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  1. That is my understanding as well. I believe that if you want to "cash out" you gift cards you have to do it through the casino, which was discussed at length earlier in this thread. If you go the casino route, do please put some activity on the slot machine, so you don't kill the golden goose!
  2. Hey, not sure if these have already been posted: HAPPYHOLIDAYS19 HAPPYHOLIDAYS2019 Was just messing around with some possible codes, and stumbled on these for 1k points each.
  3. Thanks for the info!! Wow, and that is a large single order!
  4. Oh, and a question for those of you who have been using Allstate Rewards for awhile. I had a problem one time trying to order $2,000 of Carnival Gift cards in a single order on the AARP website. The order would not go through. At that time, others on Cruise Critic indicated that you should keep your gift card orders through AARP to $1,500 or less. Has anyone experienced any issue like this when attempting to place a significant order for Carnival Gift cards (or any gift cards, for that matter) through Allstate?
  5. Thank you Cabo Bob, NeighborGeek, Yehootu, SNJCruisers, Denverdonkeys, Saint Greg, and CruisinChandler for you code postings! I have been remiss in not thanking you earlier!! Please keep those codes coming!! And also thanks to any other code posters I may have missed in the last month or so since I happened upon this thread . . . .
  6. I have done this a bazillion times on Carnival. When you leave the slot machine, it does not give you a paper voucher. It simply moves the (electronic) money that was on the slot machine back into your (electronic) player bank. To actually get cold, hard cash in your hand, you then walk over to the cage and tell them you want to cash out of your "player bank" or "slot account." (they will know what you mean). They then give you the cash and you walk over to the table game you like and give the dealer the cash for the chips. And as someone else said, there is absolutely no reason to have a gift card balance on your sail and sign account when you leave the ship!! On the last evening just go to the casino, set up an account on your slot machine of choice, transfer in an amount from your sail and sign account equal to your outstanding gift card balance, spin the slot machine a couple of times at the lowest bet, and then go get your cash from the cashier's cage!! You might even win something on your random spin, who knows.
  7. Hey Big-G, and along I come five years later looking for this EXACT information! Thanks!!!!! And if you are still on the boards, can you provide me a link to the infinite deck software you used to run these calculations?? Paul
  8. I thought about that, but he said he had been with the cruise line for eight years, and that he was just two weeks from the end of his current contract. He also asked us to fill out one of those cruise personnel compliment forms, without seeming concern about what we might actually say . . . .
  9. Was recently on a cruise -- ship and line to remain nameless -- where I had a unique experience with a bartender. Unique for me, anyways. So I thought I would put it out there and see what others think. On the first day of this seven day cruise I sit down at a bar with my wife. I never prepay for drinks or a drink package on a cruise, opting instead to pay for individual drinks. At the bar we order our usual: a glass of white wine for her, and a whiskey and coke for me. The bartender comes back with the drinks and volunteers to me “I gave you a good pour.” So I taste it and, yeah, there is plenty of whiskey in there. So we are talking with the bartender, and we talk a bit about where he is from (the Philippines, surprise!) and some about Filipino politics, which interests me. So I order another round of drinks, and I watch the bartender. Sure enough, he is pouring me a double when I have not ordered a double. This happens again a third time. I am liking it. I am liking it a lot. My wife and I then go back to the Cabin and talk about this. I decide I am going to give the guy a good tip the next time we go to the bar. My wife says “what about $20?” Yup, OK. So the next day we go to the bar and I order our drinks and give him a twenty with my cruise card. He takes the card and bill and indicates he will keep an open tab. All the drinks again come very strong, and I am very happy. After three rounds, I tell the bartender I want to settle up, and the bill comes: for only ONE round. OK, now I am again very happy. But I think maybe its a mistake, and the charges for the other drinks might come through later on our sign and sail account. But the charges for the second and third round never appear. We repeat the same thing, going to the bar and giving the bartender $20, on four days of our seven day cruise. I get strong drinks and “free” drinks again each day. I probably would have done this for more than four days, but the bartender was not always working at the bar we frequented. Later I thought some about the ethics of this whole thing. I am not sure it is right to accept the free drinks, as that comes off the ship’s bottom line. On the other hand, I know it is common everywhere to want a bartender to give you a good pour, even when you know that when they pour more than one jigger that also comes off the ship’s bottom line. I wonder if others have had similar experiences and what you thought about it at the time and afterwards.
  10. Yes, quite a bit of chatter here and elsewhere about the lack of American football on some cruise ships. In in my experience, we have never on any cruise been able to see a live American football game on the stateroom TVs, but on some cruises, maybe about half? you can see a game on the bar/casino TV. We just did a virtual B2B, cruising the HAL Westerdam from Vancouver to Anchorage, and then returning to Vancouver on the Jewel. The bars and casinos on the Westerdam did have live American football, both college and pro. And I believe the Westerdam, like the Jewel, is about to set sail for Asia and maybe Australia.
  11. Hi Len, I am on the same cruise as you!! Am sitting out on the aft deck looking down at Ketchikan right now and your post caught my eye. I agree with you generally about the food. My wife and I have sailed on many cruises across many lines, and this is the worst food we have ever had. We used to eat in the Norwegian specialty restaurants, but Norwegian has jacked the prices up on those to something crazy, whether you eat a la carte or buy the dining packages. I also understand what you are saying about the entertainment. If the type and style are not for you they are not for you. But my wife and I (both in our early 60s) like the music and choreography of the Jewel shows. And as for quality, I happen to think the production shows on the Jewel are the BEST I have ever seen on a cruise ship! There are four extremely talented singers in the Jewel production cast, and usually you only have maybe one good singer. And the show band performers are all very, very good, my wife and I seek them out every night they perform apart from the production cast. So to each his own! Paul PS, yes the comedian, not too good. I was wondering if he was drunk, his delivery was slow and a bit slurred.
  12. Yes, the result is the same as a balcony guarantee if you win because Norwegian controls your specific cabin assignment. Hopefully, its of lesser cost, but that all depends on what you bid. 🙂
  13. Here is a report on our recent auction experience. Several weeks ago I bid $240 pp for an upgrade from an inside to a balcony on the Sept 16 sailing of the Jewel Anchorage to Vancouver. At that time, availability and pricing was very good in all categories. Found out this morning (48 hours before the cruise), however, that our bid was not accepted. The original bid was in the high “fair” range, and it stayed that way each time I checked. We booked through VTG, and noted that the balcony prices remained flat up until about a week before the cruise, when they declined slightly. About four days before the cruise all cabins on VTG went to “sold out” except for the inside cabins, which dropped to only $299 pp for the seven day cruise. I looked on the Norwegian website at that time and cabin availability/pricing was the same as on VTG. I was hoping that Norwegian was just taking some of their higher end cabins off the market to prepare for the upcoming auction, but they obviously did sell out (. . . .or some folks bid more than we did). We will have a good time on the cruise regardless!!
  14. Do you mean that the typical normal upgrade happens 5 to 2 days before sailing? Your experiences seem to be all within the 5 to 2 day range.
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