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  1. I agree with the sentiment of what you said...but it was not “one second of not taking proper care.” He held her out over the railing for over 30 seconds.
  2. Just wanted to say, when I first read about this I heard the toddler was held "for a few seconds up to the window." I watched the video with some trepidation (and only after others saying you could not actually see the child drop.) To watch it and count the 34 or whatever seconds she was held out the window.....34 seconds is an incredibly long time. Try sitting still and counting 34 seconds. It could perhaps been considered a tragic accident if she slipped after "a few seconds." (This in no way takes away from the GF's culpability.) But to watch that video and see how long she was dangled out of a window that high up over the dock is an entirely different action. This didn't happen in an instant.
  3. Correct! Now that people don’t camp out in the Buffet waiting for the rooms to be ready announcement it is less crowded.
  4. We sailed Edge with friends and a couple of times a day I’d be “guilty” of using the X app on my phone to coordinate with them. But at least I was only texting. I’ve gotten really tired of people on cruise ships thinking they can have a loud Skype or FaceTime at the table next to me!
  5. Just to add, as an Elite + on Celebrity, that we also loved both Getaway and Escape. One other nice thing about NCL is a MDR is open for lunch on embarkation day. And tables for two are regular tables for four with the extra settings removed. The Waterfront is not only a great spot for shaded al fresco sitting, but the specialty restaurants also have al fresco dining on it. O’Sheehans offers a free dining option 24/7. So you can get a hamburger or lots of other casual comfort food whereas the Mast Grill closes at 6 p.m. and is outside. I’m not saying NCL is better than X but for those who sail X frequently new menus and new shows are really welcomed!
  6. I’m one of the supposed minority who loved Edge and also our IV cabin!!! OK by me if others don’t!
  7. Unfortunately there are people who believe news stories about people who “fell” off cruise ships. And the media and family were initially saying the accident occurred in a children’s play area where a window was negligently left open. If one is not following later developments/reporting that could be all someone knows. My brother heard part of the story when it first happened and thought a child had fallen out of a window. That was probably what was actually reported. Of course, the child did not fall out of a window. Tragically she was dropped.
  8. Blu is not open for lunch on any day, including embarkation day. I’ve never seen a Blu hostess asking if you want to share a table as in the MDR.... The menu is definitely not the same as the MDR. Do a search for the menus...I haven’t eaten in Blu on Edge yet.
  9. I have checked, thanks. Availability at the time I submitted the bid...sold out now. Oh well, win win. If I got it it would be nice. If I don’t get it I have more money to put towards the next cruise.
  10. I've never actually received an invitation. (Pout.) I put my first upgrade bid ever 19 days ago....haven't heard anything. Cruise is in two weeks....
  11. So your cabin configuration had the bed by the balcony? Ours has bed by the bathroom.
  12. Just a heads up that you don’t have to wait to receive an email from Celebrity to try to up bid. At a certain date frame (which I don’t know) you can go to your booking online, go to Manage My Reservation and scroll down to the bottom of the page where there is an option to bid for an upgrade.
  13. I forgot to ask, how did you park it in the cabin and access the bathroom?
  14. Thanks for your post!! That gives me hope that it will fit!! And my husband will also be happy to maneuver it around.
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