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  1. We are on the Infinity TA this week and when we booked a FV was available so we snatched it. I was shocked! It’s only 2 of us, but I’m thinking that it was available because I’m sure families aren’t on TA’s.
  2. We are on the Infinity TA next week and when we checked in we were prompted to add a picture, which we did. Infinity hasn’t been revolutionized yet so don’t think that’s the answer.
  3. If you are in the Caribbean they are $13 and if in Europe they are $15 or $15.50. With the upcharge being $4 plus gratuity 3 martinis/day would more than cover the cost of the upgrade and also allow you to have anything else on the premium list.
  4. No problem changing after dinner. My husband always changes into shorts and a T-shirt after dinner before he goes to the casino. It’s definitely not formal, especially on Equinox.
  5. One never knows. One year we were on the port side and it faced Aruba and the next year we were on the port side and the starboard side faced Aruba. You won’t know until you actually get to the port.
  6. Ours was on our express pass ever since we checked in. We recently upgraded with the sale and now both are on it.
  7. I think my chances of meeting up with you would be better at a bar in Chicago than on a cruise. Our cruises never seem to link up 😂😂
  8. I know that you don’t spend a lot of time in the casino, but are there usually a lot of people in there at night after dinner? Typically on a Caribbean cruise we do see a lot of people, but we are doing our first TA next month and wondering what’s it’s like on a longer cruise. My husband plays craps and I play other table games so hoping we won’t be the only ones there 😂.....keep enjoying your cruise!
  9. On our last Equinox cruise we had a 1A cabin on the slant of the hump. We had one lounger, 2 chairs and a table. Having the lounger was quite a pleasant surprise!
  10. No. She will be leaving for vacation soon and return mid December
  11. That would be GREAT! We will be on Equinox again in March and would love him as our CD. Thank you for the information!
  12. No issues with any of those islands. So far so good. Praying that the next hurricanes spare ALL of the islands as well!
  13. Dan just joined the Reflection. He is fresh off vacation. We have had him before and really like him a lot. I’m bummed that he won’t be on our next cruise. Enjoy!
  14. Are you still doing the Equinox in March? Always hoping to sail with you sometime, but doesn’t work that way 😂😂. We are doing our first TA next month so looking forward to those sea days as well. We will be on the Millennium next August so cant wait to hear what you think. Have a FABULOUS trip! Will be following closely. Cheers 🥂
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