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  1. Ohh it can get you when you least expect it. Just go to see The Gurnica.
  2. Thought I would let you all know ‘we have snow! woke up to a mini white out, slowly dripping now one guy clearing his driveway. Just a little unusual for Wiltshire but I’m not going out to build a snowman although my grandson has decided I should much to the enjoyment of my daughters and son in laws.
  3. Scenic has a small bookcase, board games, sudoko and crossword of the day etc. There is usually something extra for about half maybe slightly less evening entertainment, we’ve had - wait for it - cow bell ringing - you can imagine the raised eyebrows for that one but the joke was on us absolutely spectacular, they actually got people singing to ‘cow bells’. Over the years several other different musical events the first South of France one was, well for me exceptional a group from the Camargue one of the guitarists was a born again Manitas de Plata. We’ve had local folk dancers, singers, musicians one exceptional violinist even if your left cold by a solo violin this young lady was superb. Oh and the quiz often music based. If you don’t want to join in no one is hassled to do so there is plenty of room on board to have a quiet bedtime drink served by a steward and you don’t have to retire to your cabin.
  4. He was just about the best tour guide I’ve ever encountered and when he did his WW1 talk on board it was one the most moving I’ve ever had the privilege to be part of. Not a good photo but this is how he arrived on board.
  5. Now you just have to decide which of his WaterLilies about 250 different paintings you prefer, he outdid Van Gough and his Sun Flowers many times over. It could of course be something to do with trying to achieve perfection. Some of his Water Lily canvases are huge.
  6. Scenic boats are amongst the shallowest draughted on the rivers and conversely Viking amongst the deepest and carry more passengers but I wouldn’t be surprised if their next ten due this year are shallower.
  7. Just to note the car transfers were only introduced as an inducement for first time and gold members about 2016/7.
  8. That’s what we’ve done in past years so for some there is transport still included we’re not so far out as you just that bit closer to the M4. It’s such a more civilised start to the holiday. Just to say Emerald not to be confused with Scenic’s sister company just the next tier of how many times you’ve travelled with them.
  9. Oops dah, just realised what the discussion is about as we just automatically expect it and include it in our calculations and have done for years. You may (don’t forget we’re in the U.K.) have to give a small nudge but usually the booking team are on the ball and everything is automatic. We are Diamond members I doubt we will ever become Emerald members.
  10. On a large Scout campsite I service teamed at we used the site tractor to tow bogged down vehicles off a particularly muddy fields, the only time I’ve driven a tractor in anger but sadly not one of those huge great beasts.
  11. Brussels protesting farmers are bombarding the police with rotten eggs and poo slurry. Puts a new slant on term dirty tricks !
  12. Turners paintings are superb watching their evolution over the years is fascinating.
  13. CDNPolar your rope analagie reminds me of taking the playgroup(preschool) kids on a walk woo betide any of them who let go of THE ROPE!
  14. Yup in the afternoon on a hanger superb service. DH very impressed and he’s travelled world wide.
  15. Soooooo European don’t think us straight laced English will be the same humm or would they?
  16. They do come in useful for towing the huge floats in the 8 Westcountry carnivals every November.
  17. There are never problems only challenges except some are much bigger than others. Have a great cruise it’s a good one.
  18. The Thames in London froze regularly during the 17th & 18th century in 1607 they started the Frost Fair, tents, stalls, bowling etc. The last time the Thames completely froze was said to be 1814. Although I couldn’t find out if a volcano was involved but I wouldn’t be surprised. Thanks Notamermaid for that interesting titbit of info, interesting.
  19. The groups are never large but we’ve been the only couple in the past so a car a guide and a trainee guide and us a super day. They also usually have three different walking groups as I take far to many photographs I always join the gentle walking group.
  20. Living in Wiltshire we are very used to tractors but come harvest time add the combine harvesters and the huge grain lorry’s through narrow country lanes it’s chaos.
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