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  1. If the Equinox is sailing in April 2021 we will be sailing on her. We will be flying into MIA the day before the cruise and can either stay in Miami and transfer to Port Everglades the morning of the cruise.or In the alternative we can transfer to FLL the same day we arrive. We will not have a car. I wonder which scenario most people prefer? If it is the first scenario how do we get to Port Everglades the day of the Cruise?
  2. Thank you to everyone who responded. I now have confidence to book knowing that I am not paying above the norm.
  3. The quote was for Aug 2nd from the UK office.
  4. I have not had experience yet. However I called to book a cruise yesterday and asked about this and was told it only applies to cruises booked by August and that can be done whenever you see a price drop (no mention of a restriction on number of times, it can be done). I was told that if Tesco vouchers are used then Best Price Guarantee can not be applied.
  5. I have never looked at Alaska before so have never tracked prices. I am now considering Alaska, 7 days on Quantum in August 2021. I just wondered if $2300 US total (for 2 inc taxes) for an unobstructed balcony cabin on the higher decks is within the normal price range or is it considered expensive?
  6. Thank you for the excellent information information and photographs you have been an enormous help,
  7. We are thinking of using our FCC to book Alaska 1 week from Seattle either 27th or 30th August 2021 on either Quantum or Ovation is this too late in the season too enjoy Alaska?
  8. So is it as above if the FCC only partially covered the cost of the cruise?
  9. Thank you Firefly and Ken (I booked with a USA TA so your advice is totally relevant)
  10. If your cruise was cancelled and you took the 125% then applied it it to a new cruise and the FCC covered the whole cost of the new cruise and there are subsequent price drops both pre and post final payment, how is this handled? If the new cruise is cancelled what happens?
  11. Just curious is there much difference between these 2 ships. Is 1 better than the other. Trying to line my ducks up for 2021.
  12. I have a B2B booked with a US TA on Allure in December. I have recently received my 125% FCC from my cancelled Radiance Hawaii cruise in May. The FCC is double the value of either leg on the Allure. I am already booked on cruises on 2021 and early 2022 and do not want to book any additional cruises. I therefore have 2 questions. 1. Can I have my FCC applied to the first leg and the surplus remainder then applied to the 2nd leg? 2. If that is not possible how do you ask for a refund instead of the FCC? Thanks.
  13. I am an optimist and I would gamble on late fall for cruises restarting. I also hope the vaccine that is starting its human trials in Oxford UK tomorrow has a good outcome.
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