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  1. Ha! When Royal created the Diamond level, they probably figured only a few people would make it that to that. Same with Diamond +. That's probably why there is such a large gap between D+ and Pinnacle, trying to keep it an exclusive club. Ten years from now, we'll be discussing how there are too many Summit++ members and the need to create a Stratosphere level at 15,000 points.
  2. I know the feeling. Wash it down with a Scorpion shot! I've never tried it (too cheap) but those that did, said it's no big deal. Apparently, Scorpion tasted like rubbery calamari.
  3. But dammit, I'm entitled to have a choice of where I enjoy my cheap swill, rubbery cheese and inedible hors d'oeuvres! 🤣🤣🤣
  4. It may not seem like a popular opinion here on CC but that just the demographics of this forum - many long time, upper tier cruisers whose knowledge I am thankful for. I've learned much from many of the helpful - and in some cases the not-so-helpful - members which has enhanced my cruising experience. But they are just a small minority of the cruising population. On another thread, there was a discussion that less than 5% of cruisers even know about CC and a majority of that 5% are not very active. The only opinion that really counts is Royals and seeing how their ships sail at capacity and they are enjoying record profits, they seem to know what they are doing.
  5. It would immediately reduce the amount of threads and posts here by about 25%. With the dress code threads being kinda tame these days and there are hardly any chair hog postings, about the only entertainment is watching heads explode in anger every time there is a chance to he C&A program.
  6. Did they give the crew members Sunday off? 😉
  7. Oasis wins 4-3 with one tie. That would be a tough one for me. Oasis will be sailing out of my backward when she comes to NJ and I'd like to see the new renovations. I'd much rather have BBQ (not a seafood lover) & Music Hall. But I'd also appreciate the better Solarium and WJ, and sailing out of Florida allows for some pre- and post- cruise vacation time. Leaning towards Symphony but depending on price difference, I could be swayed to Oasis.
  8. Crappy product? Or by refusing to change it's product in order to appeal to the older repeat buyer while the younger, budget conscious buyers snapped up Japanese brands and the younger, affluent buyers flocked to German brands.
  9. Thanks! I'm here to please. Perhaps in my heavy-handed approach to being witty, I inferred that the loyal crowd was not needed. That's not what I meant. Royal wants to appeal to ALL demographics - repeat cruisers, new cruisers, young, old, active, sedate, etc. The loyal following of repeat cruisers is attractive demographic in that Royal doesn't really have to work to hard to get. They already know the product, are more likely to be financially secure with oddles of disposable income and free time from work (if not retired or have the ability to work remotely) than someone just starting out. It's a nice source of steady income that won't cost Royal much to attract, other than the expense of the dedicated lounges and whatever discounts/freebies provided. But that same crowd also skews older and age and health will eventually limit future cruises as opposed to the younger/newer generations that have many decades of cruising ahead. That is where the life-blood is.The bread-and-butter is in the 7 day or less Caribbean cruise. That pays the bills. If Royal is looking long-term, it needs to decide what is best for ALL cruisers. Otherwise, Royal will morph into Holland American. Maybe an intense e-mail writing campaign can get Royal to change it's mind and give a temporary reprieve regarding CL access. Then again maybe not as others have been more eloquent than I in proving that changes must be made. Some people may jump ship if the changes to the C&A are too severe, mostly out of spite. But they will be replaced by the next generation of D+ cruisers who never had CL access. And most love cruising and love Royals product and will continue to sail Royal if there is only 1 lounge vs 2 lounges (or no lounges).
  10. Sounds like Oasis is your girl! Recently renovated makes her the "newest" of the Oasis-class ship, although cabin decor hasn't changed, if that's important to you. Departure port is easiest. You don't care about the crappy itinerary so that is a non-issue. Plenty to do so you could skip CATS and not be bored.
  11. This has to be one of the funniest posts I've read in a long time. It reminds of that employee in a large corporation that has been around forever that feels they can't be replaced because the corporation can't function without them. We all know someone like that. Ultimately that person loses their job and the corporation soldiers on just fine without them. You could stop sailing Royal tomorrow and they won't miss you. They will fill your cabin in a second with a new cruiser that will be wow'd by the ship and brag about it to their friends, just like we all did when we all took our first cruise. Royal will getting that free ambassador (as you call it) benefit at a much lower cost since the new cruiser will not be getting any free stuff or discounts. The fact that Royal keeps building bigger ships that have morphed into floating amusement parks is a testament to their desire to attract new cruises, because that is what they value. Not sure how much more out of touch you can be. All the crew members that you may be on a first name basis with that greet you warmly and kindly will be greeting someone else warmly and kindly. Royal will be fine without you. Sorry to burst your bubble.
  12. Possible benefit depending on who is doing the search.😉
  13. As someone who will be a first time D on my next cruise, I'm not going to miss what I never had. Other soon-to-be-D's may disagree with me. Solution would be to grandfather current DL access. Pick a date and anybody that has DL access gets to keep it. Anybody turning D afterwards (and I'll include myself in the scenario since I have yet to experience DL) will not have access but in order to make up for a "lost benefit", will have unlimited HH drinks loaded to their card to be used any bar. Oh, and one specialty coffee. I would consider that a fair compromise.
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