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  1. I knowing you have a child who very well could not travel due to medical reasons, why in the he’ll would you not purchase travel insurance?
  2. Your post turned me off when you referred to a NCL employee as a “little helper”. With that,I’m sure you are a joy from the get go.
  3. Really complaining about a .50 increase pp (a $1 a day)! Not sure what cruise line doesn’t increase their DSC but maybe it’s time you find that cruise line and jump ship!
  4. You got the room you wanted and were happy with the price you paid at final paynent, correct? Do you go back to the grocery store weeks later and try to get a refund on a sale item you paid full price weeks or months before? This is the chance you take with EVERY cruise line!
  5. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. We are traveling with a 12, 11, & 10 year old and want to ensure we are in a safe neighborhood and conveniently located.
  6. According to NCL if you cancel due to any reason other than medical, you only receive 75% back. So let us know if your insurance covers 100% for cancel other than medical and if so where did you find this insurance? We are schedule 14 day out of Southampton in June.
  7. And that’s why my kids have never been on a Disney Cruise! No casino no cruise...
  8. Why the mad emoji? You got the room you paid for, if you wanted to be guaranteed a different room, you should have booked it out right!
  9. It’s always been suites and VIP, people who purchased the new upgrade embarking/tendering, then latitude members who qualify for priority embarking, then general.
  10. Some people from the past few cruises have postEd updates on FB that their cruises went on without and problems and they had a great time!
  11. Who wants to carry a cup around to get soda? Why not just go to the bar and ask for a soda in a clean cup. Plus how do you wash it to keep it clean? In your bathroom sink? 🤮
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