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  1. I saw a tweet with pictures from a passenger who said that 20 minutes before the eruption they were there, but their tour had fortunately left. Their tour boat was picking up injured people on the way back to the ship.
  2. When the sale started a few days before Black Friday I contacted my TA almost immediately and would’ve saved $1500 for our 2 cabins. Less than an hour after that the prices were up again and haven’t come down since. Unfortunately we missed out, but thanks for the heads up as I haven’t made final payment yet.
  3. I booked some excursions the other day when someone mentioned that they were on sale, but not reflected as such. I saved quite a bit. Fast forward to today....the “sale” prices are the same as the prices that I got a few days ago. There was also a “sale” price for one excursion that is about $10 more than previously. 🤭
  4. Confirming the above.....yes. It will cost $4 plus 20% gratuity for the martini. Not sure how much the Patron is so can’t help you there.
  5. We are also on that sailing in March. I’m sure I will see you around the ship!
  6. We book through a travel agent and she gets the upgrade for us. Maybe you have to call Celebrity......btw, the upgrade isn’t just for elite members. As long as one has a Captain’s Club number the one category cabin upgrade up to Aqua is available.
  7. It is a great area and no issue with noise. We always book those cabins and has been excellent ! Enjoy that balcony. It’s FABULOUS!
  8. We are sailing in March and August and for both cruises our perks show under “order history”.
  9. Everyone that is a Captains club member gets this. Don’t have to be Elite
  10. Dan France is actually on Equinox now. He will go on vacation in Jan and return to Equinox mid to late March. We are also on Equinox in March so hope he is there. Not sure who captain will be as I think Captain Tasos will take over sometime this month, but will be on vacation in March.
  11. Are you wanting to book a time with select dining? If so, go to your reservation and it will be under specialty dining. Scroll down until you see select and you can book from there. Hope that make sense 😂. I always do it, but don’t remember the exact steps without seeing it.
  12. I’m pretty sure that Dec 15 is her first day back from vacation! Good timing on your part 😂
  13. We usually book a 1A on the slant of the hump, but some have been reclassified as Concierge now. We ended up booking it cuz it was actually cheaper than a veranda. Worth it for that, but not sure I would do it if it was much more expensive.
  14. Kind of confused......do you not want to take the cruise? If not, then why didn’t you cancel before final payment was due to get your deposit back (if it wasn’t a NRD) and if you do want to take it why didn’t you pay for it?
  15. No. Doesn’t make sense since Tito’s is on the classic package, but it’s still a no go. You could get a Tito’s on ice and maybe they would add a splash of vermouth, but who knows. Doesn’t make sense
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