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  1. If I may say so, I think this is very unlikely that you went a different route on the way out. Your ship was Zuiderdam right? It is almost 300 m long so according to the regulations for the fairways around Stockholm the only way in/out for ships longer then 245 m (~800 foot) is via Furusund and there is only one way to get there for large cruise ships. Also the museum is called Nordiska museet (the Nordic museum) and not Norway museum. 😉 As for the Vasa museum, during 1 September - 31 May its is open daily but do not open until 10 am. Also for transport I can recommend using public transport, especially between Vasa museum and Gamla Stan. From AllmĂ€nna GrĂ€nd use DjurgĂ„rdsfĂ€rjan (line nr 82) to Gamla Stan.
  2. Another option is to buy a 24 hour travel card for 130 SEK (per person) a little more expensive then buying 2 single tickets each but you don't have to worry about finding tickets. Also for DjugÄrdsfÀrjan you can buy tickets during the queuing (either from ticket machine or manned ticket kiosk).
  3. Miniatur wunderland. https://www.miniatur-wunderland.de/
  4. Some recommendations in my post below (scroll down to accommodation). In addition to those. I have also stayed at Radisson Viking (next to the central station) and it is a very nice hotel albeit a bit pricey. I've also stayed at Elite Hotel Stockholm Plaza and Hotel Kung Carl. Both were really nice as well. I would also encourage/recommend you walk/use public transport for your day in Stockholm. You will experience the city in a much better way then if you use HoHo buses.
  5. I'm not an expert but I would not count on it since the old terminals are supposed to be replaced. Like Hallasm above I would strongly recommend to acquire a chip+pin card if you don't want to use cash.
  6. Be aware that PSD2 (the second Payment Services Directive) becomes effective today EU-wide + Norway, Iceland and Lichtenstein. It means it will be harder/not possible to pay with swipe+sign and chip+sign. since the banks no longer are allowed to payments where the consumer approves the purchase by writing his/hers signature. Purchases with swipe (magnetic stripe) might be voided by the bank since this method is considered unsafe. https://ec.europa.eu/commission/presscorner/detail/en/qanda_19_5555 " PSD2 introduces strict security requirements for the initiation and processing of electronic payments. PSD2 obliges payment service providers to apply so-called “strong customer authentication” (SCA) when a payer initiates an electronic payment transaction. Payment service providers include banks and other payment service providers. " In terms of how it works in practice, customers will receive advice from their banks or payment providers. They will have to provide two or more of the following elements when making payments, which can be categorised as: Knowledge: something only the user knows, e.g. a password or a PIN code Possession: something only the user possesses, e.g. a mobile phone, and Inherence: something the user is, e.g. the use of a fingerprint or voice recognition. Se link above for more information.
  7. If one decides to go on a cruise to Scandinavia one have to expect that the weather can be a bit of a lottery. If you want sun then go cruise the Mediterranean.
  8. That is false and incorrect information spread by the cruise lines to scare people into using the more expensive ship tours. Private organized tours does not require a visa.
  9. Global Express and Danske Bank. https://www.cph.dk/en/shopping-dining/shops/danske-bank https://www.cph.dk/en/shopping-dining/shops/global-exchange https://cph-prod-cdn.azureedge.net/49a1be/globalassets/3.-praktisk/1.-hero/cph_kort2019_for-security.pdf
  10. What did you do/see the previous time you were in Stockholm? The options around NynÀshamn are pretty limited and even if you have been to Stockholm it has lots to offer. There is Landsort but transportations are limited and if you want to visit the former coastal artillery you need to book in advance. Bus from NynÀshamns station leaves 09.19 and arrives at 09.56. The boat to Landsort then departs at 10.00 so there is a very small window and no room for delays. http://www.visitnynashamn.se/en/home/todo/excursions/islands/landsort.4.421534701375ce1f7f680006978.html http://www.visitnynashamn.se/en/home/todo/aktorer/batterylandsort.5.1c7e861513bbc93e94710dd.html Other things you could do in Stockholm area is to visit Sigtuna or Waxholm.
  11. I think that is the new EU-wide regulations. https://www.easa.europa.eu/newsroom-and-events/press-releases/eu-wide-rules-drones-published https://www.easa.europa.eu/easa-and-you/civil-drones-rpas https://ec.europa.eu/transport/modes/air/news/2019-05-24-rules-operating-drones_en
  12. Drone free zones Stockholm. https://daim.lfv.se/echarts/dronechart/
  13. About "hoho buses" " he shuttle buses stop in central Gothenburg at the Grand Theatre or at Gustav Adolf’s square. " " Arendal Cruise Terminal From Arendal it takes around 20 minutes to central Gothenburg by shuttle bus or taxi. " I think that from Skandiahamnen and Arendal shuttle bus or taxi might be the only options to get downtown. From Amerikaskjulet you can walk up to Stigbergstorget stop and travel with tram 9 towards Angered centrum from there. Gustav Adolf’s square stop is called Brunnsparken.
  14. Depends on which ship you are on and where the hoho buses departs from. If the hoho doesn't come to the port then there are huttle buses into town. Ship list, https://www.goteborgshamn.se/turism-och-besok/vara-kryssningsanlop/ https://www.portofgothenburg.com/cruise-and-visits/cruise/cruise-terminals/
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