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  1. Agree with you. The industry will have excess capacity for a few months if not years. I see Mothballing a few ship or even writing them off.
  2. Probably easier to write-off an asset than trying to make it profitable at all for the next few years. They wont need the capacity for some time. I think we've just seen the end of the Mega-Ship (5000 PX+Crew).
  3. 29 person infected. Party held during official confinement. The ship is going nowhere soon. https://france3-regions.francetvinfo.fr/pays-de-la-loire/loire-atlantique/saint-nazaire/coronavirus-saint-nazaire-29-personnes-desormais-positives-paquebot-celebrity-apex-dont-hospitalisee-1807904.html
  4. I understand being defensive. I, for one will never sail big ship again (+2000 pax). I'll cruise less but on smaller ship.
  5. I have another cruise on another line leaving Aug. 30, 2020. It will be cancelled. An believe me, there is no way I"m going anywhere soon, at least not until summer 2021. We,re looking at 3-4 millions unemployed in Canada by week-end. I'm fortunate to be close to retirement and I hope my pension fund doesn't go belly-up. Stay home, buy some good wine and stay safe.
  6. Yep, Québec (and the East Coast) is beautiful. Same goes for New-England down south to South Carolina. Seeing our own country from a different perspective would be a nice change.
  7. Good day all, In my opinion, many countries will have a hard time accepting tourist from abroad for at least a year (and I'm generous). Is it about time Lawmaker change the maritime laws temporarily to permit cruise ship to start a cruises without going to a foreign port? How about a cruise for Eastern Canada, the Pacific, etc for canadian? Nobody want to be stuck again abroad. How about the same for american- a cruise visiting only american port? Just thinking out loud.
  8. Cristal Ball says not until late 2021 (if that). I would'nt mind that lawmaker make changes to maritime laws to permits cruises within a particular country, lets say a cruise ship navigating canadian water and stopping only in canadian port. No way I'm bringing viruses or getting them across the world.
  9. As a canadian I will only cruise from a canadian port to another canadian port. No way I'm going to be stuck across the world . Lawmaker will have to change many Laws to make this happen (and save the cruise industry). And yea, bring back the straws
  10. I don't know why people think that the cruise business will be normal this summer. The last thing Italy and other Mediteranean country need are crowds of tourist on their shore. My Sept. is not cancelled yet but looking at the world event, no cruise will happen until next year. I'm staying home.
  11. They can take the next few months making her as beautiful as ever or an Hospital ship. I can see a few rough spot that need to be sandblasted and repainted LOL
  12. In a perfect world, nobody would be allowed back on a cruise ship until the the passenger can show a vaccination certificate (unlikely) The peak in Europe will happen sooner than in North America. Does Italy and Spain want tourists that bad this Summer/Fall?
  13. Employees of Airlines who are IATA/ARC appointedEmployees of Federal Express, DHL , Airbourne & UPSEmployees of National Air Traffic Controllers AssociationEmployees of National Pilots Association Retired employees of airlines currently in operation
  14. French Polynesia is announcing that until April 11, Cruise ship will not be permitted to cruise the island with passengers. Next date for WS inn Papeete is in June. Cruise ships currently sailing to the islands of French Polynesia must divert to the nearest international port of their choice. Note that Samoa has already banned ocean liners until further notice; the distant Cook Islands are also prohibited for cruise ships, as are the Loyalty Islands in New Caledonia. Fiji has not yet taken any such measures, but is already barring its territory from people who have stayed in high-risk countries in Asia and Italy. The measure also affects Polynesian ships such as the Aranui or the Paul Gauguin, since "the ships at the head of the line currently present in territorial waters must reach the Port of Papeete without delay, where they will be authorized to disembark their passengers, to allow their repatriation to their respective countries. The ship's health report must be sent to the authorities before berthing. No new passenger will be allowed to board one of these ships. https://www.radio1.pf/les-paquebots-bannis-du-fenua-jusquau-11-avril/?fbclid=IwAR2w9xQlaqzS9HZENo-Unkod-UiyaunYLkuXxnUur7tglCut4fgMT-A4_aA
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