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  1. John’s thread in Floataway Lounge is now unlocked.
  2. Maybe I missed it, how was the Muster Drill handled? And thanks again for the review. Sadly here in the USA I don’t expect cruising to start again for some time so I loved walking in your shoes.
  3. Have a wonderful time on your cruise and don't bother to answer these questions until you are home! Because we are all starved for cruising details!!
  4. Guess starting this thread was a charm. Got the two FCCs from the June 6, 2020 cruise. That one was mainly funded by two other FCCs from a canceled January 31, 2020 cruise and had an expiration date on them that has now passed. I’m assuming those FCCs have a new expiration date same as the ones I just received.
  5. I’m green with envy!! Thanks so much for posting your experiences!
  6. Thanks for all the replies. I called my TA a while back and was given the “whenever I call Celebrity they tell me they are working but to expect 90 days or so...” response. I’m not interested in booking anything at this point. I just wondered what others’ experiences had been.
  7. I've followed the threads on status/time line of refunds. I had a couple of refunds. But I'm interested in people waiting for FCC's. I had a June 6, 2020 cruise cancelled by Celebrity mid April. I decided to take an FCC on that cruise as it already had a couple of FCC's attached to it. On July 4 I received the taxes/fees back. I have not yet received an FCC for this cruise. I also cancelled two cruises myself for late November and early December....cancelled those on June 18. Those deposits were non-refundable and were to be returned as FCC's. Haven't seen anything on that either. If anyone has received an FCC could you post the length of time from either your request or the cruise being cancelled or the sail date and when you received it. My experience with the refunds was I received them about a month after the sailing date. A longer time period than when they were actually cancelled by Celebrity.
  8. On Saturday the 4th of July I saw what I assume to be the port fees/taxes credit for a June 6th cruise Celebrity canceled on April 16th for which I accepted a FCC. My experience with refunds has been that I receive them roughly one month after the sail date not the cancellation date. No FCC yet.
  9. I recently canceled two Apex sailings for November and December. They were booked with NRD. My TA said I would receive the entire deposit amounts as a FCC. This wasn’t the norm but a change Celebrity has made during these current conditions.
  10. Let me rephrase. If these measures are implemented and the cruise price does not go down to reflect less service, then I won’t be interested in paying the same for less. I had a reservation at a 5 star resort once...and they lost a star and didn’t change their prices. I canceled my reservation. Just my personal opinion.
  11. If these measures were to be implemented I'd expect the price of the cruise to go down versus full service cruises prices in the past.
  12. I received five credits back on April 29 for a canceled by X cruise sailing March 29 that I requested a refund for on March 16. Those credits were $148.68 short. I called X on April 30 and was told the remaining amount was being processed. When I hadn't seen anything I called again on May 12 and was told a notification on this booking showed an amount being processed on April 23. I just saw the final credit on May 23. So all the monies I requested in refunds are now received. In spite of this I'm going to cancel a Equinox sailing on September 14 as final payment is due mid June and cancellations of sailings are currently through the end of July. I'd have to pay in full six weeks before there is even a possibility of X sailing again and what that entails. And the September cruise is an 11 day visiting 7 ports....I don't believe it will happen, at least not in its current itinerary and I don't want to have to chase down another refund.
  13. Attorneys will be winners. If they don't get any money they get free publicity.
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