously though, I thank you, and everyone else, for mentioning the Princess surveillance issues. This makes me more uncomfortable than fellow passengers using their personal electronic devices while on board.
  2. Good for you! Have a frosty one for me🙂
  3. To return to the OP’s original post, I don’t care what people do with their devices on a cruise, provided they exercise common courtesy. Keep the noise level down to the level of the venue, and mute them in the theater. As someone else mentioned, many people don’t realize they’re speaking much more loudly into devices than they would otherwise, especially when using FaceTime or Skype. That said, many people do need to do some work while aboard, and others must deal with family or other personal issues. I have observed many people stepping away, or leaving a venue completely when they need to take a prolonged call. Civility still exists, even if it’s a bit spotty.
  4. Alas, no. I am posting from my iPad, wishing I could be on a ship😉
  5. I agree! I’d grab it. Oops! I see that you already did. Congratulations. We had the second largest Veranda on the front of the hump on our first TA (but it had no window washing equipment) and we loved it. As Happy Cruiser said, these Verandas are partially covered, which provides some protection from drizzle. We want to be outside for beautiful scenery, not hunting for space in the sky lounge😉
  6. I've been following this thread with great interest, because like the OP, I loved the Edge (despite some issues), but I am sailing on her again this year. I can understand being disappointed about aspects of a stay in an Infinite Veranda cabin. I had mixed feelings myself, and wrote an extensive review about our experiences on the first Edge TA (as did many others who were on the early Edge cruises). I booked our cruise the day the initial Edge schedule appeared, and I knew the IV cabins did NOT have traditional verandas. Those of us who booked early did not have the advantage of numerous passenger reviews and photos. Instead, we watched the build, read & viewed the marketing materials as they appeared, and crossed our fingers that we'd be happy early adopters. Before final payment, it was quite clear to us that the IV as built was not the same as the IV in early marketing materials, but the cabin itself appeared beautiful and spacious. We crossed our fingers and made final payment. Yes, we were frustrated with aspects of the IV, but that didn't ruin our cruise, and some of our issues have since been resolved. We would book an IV again, for certain itineraries. I do not understand the utter shock and unhappiness expressed by people who booked late enough to have ample resources available make an informed decision about the Infinite Veranda cabins. Clearly everyone on these boards has access to Cruise Critic and the Celebrity web site. A few clicks on that web site would get you here, and you would see that there is something very different about the IV. https://www.celebritycruises.com/things-to-do-onboard/staterooms/veranda-stateroom A simple search on "Edge Infinite Veranda", on the Cruise Critic site, or a search engine such as Google, would give you dozens of hits on reviews and photos of the IV cabin class. I don't see how Celebrity is to blame if we eschew rudimentary research about a new ship class, and a new cabin class, before booking our cabins.
  7. Love it! Mine would say: I drive a Suburu, and I book suites. Of course, keeping our cars for at least 10 years helps fund the occasional suite😉
  8. Enjoying your review. We’ll be in an SV later this year, so I really appreciate your impressions of your cabin. I hope you have a lovely cruise!
  9. We haven’t become completely accustomed to the suite life, and we believe we’ll always move between cabin classes based on price, itinerary, and personal preference. We have found things to love about each of the X ships we’ve sailed upon. We enjoyed our recent foray into the Suite Life, but we weren’t unhappy with Veranda life or the MDR. Like Weenah, we took our first cruise rather late compared to most people we know. We chose Celebrity based on personal research, and our friends’ experiences & recommendations. Our first cruise was in the Mediterranean for our 15th anniversary. We were in a Veranda cabin on Millennium. Subsequent cruises were in a Sky Suite (no Luminae or Michael’s club), Veranda, Aqua, Concierge, and most recently, a corner aft Sky Suite for our first Caribbean cruise. We’ve sailed on M-class, S-Class, and E-class ships. We currently have 4 Verandas and 2 Sky Suites booked on both S-class and E-class ships. Yes, there have been changes over the years, but so far, we haven’t felt unhappy with our overall Celebrity experience. Not being retired, and having very busy schedules at home, we don’t seek a frenetic pace or 24/7 entertainment on our holidays. For us, there’s a good balance on Celebrity, though I’m sure we’ll eventually try other lines for specific itineraries.
  10. Thanks for this, and the other information you provided. The itineraries we are considering are European ones. For example, I've had my eye on the 16-18 day ones around Norway for some time.
  11. Like the OP, we have considered Viking Ocean for specific itineraries. People who have enjoyed Viking always mention the included excursion at each port, the included wine & beer at lunch & dinner, and WIFI. I am curious about the quality of those included items, especially the excursions & the beer/wine. I realize this is very subjective, but I'd appreciate your assessment (and that of others who have posted on this thread). Thanks.
  12. OBC from our TA has always appeared on our account the day we board, but I believe it can take another day. Enjoy😊
  13. I would put a hold on the cabin you actually want, and then call captain’s club to ask about the single category upgrade. Or, provided it’s a refundable deposit, book the cabin you want online, then call Captain’s club to get the the single category upgrade pricing adjustment on your booking. I’ve used both strategies successfully. If you’ve already booked with a TA, you’ll have to go through them. I hope it works out for you😊
  14. Interesting. I was in a Sky Suite on Reflection last month, but I didn’t receive that email. Sounds like a nice idea. Maybe I’ll have better luck next time😂 DC1979, I hope you have a wonderful cruise😊
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