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  1. Feels like fall here - It's all of 45 degrees right now! I stayed the same this week ... would have liked to have had a loss ... but, am happy with no gain! Jan
  2. Today I was down 0.8# ... which is where I was 8/22 ... hopefully next week I will also be down and can stop the yo-yo .... Belle, hope you have a wonderful time on your cruise .... You will miss my birthday on the 18th ... but I will have cake for you (no-cal) and will dance with the dancing men .... Jan
  3. The Dawn has two bedrooms & two baths DOS - they sleep 6. Jan
  4. Can't believe how close Christmas is!!! I'm so not ready. I am down this week 0.8# ... but it is just yo-yoing back and forth ... It's ok, I still have goals. Good luck to all this week ... I think I need to start thinking about Christmas shopping! haha - Jan
  5. Diana - I hope you have a wonderful birthday --- are you having dancing men? Or cake without any calories .... Enjoy your day! (My birthday isn't until the 18th) ... So have a few weeks to try to lose before cake without calories .... Hope your dinner out tomorrow is amazing! Jan
  6. We are having a great weekend --- took my DD and her fiance out to dinner at a restaurant we have never tried on Saturday ... It was wonderful --- I would so go back there again. Yesterday and today we have been working in our bedroom - wallpaper is down, trim is painted (need another coat) - today is putting ceiling moulding up and second coat paint. Then I will be able to re-wallpaper the room. The house is 80 yrs old ... and painting walls is not an option! Went to the gym twice also ... hopefully I will lose some of the gain that I had lost that I had gained, etc. Jan PS - Belle I hope you enjoyed your birthday ... had lots of no cal cake and had fun! (were there dancing guys?)
  7. Not sure what I like the best the dancing men or the no calories. Happy Birthday Belle!!! Enjoy your day ... Such a lovely month for birthdays!. Jan
  8. Belle - thanks for the poem .... I love "Birthday Month" ... what are we going to do this year for fun? I was doing well until yesterday ... don't understand it ... I had been maintaining all week ... then this morning I was up 1.6# --- I don't understand the scales sometimes ... but I'm ok with it ... I will probably go down about the same next week .... I'll go to the gym 3 times this week with DH. For my age my weight is ok .... I'm just glad that I can wear a "M" or a 12 and sometimes a 10. I'm not going to continue to beat myself over the head about my weight. I did have a neighbor that stopped by the other day to mention that she could tell that I've really lost weight (helps with the motivation). Took luck to all today ... it is raining here ... but has cooled off a little. Jan
  9. Belle, I went grocery shopping tonight and the price was shocking! We are having all the "kids" and grandkids over on Monday for pizza. The grandkids and I are making flat bread pizzas ... one cheese, one pepperoni (or perhaps two) and then one with lots of different vegetables and a different meat. The grandkids eat half of the "grediants" before they put it on the pizza's ... it is great fun!. I then bought "stuff" for everyone to make their own salads ... lettuce, spinach, carrots, peppers, avocado, cucs, broccoli, strawberries, blueberries, onions, then toppings, etc. I can make it diet friendly, and have a wonderful time watching all the kids interact ... and watching the grands eat everything before it goes on the pizza ... this is what I love -- family is amazing!. Jan
  10. I just have to share ... I am so proud of my daughter. She has been working on getting healthy for the past 2-3 months and has lost over 30# ... we went yesterday for her first wedding dress fitting and the seamstress wanted her to pick out a different wedding gown. My DD said no, so now they have to take the dress in (remove the zipper and over 8" of fabric) then redo the zipper ... It is amazing what she has accomplished. She has met her first goal ... and will try to just maintain for the next month. Then after the wedding she wants to lose the rest of the weight. She is 2 inches taller than I am and weighs 16# more than I do ... but can wear a smaller size than I do in clothes ... Everyone's body structure is so different. She looks so good! (PS her fiance says she isn't a bridezilla she is a dietzilla).
  11. Amazing job all .... simply amazing!!!! I am down, but not what you all are I lost 0.8# this week for a total of 28.8# -- I'll take it. Sunday was my anniversary and we spent a few days along the coast ... we went to see a Maine comic, had lots of wine in small cafe's, and being on the coast we had to have Italian! It was so good, been a long time since I've had fettucini with a white garlic cause and shrimp ... (and split a bottle of wine). I'm surprised I lost anything. (It was our 46# - how time flies). Belle - thanks for starting this thread - poem is wonderful! Jan
  12. I was hoping I would be down this week ... but ended up staying the same. But, on the bright side .. I stayed the same!!! Jan
  13. Thanks for doing this review - we will be on the Breakaway in 2021 (long time from now ... but am enjoying reading all about others adventures). Jan
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