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  1. I canceled March 9th which was right before RCL canceled my late March cruise, called a few times (at least 2 hour wait time) and got the “we are working on it check your email “ talk. Had it in the back of my mind and just got an email two days ago with my credit which is good until end of 2021.
  2. Rochester Hills here, this weather sucks!
  3. It’s like paying to be quarantined with a fantastic view 😀
  4. Just like the old posts about lifeguards at every pool, never thinking we’d be talking about elevator guards.
  5. This is the longest my hair has been in years and I actually like how it’s growing out and luckily my highlights are still decent though I’m ready for a touch up. Hubby has got a nice beard starting and he looks like a bad boy, I kind of like it 😏
  6. I’ve been wondering if there’s any security at Labadee, every time we sail away you see workers staying behind. Thought the same about CocoCay but mostly Labadee.
  7. Awww you made my day, thank you. I have good days and bad days just like everyone else but trying to stay optimistic and feel blessed that everyone in our family is healthy and has been able to keep their jobs, except for me. 25% of Michigan is unemployed and luckily my husband is still working, the curve is slowly starting to flatten as long as everyone stays home.
  8. I make that a lot, love it since it reminds me of my childhood
  9. I’m on unpaid leave right now and just filed for unemployment, DH working from home so he’s no fun during the day. Cooking and baking was fun the first two weeks but not so much anymore. Have watched more Netflix and Amazon Prime shows than I can ever remember, today is the first day in awhile where we have a sunny warm day so long outside walk felt good, been doing YouTube workouts at home. Getting kinda anxious as we are down to 5 Blue Moons, half a bottle of tequila, quarter bottle of bourbon and one bottle of wine. I’m staying home since I have asthma so DH has been doing something he never does...grocery shopping. There’s always surprises when he comes back with groceries like potato chips, and more potato chips so we are well stocked. Comfort good is taking on a whole new meaning and thank goodness for stretch pants and sweats. Speaking of shows, any recommendations? So far I’ve seen Tiger King, Unorthodox (amazing), Grace and Frankie, Schitt’s Creek, countless movies , The Newsroom (fantastic on Amazon) , Making the Cut.
  10. Go Blue!! We will however gladly leave the Detroit Lions shirts behind 😏
  11. So my husband travels to Orlando where company he works for is headquartered, usually likes to fly in day early to explore. They told him he can transfer there anytime so we are the in beginning stages of possibly, maybe, kind of considering it but would have to be Cocoa Beach or somewhere close, guess it’s about an hour away. No way would we live in Orlando, any suggestions besides Cocoa Beach for us to check out? We are planning a trip early next year to do look around.
  12. I canceled my March 21st cruise about a week before RCL suspended future cruises, my beverage and internet package got credited back to my card right away but I’m STILL waiting for email confirmation about my future cruise credit and I’ve called three times, keep hearing it will appear soon. I also applied a cruise credit from a day we missed at CocoCay last November which we will lose unless we cruise by November 2020. This won’t happen since we are booked on Celebrity this November and credits aren’t interchangeable.
  13. Not surprised. Hopeful that we will be on our cruise end of October, also have credit for a cruise that I should be on right at this moment.
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