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  1. Thanks for the poem Belle. This hasn't been a good week weight wise. No one to blame but myself. I have not been exercising (due to my back) and we seem to be eating desserts every night ... wine has been good too!. I am up 2.8# which means that I am up a total 12.8# from last November. This is crazy ... but, I will get back on the swing of things. Did go see my Gyn the other day ... haven't seen him in awhile (they told me I had aged out .. now they say I should still go). Anyway ... even though I am overweight he said at my age it is ok and that I am healthy. I want to lose (or re-lose) a total of 16# and then I would be done ... would be higher than I was years ago ... but I would feel better. And, of course, I want to lose all the weight in my stomach --- the joys of having kids (wouldn't trade it for anything!!!). Hope everyone has a good week. Pacruise - I saw last weeks post .... I've been looking at Viking for the med or scandinavia .... someday we will. (We've been to all the ports you will be going to on numerous occassions ... If you are interested in any ideas, I may be able to come up with a few) ... many might involve food though (including lots of walking). Jan
  2. IneedAMaiTai - I too have been to the Caribbean many times (17 times I think as of right now) ... any questions I'm sure that both melmar and myself would have lots of answers!!!! Jan PS - haven't posted much as am trying to stay off the computer ... Jan
  3. Good Morning - having computer problems ... Been getting very strange emails ... and I have tried to do everything without using my house internet (it has been off) and using my phone. Then I couldn't figure out my password, etc. I have a problem with my back (always) I have vertebrae that go out ... and this time it decided to pinch my sciatica ... I can't stand up straight or walk well. Called my chiropractor and he moved his office about 150 miles away and is not working at this time .... I'm trying heat .... this is not fun. Jo - husbands can have an interesting way of telling one that they care ... My DH does the same thing and when I try to explain that it isn't helpful and he should know that by now ... he will say that someday I will do everything his way .... he is not a funny man! I am up the 0.2# that I was down last week. Oh well. Good luck to all ... this is the end of week 10 for me self-quarantining. It is getting old, but for the best. Jan
  4. Good morning all. Belle thanks for the poem. Some how I am down 0.2# have no idea why. But I will take it. Jan
  5. Melmar..so glad you found the hot pockets. I have been going to different stores trying to find frozen bread dough.. no luck. I do feel fortunate that at this time I am healthy
  6. Good Morning Belle! Thanks for the poem. I am unfortunately up 1# this week. Motivation is not great and have been having dessert in the evenings without much exercise. I will get back into the swing of things shortly .... Hope everyone had a wonderful week. Jan
  7. Diana ... I think I might envy your garden ... we still do not have leaves on our trees and planting will be done toward the end of the month. But, I am in the planning stages of my garden ... DH has made raised gardens and I have some large deck pots and I am writing down what I want to plant (I will call the garden center tomorrow), (they are only open for curbside). I plan on growing spinach, leaf lettuce, radish, climbing cucs, grape tomatoes, zucchini, summer squash, climbing green beans, rosemary and basil. Surprisingly enough my sage and thyme have wintered over. Love the idea of having a garden .... perhaps it is one of the brightest things about being house bound ... It has been probably 30 years since I have done much vegetable gardening. It was almost 60 here today ... my DD came and sat on my deck .... 6ft apart ... and we had coffee and talked for awhile .... I so miss not hugging her ... I think I find that the most difficult part of trying to be safe ... I know it is for the best ... but I hurt not being able to hold my kids. Hope everyone else has had a lovely Sunday .... and Belle I too really don't have a life ... Jan
  8. Lois - Yes it is all new stuff ... but, it really is doable ... the biggest benefit I found was meeting with a dietitian/nutritionist .... they really helped in helping me understand about carbs and what to eat to keep my sugars level. I am lucky at this time point ... my levels have stabilized and I am only on metformin and trulicity (once per week) ... I also had to lose weight ... that was really difficult as I have metabolic syndrome and it was very frustrating trying to be healthy. I found that I had to be more pro-active about the different medicines I was taking. Best of everything for your continued health ... Let me know if you ever want to talk!!! Take care, Jan
  9. Lois - hope that everything will be ok ... I'm also diabetic ... but, it is now under control. Jan
  10. pacruise - yes Lt. Cotton does a Bangor Police Department facebook writing and he also has another page for writing on a personal level. (I think he also writes about cars too). He has also written a book that comes out this summer. When people come to Bangor a lot like to go to the Bangor Police to meet the Duck of Justice and have their picture taken with him. It is really great for people to see the police as people who are trying to help keep our area safe. I weighed myself this morning and am up 0.4# .... I'm not surprised ... just am not motivated. Hope everyone has a wonderful day. Jan (PS - If you type in Bangor Maine Police Department on facebook it will take you to the page!)
  11. Glad you are a "duck of justice" fan .... I follow him on a daily basis. Even have a picture of Lt. Cotton with my grandson (one year my grandson went to Walmart with his grammy and purchased toys, etc. for others for Christmas - through the Bangor PD)
  12. I got up this morning ... had breakfast ... talked with DH for awhile and then realized it was Thursday. I will weigh in tomorrow (don't think I've lost!). Jan PS - Congrats to all the losers!
  13. Thanks for the information ... I'll check out the BW ....
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