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  1. Had a disappointing excursion in Roatan last year on Allure. In DL that night concierge asked how our day was so I explained the shortcomings of our excursion. The next day I received a message that the operator of our tour confirmed our statements / experience and we were being refunded 50%.
  2. anyone done this tour ? says 4 hours - open top jeep, scenic walk in national park, pigeon island beach for swimming
  3. just looking at this now for our March 2020 trip. any comments on the tour ?
  4. disembarking Sunday 4/5 from Freedom -- want to self disembark with our carry on luggage and go someplace for breakfast / walking around before heading to airport at 11 am for 230 pm flight. suggestions for Sunday morning breakfast ? last time we randomly found a café - it was decent but nothing special thanks linda
  5. does anyone remember the food options there ? thanks
  6. thanks -- any differences between the 2 beaches that would make you pick one over the other ? this is port stop # 2 out of 5 for our cruise in march.
  7. anyone been to both beaches and can advise the difference ? looking for a few hours on the beach -- prefer bathroom facilities over porta potties. and do you need to set a time for taxi return or are they readily available to return to the cruise port ? this island is stop # 3 of 5 stops on our cruise so i am trying to be flexible on each port ( not booking excursions ) in case we are beached out ( sunburned ) or weather that morning doesn't look promising.
  8. never been to st kitts -- looking for a beach for a few hours with bathroom facilities ( no porta potties ) has anyone been to both beaches and can tell me the difference. also do you need to specify a time with taxi driver for return or can we wing it and just leave when ready at either of these beaches. ( meaning there are plenty of taxis or one can be called with no issue) thanks linda
  9. any updates on this beach ? it is on my list for our March 2020 cruise. a) cost for taxi from cruise pier and approx travel time in avg traffic. b) still only porta potties ? if crbnlvr had photos in the message above i can't see them. thanks linda
  10. We were on Anthem October 19th .had the skirt steak and it was delicious...so much so we went back another night for a repeat. We skipped salad bar..had 1 app each and ate dessert.
  11. We walked from Gibbs in October about 10am but got lost along the way...ended up cutting through the golf course at Fairmont then found the front hotel entrance and a taxi driver told us to take the shuttle to HSB even though we told him we were not guests of the hotel. The roads had no sidewalks or shoulders...nor street markings...would not do it again. The lighthouse is worth a visit but very narrow at the top and because of the open railing pattern outside vs a solid wall we felt too scared to walk outside to see the view...we just poked our head out took a photo or two and left. You can also climb up inside to the glass windows but it is very tight.
  12. I took a 10 or 11 once from hamilton to st george...it went past aquarium and airport. We plan on taking it next week as then my husband can see some of the interior of bermuda. For us honestly it will be whatever bus is leaving next when we get to the bus station in hamilton. If you want to see swizzle inn or caves etc you might need a specific number. I think it says 50 minutes etc but I guess that depends on traffic ...assuming that is island time 50 minutes..it gets there when it gets there. Google online for bus schedules it outlines all the routes and times.
  13. My TA is Pinnacle...so from her experiences both as a cruiser and a TA for many many years this has not been her norm either. And she thinks also that Royal Up has everything to do with it. It still makes me wonder why others on my roll call got their guarantees assigned much earlier....leaving me the last one standing...why not hold everyone's guarantees ? I chose to email on my own umprompted to share my pre cruise experience / concerns with them. I did not ask or demand anything from them. I find it interesting that other sites...au and uk explain more about a guarantee than usa site does. I know now it was wrong of me to assume easy breezy like my 1st guarantee on quantum years ago which was my only other experience. This is my 23rd cruise...and you are correct..i will not book guarantee again... As for cabin assignment...no..nothing but as Damien mentioned they will be assigned by Wed. Looking forward to driving to Bayonne...I lived there for 46 years and some of my family are still there. I had only cruised once in 2002 via Alaska before royal came to town in 2005 or so. That opened the gates for me to jump on the ship whenever time/money permitted.
  14. I interpreted the last sentence to mean...if they had no cabin for you they would not wait for you to arrive at the pier to tell you. Lesson learned overall for me ...past performance not indicative of future behavior....just because my 1st guarantee was easy breezy with an assignment doesnt mean this one was. As for those who called me over anxious well gee when everyone on roll call was assigned long before it made me wonder what the issue was. Even my TA was getting worried for me. I always try to offer kindness on this board....we all worry or have concerns over different aspects of cruising...hence the forum to ask questions..share positive or negative experiences .but i guess some people need to be mean / snarky.
  15. would you be so kind to show me where that wording is on the rccl site about being assigned anytime up to sailing day. all i see is the wording that you will get the category you booked. as mentioned I have only booked guarantee one other time in my 20 plus cruises and was assigned pretty soon after booking and well before sailing.
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