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  1. JUST re-read your post. You are sailing next year, 2021. So maybe next years sailings will be effected.
  2. Well, this is disappointing to hear. We too sail to the ABC islands in March, in fact in 50 days. Wondering if this is just for your sailing, or ongoing?
  3. Interesting “sale” Just checked on my friends oceanview cabin price ( she has 2 perks included originally) and the stateroom only without perks increased by $350 . With the add on sale it’s $900 more!!! We are past the paid in full date. I was hoping to see a drop. I have yet to see the deal we booked on Black Friday with 4 perks.
  4. So I just chatted with customer service online, and she said that it varies per sailing as to what exactly is in the fridge. That’s vague and inconsistent don’t you think? Then she gave me a list ( that I’ve seen posted on here before) and said it “ might” contain some of those items. Wondering what others have seen in their mini fridges. Was hoping to see the Pringle’s and Kind bars to take for excursions!
  5. Was there beer ( Heineken) or any single serve bottles of alcohol ( vodka) and snacks in your fridge along with the drinks you listed? Someone posted a picture of the enclosed price list of items in the fridge (for purchase) and those particular items were listed on the sheet, as well as Pringle’s and Kind bars. Curious if they were there for those who purchased Drinks and More, or if they only “stock” fridges for those who need to pay.
  6. You can arrive at the port at 11, if you want to have lunch on-board. Others may choose to tour San Juan for the day and arrive before 5. I personally wouldn’t wait that late. I found the check in lines to be very busy at the Pan Am pier ( with Royal) and long lines outside for our last two cruises out of San Juan. This year, I hope to arrive closer to 2pm to avoid the lines and still be able to grab some food on-board.
  7. It was an “ upgrade to drinks and more” selection i was able to do online. It was during the last cruise planner sale. Maybe call in and see if customer service can do it for you. Others have reported it worked for them. Celebrity seems to be very inconsistent! Good luck!
  8. When the package was first released, you were not allowed to UPGRADE to the drinks and more package if you received the drink package as a PERK. I called customer service to clarify that the package was per person, ( including $50 casino credit per person) and she too said I was not able to upgrade. I looked online, and was able to upgrade through my cruiseplanner and used stateroom credit! I sail in March, so hoping it all works out!
  9. Well, all the Suites are gone. Concierge as well. But yes, March is pricey for a lot of the cabins.
  10. Interesting... ok so not listed as obstructed view. Just a deep overhang above? Ok makes sense.
  11. First time Celebrity cruisers. We will be sailing on the Summit this March. We are about 70 days out from sailing. There are over 30 aqua class staterooms left on deck 9. Almost all other stateroom categories are sold on other decks.A few balconies are left , a few ocean view and some insides on deck 3. But deck 9 is almost half empty, with so many aqua class rooms available. What am I missing? Is it just because of location? Under the pool on deck 10? Is it really that bad? I am hoping to have an opportunity to bid on an upgrade and was thinking an Aqua cabin would be great to try to bid on, as I’ve read so much on here about the special dinning room, and great accommodations. But surprised to see so many left. Would love to hear your thoughts. We cruise for the itineraries, are always off the ship when in port and are usually up pretty late . (Thinking the pool is closed so there shouldn’t be much noise at night) Thoughts?
  12. Thanks for the info. Enjoy your cruise!
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