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  1. Yes, one said they were making a 1/3 of the money they used to make.
  2. I'm well aware of that.......the speeds are slow on ALL of the ships.
  3. While on the Caribbean Princess in January, we had great speeds. Took the same itinerary on the Regal in February, and it was slow as molasses. My guess is that they have either changed providers, or opted for a slower/throttled plan.
  4. I don't believe that they are shorthanded because people don't want to work, or can't get vaccinated. Two of my friends recently quit Princess at the end of their contracts. They had both been with the company a very long time. Both of them quit because the money is about 1/3 of what they were making pre-covid. When we were on the CB in February with only 790 passengers on board, it was great, but we experienced many of the problems you described while on the Ruby in April for 2 weeks. I feel sorry for the crew. Management seemingly spends all of their time apologizing instead of helping out. I hate to admit it, but I'm seriously considering cancelling our October sailing from Quebec to FLL. We've been looking forward to it for years.
  5. Just understand that there are plenty of people around the world that do not admire the fact that the USA has been involved in wars for about 225 years since it's inception in 1776.
  6. We love to head one way, while everyone else is going the other way. It's amazing how empty the ship can feel, even when full, if you just don't follow the crowds.
  7. I don't think it's just this cruise, we noticed the same thing on the Ruby last month. I never thought I'd hear a woman drop an F bomb at the top of her lungs in the piazza before, but post-Covid, anything is possible. Some people definitely need to take their chill-pills.
  8. Have you not been to the gas pumps or grocery store in the last 6 months!? Fares are going up because the price of everything else is going up.
  9. You can always request nightly turn-down service on the app.
  10. They started shutting one down on the cruise that began April 23rd, and crew shortage (galley) was the excuse given. It's sad that they haven't been able to do anything to correct the problem yet.
  11. 1) Laundry Room We will not sail on any line that does not have a laundry room for passengers to use. Even though we're now "elite" and qualify for free laundry, we'll still use the laundry room. 2) Wine Policy When possible, I love to bring our own wine on the ship, and like @JimmyVWine I like to bring some of my better bottles. It's nice to be able to have your fine wine served to you in any of the ship's venues. We've even brought a bottle of Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame to Steamers, and they had an ice bucket and nice champagne flutes ready to go. The $20 corkage fee was nothing compared to what I could have spent by ordering from the ship's wine list, and that's IF they have it in stock. I've heard many folks complain about their favorite wines being out of stock. Bringing your own eliminates that. 3) Crew Most of our best memories involve a crew member. They simply go above & beyond. 4) The Ships The look & feel of the ships are a good match for us. The decor finishes are elegant, and not flashy or gaudy. We prefer floating hotels, and not floating amusement parks. Yet, if we ever have grand-kids, we know that they'll enjoy themselves based on what I've seen on-board and read here on CC.
  12. We've had this one booked for 2 years, and would love to have you join us.
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