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  1. It's a testament to how they treat their contracted musicians. Dirty Byrd seemed to always have a glass of cognac nearby. Something I never saw on any other cruise line before.
  2. I just noticed where you are from. My first childhood home was in 20902...just off of Arcola Ave.
  3. The only rough sea day we experienced was after we passed the Rock of Gibraltar. They said the seas had 10-15 foot swells that day, but I think they were smaller than that. This was our first crossing and we had no problems with the motion. As for the time changes, we were headed West, so we kept gaining an extra hour, instead of losing one. I know of at least one cruise vlogger who doesn't reccomend Eastbound transit sailings because of the lost hours. You'll know soon enough how your body handles it. You'll have a great cruise....the food is wonderful, and the crew will be thrilled that they are done with the 4-5 day sailings they've been dealing with for a while.
  4. I'll be disembarking the ship the same day you board. We did the transatlantic sailing from Barcelona to Miami last October, and had a wonderful time. It was our first crossing too. You'll have a great time. The only thing you have to worry about is losing an hour each day on the way over.
  5. It's very easy to meet people. The vibe on board is great.
  6. I love the way my TA does business so much that I came out of retirement and joined their team! Good service is more important than the absolute lowest price.
  7. We've never been charged corkage, but that's not to say that it doesn't happen.
  8. Personally, I think they'll do Mexican Riviera sailings first.
  9. She's also showing up in LA port scheduales
  10. Currently, the bid system uses a slide bar, everything ends in 0 or 5, there is no option to make it anything else.
  11. We are in our 60s and LOVE sailing with Virgin.
  12. I just made my first first-mate booking yesterday for a last-minute sailing to see a crew member before the ship repositions to Europe. This will be the first time I won't be boarding with DBE. No dining times currently available, and a 4:15 boarding time. It will be a learning experience for sure. lol.
  13. They expanded the number of members a while ago.
  14. In this case it seems that the port intensive itinerary may have been too much for most folks. We've been avoiding Mediterranean sailings for this very reason. I'd much rather relax,and enjoy the casino, shops and services on-board in air-conditioned comfort than get hot & sweaty while navigating crowded cobblestone streets filled with pickpockets and souvenir shops. Sea days are delightful.
  15. I wonder if the fact that I'm born and raised in DC has anything to do about it. 🤣
  16. The feedback was that sailors wanted more time at sea, not another port.
  17. They clearly stated that the change was based on past-passenger feedback/preference. Anything is else pure conjecture by someone who clearly hates the brand for reasons unknown.
  18. It's very common for itineraries to be changed. Every cruise line has a clause in their terms stating they can change an itinerary for any reason. Enjoy your cruise.
  19. The terms of your booking state that they can change itineraries for any reason. Every cruise line has this in their terms. Don't let this keep you from enjoying your cruise!
  20. We are staying at the Praktik Vino this fall
  21. This happens when your agent,or the agency they work for has you booked into a "circle" (group booking) https://www.virginvoyages.com/firstmatesahoy/latestnews/circles-group-bookings
  22. Information = money. That's why I never take a survey unless they pay me.
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