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  1. Belle -- Thanks for posting!!!! I got the chance to weigh myself this morning and am very happy that I did ... Even with all the eating on Father's Day (had all the kids over) I am down 1.2# this week ... finally starting to see a loss again ... I am now down a total of 30.0# (Since the end of October) ... I am so very glad!!! Hope everyone had a good week .... see you all Monday night or Tuesday morning! Jan
  2. Tomorrow we leave for Iowa to visit DH's DB & DSIL ... Just a short trip (we will be back on Monday) ... don't know if I will be able to weigh in tomorrow as we have an early flight. Hope everyone has had a wonderful week. Jan
  3. Oh Belle ... I don't need to borrow any money ... although I believe my son might ..... hahaha!!! Jan
  4. Everyone is welcome ... we are all just trying to get healthy and like to help others on their journey also. It doesn't matter if it is pounds or inches or how a dress feels, etc. I have been on CC since 2002 and this is the one place that I feel welcomed, no matter what I say, what I weigh, what I gain, what I lose ... everyone is here for everyone else ... it is a non-judgemental thread. And .... Belle does such a wonderful job at poems and motivation!. Jan Welcome Ombud and AndyB
  5. Belle .... I just love the pep talks you give to all of us ... It really makes a difference! Jan ... and all the support from others is greatly appreciated! Its why I keep coming back !!!
  6. I am finally down new weight (had been yo-yoing since 4/4) This week I lost 1.4# for a total loss of 28.8# .... and the best part is that the weight is now 1*9.6 .... love having the final number be a "9" Hope everyone has a good week. Jan
  7. Jo ---- I'm with you ... I love 1.2# and then I'm up 1.2# and then down ... I really don't understand ... with what I'm eating I should be down each week ... It is very frustrating ... this has been going on for the past 2 months ... Jan
  8. In Bar Harbor I would check out https://www.christmasspiritshop.com/ - It is located right on Main Street. Enjoy your cruise! Jan
  9. Welcome back Belle! Glad you had fun ... so, explain about the free cruise? Nice!!! I am down 1.2# (which is what I was up last week) and down the week before, and then up the week before that. Over and over again ... have not lost any "new" weight since April 4th ... Getting rather frustrating! Hope everyone had a good week! Jan
  10. Thank you all for explaining how it will work ... Jan
  11. How about this: Ticket is $21 per person total of $42 for the excursion for two people. (St. Thomas). Does the credit pay $21 or does the credit pay 42? (loss of either $29 or $8). Thanks, Jan
  12. Looking forward to following your adventure - we won't be on the Breakaway until 2021 (sigh!). Jan
  13. Pacruise - hope you have a wonderful time on your cruise! Staying the same is good!!! I seem to have gained 1.2# (exactly what I lost the week before) ... getting frustrated! Oh well! Jan
  14. 138east - thanks for the suggestions ... I decided to go ahead and I booked a hotel on hotwire for North End/Faneuil call and ended up getting the Bostonian -- I am happy with my choice. Now, I would love to find a nice place to have dinner (an early dinner!) ... not looking for really fancy. Thanks - Jan
  15. We will be going on a cruise on the 8th of November. We will take Concord Trailways from Bangor ... we had planned on going down the same day as the cruise, which we have done on numerous times. I've started second guessing about going down the same day as one never really knows what the weather will be in November ... it could snow! Checking out hotels, they are very expensive for that date .... but I also checked hotwire and found a few that are around $200 per night. I've been looking at Fanueil Hall/North End/Waterfront and the Seaport/Convention Area. I'm not sure which would be best ... am looking for areas to walk around .... always love going to Mike's or Modern's ... so north end would be good .... seaport isn't far from the cruise terminal (I believe). We would have noon on Thursday to about 11:00 on Friday to do a little exploring. Also looking for ideas for dinner. Would like a little advise on which area would be best .... thanks, Jan
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