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  1. At the end of the Muster Drill, the captain makes an announcement that the ship will be underway as soon as he can find the keys.
  2. Don't forget singing of carols as well. Keeping the theme going.... ..... Do they allow water skiing off the back of the ship? Heard that one a dozen times.
  3. Here in the northern suburbs of NYC, many restaurants did the same thing. Either expanded their outdoor patios or created new ones, in some cases in parking lots. It's been a big hit. Even though it's been on the hot and sticky side this summer, the lack of rain really encouraged people to eat outdoors. In fact, in many places, the patios were packed while indoors never got close to 50%. While outdoor heaters will extend the season by a few weeks, it'll be interesting to see what happens when Nov. arrives. My daughter lives in Houston and her favorite watering hole is closed. Apparently it's a revenue thing. If 51% of revenue is from food, you can be open. If 51% is from alcohol, then the place remains close. I told her they should jack up the price of food to change that equation so they could reopen. Apparently, the food isn't that good. Yes, no and maybe. I know in NY, a structure needs to be open on 3 sides to be considered outdoor dining. So if a outdoor tent has 2 sides ("walls") pulled down, is it inside or outside? Will probably find out in a few weeks when a couple of establishments try to test the rules as to what they can get away with. Agree. There are a few local places that when they first put up tents, I thought it would be miserable. But they surrounded the tents with enough potted plants/bushes/benches and piped in music to down out any road noise, I feel like I'm someplace far away and not in a former parking lot.
  4. Based on what I've read here on CC over the years, I'd say a lot. How many times have we read a post from someone complaining of poor treatment from Royal but continue to book cruises because they have invested so much time and money to reach a certain status. Or people that defend some of the less-than-customer friendly business practices under the "their ship, their rules" mantra. Heck, even during the Great Refund fiasco earlier this year, many were quite content to let Royal keep their money for a long a possible to help the cruise line arguing "it's money already spent and we don't really need it". As if supporting a multi-billion dollar foreign corporation is akin to supporting their local mom-n-pop business.
  5. Is it possible you were looking at Single Solo cabins? They are 100 sq (interior) or 120 sq (balcony). Balcony size is 55 sq feet. At least that what cruise mapper says. Scroll down a couple pages. https://www.cruisemapper.com/cabins/Odyssey-Of-The-Seas-1862.
  6. And when it starts, it will only be at 25% capacity. The rest of the state is at 50% for indoor dining. Be intertesting to see what happens when it gets too chilly for outdoor dining.
  7. Don't you still have to subscribe to Showtime in order to watch their shows on Amazon Prime?
  8. Game winning goal was scored by an American. 😉 In fact, 2 of the 5 goals were by Americans, only 1 by a Canadian. 🙂
  9. A few ex-NY Rangers on the Bolts. Including one of my favorites Ryan McDonagh. Might be his last chance to get his name on the Cup. Go Bolts!
  10. In that case, S for sexy would apply. At least, that's what a friend told me. 😉
  11. Me too. Everything after season 4 (John Lithgow as Trinity Killer) was disappointing.
  12. I know what a WAG is but what does the S stand for in SWAG? Sincere? Stupid? Sexy?
  13. Yeah, I need get tested sometime this November for travel so I started to check into my testing options. There has to be 30+ places I can get tested within a 1/2 hour drive of me but there is a Hodge-podge of rules that are as clear as mud. Some sites are drive-up testing facilities run by the state that may or may not be free, others are private - labs, doctors offices, urgent care, pharmacies (CVS, Walgreens, etc) - some which require a doctor's note, others do not, some are walk-in, others require a reservation, most require a pre-screening of some sort (virtual, phone, in-person), some guarantee results in 48-72 hours, others 7-9 days. Most places say insurance should cover all or most of the cost while I would pay the typical co-pay.....or not. Oh, and some places do only one kind of test that may not meet my test requirements (molecular PCR). I need to draw some sort of Venn diagram or Excel spreadsheet to figure out where and when to go! Because NY likes things to be confusing. But despite that, it's still #1 state in the nation in testing per capita. Well, #4 actually but the first 3 are so small in population, I don't count them. 😉 https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/testing/states-comparison Nothing nefarious going on here. 😇
  14. Word of caution. My betting record is pretty horrible. There's a reason why I don't join football pools anymore. By Week 2, I'd be so horribly behind, with no chance of winning, that I'd might as well as light the $20 bill on fire and save myself some anguish.
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