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  1. The whole market is taking a beating, wiping out almost all the profits for this year. No problem. I've been in the market for over forty years and have ridden it way up and way down many times. Still miles ahead, financially, if I would have had my money in other areas.
  2. If you booked your tour through the cruise line, they'll wait for you. If you booked it on your own, and are late getting back, you'll get a great picture of the rear of the ship as it leaves without you.
  3. Whatever happened to honesty and integrity? While you’re at it, you might as well share a drink package and hog chairs by the pool.
  4. Typical time isn't much help. We did a B2B out of Miami the middle of October. After the first week walk off started around 7am. The second week, when we got off, it didn't start until about 7:45 and the place was packed with people wanting to get off so they wouldn't miss their flights. That's about the time we wanted to get off, but being is a suite, they walked us to the front of the line and off we went. The traffic wasn't bad and it took us about 30 minutes to get a taxi, plenty available since not many people got off before us, and make it to the airport. Security was a zoo any we didn't have any priority so it was after 9:30 before we got to the gate. We had an 11am departure so we were ok. I think you have to be at the gate about 30 minutes early though. About the back up plan, with the planes being so full, what are the chances of getting on the next flight or any other flight, and will you make a connecting flight if you have one? Is there a ticket change fee?
  5. The burden of proof is a lot less to. In a civil case, if you think the person was more likely to have done it than not, by law he is considered guilty and you should vote as such. In a criminal case you have to be sure he did it, if not he is considered not guilty. I've been on a jury in both types of cases and the judge spells the requirements, for guilty or not guilty, very distinctly.
  6. The x-citing deals normally don't come with perks, or taxes and fees. The 14 day transatlantic, on the Infinity, shows $1999 p.p. for a suite guarantee. If you want the four perks, that's another $100 p.p. per day. Still not a bad deal, but....
  7. I might be wrong, but I’m not sure you can walk out your door and into the bar. If I remember right, there is a wide aisle way that runs from the entrance of the YC to the bar and the cabins are walled off from it, for privacy and noise. all I saw was a door about half way down the aisle way. I’m not sure as I wasn’t on deck 16.
  8. If it was cut and dried, why didn't the judge dismiss it the other day? There has to be more evidence, pro and con, than one tape.
  9. According to MSN News, a federal judged has refused RCL's motion to dismiss the lawsuit initiated by the parents of the little girl, Chloe I believe, a few momths ago. Apparently he doesn't read this board to get all the expert advise that is posted.
  10. Tramsatlantics used to be cheap. We've done five on Celebrity and paid between $55-$80 p.p. per day, not including tips or taxes and fees. This was for an unobstructed balcon for four of them and a concierge for the other. Air used to be dirt cheap too, four years ago we paid $580 p.p. for Comfort Plus (Delta) from Amsterdam to Phoenix.
  11. There was a snippet on this on one of the national news stations. The passengers aren't living the "good life". They are quarantined in their cabins and all meals our delivered, so far mostly soup, salads, and sandwiches. The one passenger that was interviewed said their rooms haven't been cleaned or sanitized in two days. I wonder who's doing this as the crew must be quarantined too, They have been given free internet and some phone time to communicate with people back home. They were told two weeks. They are also anchored off shore, not docked.
  12. I take all reviews with a grain of salt, if I'm interested I want to find out myself. If I would have listened to the majority, I would have missed out on my two favorite cruises out of 46, over all the major plays except Carnival. Our two favorites are the two we took on MSC Seaside in a Yacht Club Deluxe Suite. It's to the point, unless the deal of a lifetime comes along. It's MSC Seaside YC or nothing.
  13. We bought a tanzanite bracelet from Effy's, in the Caribbean this past October. The second time my wife wore it she noticed stone was missing when she took it off. She called them and the couldn't have been more helpful and friendly. They e-mailed us a return shipping label and insured the package for $3,000 (which was $600 more than we paid for it). It was shipped to New York, stone was replaced and we got it back, in Arizona in about 1 1/2 weeks, this was insured also. The stone was a perfect match and we couldn't have asked for anything more.
  14. All I can say is, we've booked 46 cruises from online TAs and it's been refundable every single time. We never spend it and it's been credited back to our credit card every single time, usually within 3-4 days.
  15. Taxes and fees are the same no matter what category cabin you book, inside or suite
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