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  1. This is very disturbing. Hope they can get this under control before a pandemic occurs, if it isn't too late already after this fiasco. Very foolish of HAL. Nightmare for passengers, crew and those who ended up in transit with passengers who disembarked and went home.
  2. We sail the meditteranean and are Canadians.
  3. A couple of questions: 1. Is the free coffee decent? 2. Is plain tap water free by the glass in the main dining room or do we have to pay for it?
  4. Wow - great to know. Thank you for your feedback. My DH and I really appreciate it!
  5. We have not personally tried out MSC...yet. We are booked on MSC Seaview for July, 2021 on a Med. We have sailed NCL, Carnival & Royal. Those lines all great in their own ways regarding service, food in MDR and entertainment. We are excited to give MSC a try. I think you will be pleased. There are certain things that will be new (e.g. the announcements in multiple languages, maybe diversity of foods, being it is an Italian line), however, we have done extensive research on this, as well have spoken to many extended family, friends and neighbors who have given MSC a shot...they are a very good value, and our aunt/uncle with 4 kids, as well as our neighbors who have also sailed Carnival have told us MSC food was exceptional in MDR and beautiful ships (they have sailed Divina, Seaside and Seaview to name a few). So although I cannot personally give my opinion, what I've heard firsthand from people close to us, and what I've read on CC prompted us to book for 2021. You should enjoy your trip....one thing I also noticed is that each line upcharges for their own fair share of "extras" including MSC.... doesn't bother us as we are still getting a much better value for our family over a land based all inclusive... and entertainment on MSC may not seem as "up to par" with what we've sailed thus far, but again, I have read it is because they have more diverse passengers....so operas, illusionists as opposed to Punchliner or broadway musicals...hope this helps
  6. Thanks for sharing these photos. Is that some sort of cheese pizza in your pics, or chicken parmigiana? Looks tasty!
  7. Thanks to all who replied to my post. Seems as though the majority have enjoyed their experience. We know food can be subjective. E.g. over the past 8 yrs, we've cruised 3 different lines...RCCL, NCL & Carnival. People complain in reviews and on these CC boards about the food and service on each of these lines. I'm no celebrity chef, but my husband and I have Italian parents, and so we do enjoy cooking and baking our own meals from scratch. We have enjoyed each line (MDR only) thus far....never gone to specialty yet...and each line impressed us equally and in their own way....including our kids, who enjoy trying new dishes (9 & 11). I get it...lots of fats, shortcuts and corners happen when feeding 4000+, but overall, the value on these lines has pleased us. We are thinking to branch out for our August 2020 cruise on the Breeze...and the steakhouse was looking pretty promising....how about Cucina Del Capitano? Is the marinara and meat sauce authentic? The reviews on YOUTUBE look great....but being ones who can our own tomato sauce each September, wondering what thoughts are on this?
  8. Is it typically on the sea days? 2nd day and last day at sea?
  9. Thanks for all feedback. I think we will go ahead and try it out based on your positive comments.
  10. We have cruised 5x on 3 different lines, but never tried specialty dining. Our son will be 11 on our August 2020 sailing on the Breeze. He's a foodie and we are thinking to try out the steakhouse. A couple of questions: 1. Is it worth the $? Thoughts on the food. 2. Our son will definitely want to order off the adult menu. Should I purchase him as an adult for this, or since he will be 11 just buy the child and hope they allow him to order as an adult as he has been doing in the MDR on past cruises? Thanks in advance for your feedback 🙂
  11. We just booked ours yesterday for July 2021...to Italy, France, Spain. The itineraries are just newly out
  12. Ok thanks. Wondered about penalty. Good to hear.
  13. Trying to book and back and forth with dates for inlaw's 50th anniversary and ended up accidentally booking the wrong week. I need exact booking I made for July 2021 but 1 week later. I booked on the MSC Canadian site and the U.S customer service couldn't do anything on her end today as the currency is different. She assured me it can be switched without a problem when I phone Canadian customer service tomorrow (Canada's offices closed on Sundays). Can anyone confirm this will not be an issue? Will I be charged a penalty for the change in date?
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