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  1. You can print out the page that shows your Cheers package (and anything else you added to your booking like water, internet service) if you want to, but they will be able to see it in your account. HOWEVER, keep in mind that Cheers does not start until day two if your ship embarks from Galveston because of their tax laws.
  2. You have to decide for yourself if you want daily access to the Thalassotherapy Pool and the rest of the thermal suite. I like the loungers in the warm room but the other rooms are too hot for me but I still get the pass if I don't have a spa cabin, but only on the Dream class ships :)
  3. It MIGHT be in your email confirmation from your TA......
  4. It depends on your cabin. If your category is sold out, there will definitely not be any changes, but if there are plenty of cabins available (usually an ocean view or interior cabin) prices can change at any time....
  5. Next time click on the lower right "Having trouble?" link!! I always try to prepay my gratuities but when I use a travel agent they have to be part of the booking and I can't pay it separately on the website. For everything else I've always seen an option for gift cards.
  6. The only thing you can pre-pay that goes on your bill for the cruise is the gratuities. Other items are payable at the time of purchase, but with Cheers there is usually a small discount for purchasing ahead of time. Beverages, Internet Service, Spa Treatments, Excursions, Cruise Cash, etc.
  7. When I booked (I think it was before the ship was sailing) they called the Cloud 9 Spa hot tub a thalassotherapy pool and there was even a sign calling it that in the spa when I was on the ship . Technically you could apparently call your bathtub a thalassotherapy pool if it has the right mineral water in it (eyeroll). Looks like they were forced to change their information!
  8. I booked a spa cabin on the Vista before I knew their thalassotherapy pool was basically just a jacuzzi with mineral water. I was disappointed and would not bother booking a spa cabin on the Vista class. On the Dream class they have the nicer and larger thalassotherapy pool and just more space in general for the heated lounger and various steam rooms, and if I'm not in a spa cabin I purchase the spa pass for access to them. But it's all subjective, you have to decide for yourself if it's worth it!
  9. YMMV indeed, maybe we're just more casual on the "left" coast? It's mostly verbal, in official documentation it's always a ship or vessel or even ocean carrier.
  10. 👀 👀 👀 It's perfectly acceptable to call any sailing vessel a BOAT as casual slang. I've worked in cargo shipping for nearly 40 years and we casually call the steamship vessels "boats" all the time. IF you want to get really technical, a ship can carry a boat but a boat can't carry a ship.
  11. Another poster who has nothing to contribute to the conversation other than a snarky comment. This is why many people leave this forum and/or are apprehensive about asking questions. Why even bother typing a comment at all? OP, this is why I don't book guarantee cabins! My one and only guarantee experience I got a "deluxe ocean view" cabin and thought that would be great, I got a bathtub. But it was the last cabin on deck 1, all the way aft, and I got to hear all the clanging and banging of the ship. No thanks!
  12. I did that once but when I arrived for embarkation it wasn't immediately apparent and they had to do further checking to find my cruise cash deposit. It was a little odd so I haven't tried it again! I don't know why they would say you would have to pay via a travel agent unless they misunderstood and thought you were just trying to pay your balance! I always add my credit card for easy embarkation but visit GS to apply my gift cards to my account. My understanding is the kiosks don't work for that but I haven't tried it recently.
  13. I've done this several times! As Lele said, there's a $50 fee but sometimes there's an on board credit deal that makes up for it. You can then pay the balance on the due date for the new ship.
  14. No, it's just a pasta bar; you choose the type of pasta you want, the sauce, and any add ons. I think they have lasagne, salad, and bread as well.
  15. To each their own! Galveston is my least favorite port to cruise from, transportation options for a solo traveler are few and far between and stupid expensive! That and the fact that you can't use/purchase Cheers for the first night because of antiquated Texas laws. That said, I'm cruising the Dream from there 10/28 :P
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