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  1. [response to @jpalbny's GPS meme:] The problem with driving directions is that we don't have lighthouses. A recent article on the Noble Caledonia Travel Post had this quote from an experienced mariner: "The GPS tells me where the satellite thinks I am, my dead reckoning tells me where I think I am, but a lighthouse tells me where I ACTUALLY am!" The closest we have is the directions I once got in Maine: "go on about a mile and turn right where the Cheese House used to be." LOL!
  2. If you want to see bears, July would be better. [We went in June and the salmon hadn't started running in the streams yet, so the bears were still dispersed in the woods.] If you want lots of advice, post this question in the Alaska forum: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/33-alaska/
  3. I thought I had a new gin resource here, but I can't find any such website. Are you having me on?
  4. Curious name, since ITA Matrix is the name of Google's airfare software site.
  5. Working on it. Editing ~1,500 photos is going slowly...
  6. So €3 for hotel guests vs €8 for cruise passengers. I still say they are trying to discourage cruise ships.
  7. Considering an overnight trip to Meteora from Athens post-cruise in 2022. Two possibilities so far: • train package with VisitMeteora [cheaper and more time in Meteora] https://www.visitmeteora.travel/package/two-days-rail-tour-to-meteora-from-athens/ • van package [includes Delphi but less time in Meteora] with CATTaxi https://cattaxi.rezdy.com/374775/delphi-meteora-from-athens-2days-1night Have seen reviews of CATTaxi. Anyone done the VisitMeteora version? Other ideas? [Don't suggest renting a car – those days are over for us...]
  8. That would also be my review of Silent Pool gin from England. Except the 'too easy to drink' part – what is that about??? [Silent Pool goes great with FeverTree Elderflower Tonic, both kept in fridge so no dilution from that dreaded ice stuff...]
  9. So here's my mind working in mysterious ways again: LBJ promised us that we could have 'guns and butter' – so there's obviously room for 2 'top' priorities. Oh wait, he discovered that he couldn't deliver on that promise. Nevermind, wine it is!!!
  10. Yes, but butter has to be #2. Unless you're near a Krispy Kreme store and 'the light is on,' then that's number one.
  11. I love the poem, but there is one major flaw: 'no money for butter'! Say it isn't so!!!
  12. The much lower passenger density on Scenic river ships in Europe is a major COVID protection compared to Viking.
  13. I was referring to this: The City of Amsterdam has set a Day Tourist Tax for TRANSIT sea cruise and river cruise passengers that moor within the municipal boundaries of Amsterdam. https://www.portofamsterdam.com/en/shipping/passenger-vessels/day-tourist-tax No mention of taxing tourists other than cruise passengers.
  14. I didn't want to hijack @bitob's serious question about Pressing on Silversea [https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2807209-pressing-on-silversea/] but it did remind me that this was how Britain used to get the crews for its ships. I hope the Butlers on Silversea are voluntary enlistees! 🤣
  15. There is also a more expensive Vintage version. The 9:15pm is especially good!!!
  16. I haven't deleted any of your posts, but an explanation is that when an offensive post [not yours] is removed all posts that quote it also generally get removed – otherwise the offensive stuff would still be there!
  17. Right, I was thinking of Kotor, Montenegro rather than Dubrovnik. I believe that Montenegro has applied for EU membership but it is still pending.
  18. Except that Amsterdam is doing its best to discourage cruise ships from visiting. How convenient is Rotterdam [the main alternative] – we've never cruised there.
  19. Has never been possible on Cruise Critic. I'm told that it compromises our promise of anonymity. CC users who want to be contacted have to offer their email address (suggested as [name] "at" ISP "dot" com to try to foil bots from harvesting the info).
  20. I knew about this wrinkle, but have never been able to find a list of the 'non-EU' stops that qualify – or figure out the logic of why some ports do qualify. Gibraltar and St. Peter Port seem to have been getting the best of both worlds with some EU bennies (through UK) but the added port stops from being 'non-EU' ports. Other ports that I think are on the list include Dubrovnik and Ephesus, although they are now unlikely stops for other reasons. Is Malta a 'non-EU' port for VAT?
  21. Just be warned that this may not work. Many cruise lines require that referrals be from people you actually know.
  22. [To self: "Duh!"] Thanks!
  23. Anybody know what the SP stands for?
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