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  1. Just returned from Scotland only one day of rain but so many people I’ve never seen it so crowded. Usually hikers go to the Spittle of Glenshea a beautiful area where usually you could walk and not see another person with wild camping 🏕 people were tripping over each other. Its a bit worrying when we returned from the USA at the beginning of March lockdown soon followed we’ve just returned from Scotland and it looks like we could be heading the same way, I must practice positive thinking! CA
  2. I love the fact that so many of us have contacts however tenuous with different areas in Europe, we happily traveled extensively with one of my husbands customers who was in the army after the war he was extremely knowledgeable as he was a driver for quite a few well known individuals. Although neither he or myself would go on the Ferris wheel in Vienna. The third man and all that. I went on a school trip to Austria and all any one could talk about was Elvis. I do remember we had to take tea for the hotels. CA
  3. But evidently stuff is still getting through! My Aunt on Vancouver island says the sky’s are clogged with smoke from the USA wildfires. Not good for everyone. in Scotland the rain of yesterday has passed and today so far is overcast. The wildlife was not daunted by the weather and put on quite a show. We’re not going to Edinburgh or Aberdeen this year and will sneak through the midlands on our way home. Keep busy all then the time till the next cruise will come all the quicker. CA
  4. Give Scenic a ring or email. Good luck Scenic fan. CA
  5. Sorry to tell we have had a Dreke day here in Scotland in other words the water you need for the rivers in Europe fell on us today, nay problem we will just add a touch to the Scotch. Also it is unseasonaly warm. The wildlife total today includes - red squirrel , so cute, very bedraggled hen peasant, young Heron, usually seen on a river cruise, plus an extremely busy treecreeper. Fingers still crossed for cruising next year! CA
  6. Well so far thank you Scotland, social distancing, face masks all working well absolutely no problem and Saturday and Sunday were so busy Scots getting out and about you would not believe the number of motorbikes (very nice ones I must say) and motorhomes out on the roads. The weather is sublime but of course no cruising. CA
  7. Have a great cruise steamboats, in some of our hospitals they are still using fax machines as well as pagers, evidently that is now going to be changed. Luckily we are heading to the east of Scotland the restrictions are being extended on the west. CA
  8. Chin up, difficult I know, as you Aussies are so fond of BBQ’s during our complete lockdown we had a street BBG, difficult if your neighbours are miles away but doable in an ordinary street. BBQ in the front garden that’s all of you In your own front garden keeping social distances. It was a lot of fun on a street that is normally not meet and greet friendly we saw neighbours we hadn’t seen for months. As I have various health challenges I have only recently been let out, and that’s how it feels. So annoying when you see others flouting the recommendations, and of course some think it’s ‘big brother’ watching there again as we have found here sometimes the spread has been attributed to multi generational living accommodation, what to do to change that? We will get there but it’s going to take time and the fall out will hurt, my youngest daughter has already been made redundant mind you she’s quite philosophical about it, I wouldn’t be! At one point I got really down I’m better now but it still there. CA
  9. I used to Service Team at an international Scout camp site, listening to the youngsters from all over the world chat to each other was fascinating they never seemed to have problems understanding each other, not like their leaders. I was once told (most probably by a German lad) that there were no German swear words, true or not! CA
  10. My mother had an apartment in Spain and usually spent the winter there and was home for the summer so we used it for summer holidays. She had this brilliant idea of both of us learning Spanish. I wish I could remember more now. Our tutor was lovely and his claim to fame happened on his way to Madrid to learn Spanish he hitchhiked and just before the Spanish border was picked up by a priest who was also on his way to Madrid their only common language was Latin a supposedly dead language. CA
  11. Driving to Spain we used to overnight at a super hotel in Vienne just south of Lyon our eldest daughter had started learning French at school so the concierge took it on himself to correct her French much to the horror of her French teacher. In later life my daughter maintains that the concierge was right. Daisi, between us we can order most drinks in most languages. My husband maintains that one of the best martinis he has ever had was in a hotel near the pier in Vancouver, although the river cruise bar staff quickly learn how he likes it mixed. CA
  12. My husband worked for a German Company for many years eventually reaching a position where it was thought politic for him to learn German, much to his and I must admit my astonishment he achieved what he called restaurant German, by six weeks one to one and then by telephone. His colligues In Germany were not told of his new skill, they discovered it at a very large exhibition in London there reaction was interesting to say the least. CA
  13. We are, that’s us Brits, are very lackadaisical about learning different languages. Shopping in Paris I once asked for something in a department store, using at least four different languages the store clerk was not impressed, well it was Paris. I find the further south in France I go the more forgiving they are. Most languages I can translate if spoken slowly, yeh yeh yeh who in Europe speaks slowly? Queuing for the Tower of London a few years ago a poor French girl walked along asking at speed for (excuse the spelling) la maison dela Rena by making her slow down I realised where she and her friends wanted to go and as she wanted got a taxi for her party, sorry the Queen was in Scotland. I do admire everyone who can converse in language other than their native then we wouldn’t need so many different cruises. Roll on the control of COVID-19. CA
  14. Excellent reasoning Notamermaid the canal amongst other splendid architecture has the longest straight flight of broad locks (at least 14ft wide) in the country. Unfortunately we don’t have the huge canals and rivers as the rest of Europe due to the lack of space but we make up for that in ‘compact and bijou’. My youngest daughter is holidaying at a Cornish farm now, evidently the cows decided to investigate the cottage at close quarters much to the delight of my grandson. We’re off to Scotland in a couple of weeks will report on there situation on our return. CA
  15. Apart from the sheer folly if it goes ahead, just think of the funny side if they did carry out with social distancing, etc. There's always something new to find out about the canal even more interesting is when you discover what was thought to be a truth is actually a fabrication, nothing new there then. Its an added interest when river cruising. CA
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