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  1. Royals official view at https://www.royalcaribbean.com/experience/accessible-cruising/additional-assistance in general you should assume no on taking the motorized scooter and no on having them assist you.... my suggestion is to bring your own wheel chair it transport chair that holds up for your own use. However even with that you may not be able to use if their are any safety concerns...
  2. Canal experience Ride by coach to either the Gamboa Dredging Division Pier or the Cucaracha Pier inside the Panama Canal, and board a ferry that will transport you through the Panama Canal. You'll pass through the Gaillard Cut -- the most important and difficult part of the Panama Canal's construction and home of legendary Continental Divide. Enter the Pedro Miguel Locks and Miraflores Lake. On the far side of the lake you will find the Miraflores Locks -- your passage to the Pacific Ocean. Watch for the Centennial and Americas Bridges and you will end your adventure at the Pacific port at the entrance to the Panama Canal. Transfer by coach to meet the ship inColón . Notes: This excursion departs from Gatún Lake and ends in Colón, where you will re-board the ship. Canal transits are scheduled and controlled by the Panama Canal Authority. Water levels in the locks are impacted by rain and the tour may be extended during drier seasons; therefore, the tour duration varies and your patience with any delays is appreciated. The panoramic drive from Panama City at Colón to the ship is approximately 1¼ hours on a new four-lane highway. Re-boarding your cruise ship in Colón requires waiting for the ship's arrival; this can be a little unpredictable as the ship's transit time through the canal can vary. Please be prepared for delays and again your patience is appreciated. There are no wheelchair accessible restrooms on the ferry.
  3. Train excursion description Experience the Panama Canal and its living history as you travel the isthmus railroad through beautiful flora and past lovely Gatún Lake. You are seated in a domed railcar. Depending on the canal scheduling, you may see the enormous vessels that transit the canal, and you'll pass through towns and villages named for the people who built this 'path between the seas'. You will also visit the Agua Clara Locks -- part of the Panama Canal Expansion project. This is the largest project undertaken on the Canal since its original construction. The objective was to create a new lane of traffic through the Panama Canal, doubling the waterway's capacity. Be a witness to this major undertaking by visiting the New Locks, whose Observation Center is a park-style concept based on open platforms and roofed terraces, set in of area of about 10 acres. The platforms provide a view of the neo-Panamax class of vessels crossing the isthmus. You can also see the majestic Gatún Lake from here, where ships exit and continue their transit through the waterway. Enjoy the beautiful rain forest scenery as you cross the Continental Divide from ocean to ocean in just an hour. You'll also pass the working locks and some of the old Canal Zone area that has now been returned to the people of Panama. Notes: The train portion of this tour is exactly the same as the 'Panama Railroad Standard Rail Car, Agua Clara Locks & Motorcoach to Colón' except that participants are seated in a domed rail car. Space is very limited so please book early. This excursion will depart from Gatún Lake and will end in Colón, where you will re-board the ship.
  4. We just booked a partial with HAL in March 2020 and trying to decide shore excursions. As we have some mobility issues I’m trying to decide between the following PANAMA RAILROAD DOME CAR, AGUA CLARA LOCKS & MOTORCOACH TO COLON OR THE CANAL EXPERIENCE FROM GATUN TO COLON thoughts????? this will probably be our only trip to the area... if you pic train I assume do the domed car???? appreciate everyone’s help and insights!
  5. Found this map on the various slides... hope it helps those going yo the water park
  6. Thanks and sounds like the baby monitor trick the way to go
  7. Curious if anyone knows the outputs on the TV’s on the Noordam???? Trying to find out if it has a standard headphone jack or RCA outs? Two reasons... first the hubby likes using his wireless headphones when watching TV and I’m sleeping Second and the real reason I want to know is we have a aft balcony so want to hear the broadcasts when in GlacierBay... thought is instead of his headphones we can pair to a Bluetooth speaker for that... So????? Any thoughts on the TV options???? Yes I know some just leave the balcony door open and say they can hear fine... others have commented about using baby monitors... I’m trying to use what we have that’s small and we own plus has multiple purposes
  8. Related? Taquan Air had another accident this time killing the pilot and passanger (source: https://www.foxnews.com/us/two-dead-in-second-floatplane-crash-involving-taquan-air-officials-say.amp)
  9. Was curious so checked our cruise in September and premium and 1 day pricing offered... just under $112 for our 7 day. At the moment I'm going to attempt to stay offline while onboard... I may crumble but that’s the plan
  10. Not sure on pricing but the cabanas do sell out... so if you see you might want to grab advice I got was to buy and if price goes down you can cancel and redo... especially on internet and drink packages sales happen and at different times for each ship/itinerary ... there are typically Black Friday sales on the grandeur in Nov I just booked internet at $13.99 and refreshment beverage (nonalcoholic) at $20. I also redid our balloon excursion on CoCoCay which saves me $10 each... was considering chill island cabana as a splurge but sold out
  11. Yep my Y1L showing SOLDOUT in August and it had lots of availability a couple of days ago.... something is weird for sure
  12. Hubby likes to be cautious so we will have some Canadian currency for the just in case or wall item purchase instances... I hear both sides... those that say not needed...others who think you should....
  13. The larger plane was reported as being Taquan Air ... no word yet on the smaller plane from the independent tour... (source:https://www.ktuu.com/content/news/Authorities-working-to-rescue-victims-of-two-float-plane-crashes-near-Ketchikan-509872001.html)
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