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  1. Good Morning - Thanks for the poem Belle! Pac - sorry you gained but nice that clothes are fitting better Diana - wow lowest in 6 years amazing (especially during these times) Melmar - congrats on the loss - any loss is good! I was hoping I was going to be down ... as I did give up dessert a few times! I am the same this week and I will take it - I'm happy with it. Ok ... my whining time ... today I was to be in Boston with all my family - exploring the North End and walking the Freedom Trail - staying in a nice hotel and having good food and drink --- tomorrow was to be our first day on a Bermuda cruise ... I was so excited!!! Now some of my family is going off to explore Maine this weekend and we get one sons dog for the week. (dog sitting or Bermuda - difficult choice!) Hope everyone has a wonderful week. Next Tuesday will be my 47th anniversary ... Life is good. Jan
  2. Belle - Congrats on finding money .... Nice. Wish we were having cooler weather .... It is usually cooler here in Maine, but It is 91 degrees right now .... very warm for us .... and the humidity really rots! Hope everyone is having a good week. Jan
  3. Jo - I am so very glad for you .... wonderful news!!!!
  4. Belle - I used to have a shredder, but unfortunately it broke. Ended up taking my in-laws information to a local records management (& shredding) company ... wasn't too expensive and they were able to handle it all. Now I just need to get through all the paperwork we have collected over the years. I seem to have kept way to much information, but my DH used to have his own business .... so we have just stockpiled it in the attic!!! I have seen my grandchildren (without hugging) over the summer as they have both been home, but now they will be starting school in the fall, and I don't know if I will be comfortable with that. Our cases have gone down, (there are 387 active cases in the state) but our borders have been closed to many states and Canada. Now more states can come in with a Covid negative test. Unfortunately some are not waiting for the result and are visiting and have ended up having the virus. School (for most) will be Monday & Thursday or Tuesday and Friday and then zoom on Wednesdays. Not sure what I'm going to do about seeing my grandkids. Went exercising today (one on one with my trainer) .... I am very sore!!! Don't know what this week will hold for weight loss. Jan
  5. Today my brother & sisters and all their kids and one of mine had a zoom conversation .... we talked for 1 1/2 hour ... we all live in different parts of the country (Michigan, Maine, Virginia, New Jersey, Georgia, Mississippi) ... It was great to talk with everyone ... we have a few more "tweets" to do to get our faces, sunlight through windows, etc fixed) ... It was nice to see everyone .... Its been about a year since we we have all been together. Tried eating well this weekend (although we did stop out tonight for food) .... hard when the excitement for the week is going to the grocery store ... DH (Ken) and I go together and he gets half of the grocery list and I get the other half ... makes a short trip to the store ... and I have my own cart! Hope everyone had a nice weekend. Belle, hope you are doing ok. Jan
  6. Belle - I totally hear you. You are right about keeping paperwork for the last 3 years. This virus has everything upside down/and around the mulberry bush .... 7 months until your cruise sounds doable .... It is so difficult not being able to plan .... right now I have 6 cruises booked, but only know that there is a possibility of 5 actually going .... but perhaps only 4. perhaps/maybe. Belle, if ever you need someone to vent for I would be glad to share my email address with you. I do believe we have "known" each other for 17 years. So, Belle, are you planning birthday posts for September .... I really think you need to do it ... I need a few dancing men in my life .... take care, Jan
  7. Belle ... I understand how you are feeling .... today would be 7 days before our big family cruise that I have been looking forward for more than 2 years ... 6 days from now we could have been in Boston enjoying it ....I'm having a difficult time trying to be really upbeat about life .... but I will try to look forward to 1 year and 1 week from now. It is on my bucket list for Europe ... I was hoping for 2021 or 2022, but think it needs to wait until at leas 2023. Life keeps going on, but my years are catching up!!!d Jan
  8. Wow - this has been a crazy week for some of us ... I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers ... Had a wonderful day yesterday ..... I weighed myself this morning and I am down 0.8# I'll take it! Hope everyone has a good week .... Jan
  9. Good Morning - I forgot to weigh myself this morning ... I will tomorrow. Today is my youngest's birthday and I am having all of them over for dinner ... so I got early to start cooking ... I will have tons of salad! Jan
  10. Diana - We will have to start celebrating birthdays again! My daughter was just telling me that her son (kindergartner) will be going to school Monday & Thursday or Tuesday and Friday. Wednesday will be a zoom type classroom school at home. It should be interesting. I truly hope that it will work academically. Jan
  11. So - I am pretty sure that Belle is a September birthday .... I am also .... Mine is the 18th ... when is everyone else's? Jan Belle - we will have to have a birthday party this year for all!
  12. Sorry I haven't been around much Belle, although I do continue to read all the posts and am enjoying them. I'm doing ok, but I don't seem to have much to talk about lately. Everyone is healthy, so I am very thankful. I'm just getting a little worn down by staying home and not having much to look forward to .... I know I should be thanking for all the wonderful things I have been given and I really do appreciate it .... Ok ... enough of that. We are celebrating my son's birthday on Thursday and I am cooking again. (Pork Loin Roast with Herbs and Garlic). I will enjoy watching them all talk as they eat. My DH (Ken) has started cleaning out 30 years worth of "junk" in the garage ... you open the garage door and it is wall to wall "stuff". He likes to save just in case!!!! So far he has found my youngest son's first car seat (he will be 29 on Thursday), my other son's note from his 1st grade teacher (my son is now 36). He also found a letter from a friend of mine that died of brain cancer about 17 years ago .... I had never seen the note before ... It was very touching. I'm sure it was meant to be found at this time point. My husband also unearthed my strawberry colored samsonite luggage that I got in 1971. This is going to be an interesting project. I hope everyone is having a wonderful week .... I will try to be a better writer each week. Jan
  13. Alas my tale is of woe ..... I seem to have gained 2.2# and I'm not sure why. We have been having very hot weather here (its been warmer here than Key West this week) I am retaining a lot of fluid. I really thought I was being good ... oh well ... perhaps next week. Hope everyone has had a wonderful week. We do have a birthday today, so I am cooking (hopefully not eating much though). Jan
  14. Good Morning all .... thanks for the poem Belle. PA where is your cruise going in November? Congrats on the 1.4# loss that is nice ... I do understand about feeling a bit "off" ... it is difficult right now, but I guess we all just need to keep plugging along .... will your kids have classroom school/college or on-line school? They are still debating it here ... my kids aren't sure what they will end up doing if there is a lack of accommodation for their kids - our schools don't open up until September. I am down 1.2# (alas it isn't new weight ... but it is weight loss from last week). Had all the kids over last night and we had a wonderful time -- It was great to sit and talk ... spent most time outside. Dog seems to be doing a little better (she has 7 meds ... which are not easy to get her to swallow them). Hope everyone has a wonderful week. Jan
  15. The ultrasound on the dog didn't show any problems - so it is an infection of the liver that she has a lot of meds to take. Before our appointment she ha a seizure (she has them every so often - and the vet says she is perfectly healthy). This afternoon, just taking it easy. Kids are all coming over for dinner so that should be fun. Hope that I'm down weightwise tomorrow ... right now it looks like I will be, but I will have to be very careful on eating tonight (which might be difficult as my SIL is making a cake w/chesse cake in it. (and it is blueberry-lemon). Hope everyone is doing well. Belle - Alaska in 2021 sounds lovely. We have one for 2022 to Alaska. I keep looking at the cruise that was canceled for this August and the count down is still working ... kind of sad looking at a 23 day until cruise knowing it was canceled. Jan
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