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  1. In 2014 I did such a cruise on Holland America's Prisendam -- 14 days. At the time I wanted to see the Atlantic side of Ireland as well as Dublin & Belfast (I was determined to see the Giants' Causeway). I loved the itinerary. I'd love to do it again (on a different ship), but I'd prefer a driving trip -- not possible right now.
  2. This one of the reasons my late DH & I started to cruise 45 years ago -- so his firm couldn't call him back to solve some "problem".
  3. DRS/NC


    Let's just keep it our secret!
  4. DRS/NC


    Thrak -- please quit telling people about the outer deck area behind Adagio! That's my secret place on the ships! 😉
  5. What cream filled donuts? I've been elite for years (& cruise at least once a year, usually twice). Ah! I just realized that you must mean donuts in the IC. OK, agree!
  6. Yes, the towns (Skagway, Juneau & Ketchikan) were crowded. They are small (as are most towns in Alaska, except Anchorage & Fairbanks. Even they are small by most 'city' standards) & are swamped when 2-4 ships are in port. But Alaska is outside those towns -- the mountains, the forests, the rivers, the bays! I've done 4 cruises; 2 that included week-long land tours (fantastic!) We've also done "nature" excursions outside the towns. It only takes minutes to get "outside" the towns. We even rented a car in Skagway on our last cruise & drove into the Yukon for the day -- more than fantastic! Even on a 7-day cruise, you're definitely not limited to the small towns (whale watch, hike, drive). Yes, it will be expensive -- that too is part of Alaska.
  7. I ring the bells at airports, the ship, government buildings, wherever there are scanners -- 2 knees, 1 hip,1 shoulder. I'm usually "wanded" whether I go thru the body scanner or the walk-thru. On the ship, Security usually knows me by the 2nd port. They smile & say "the knees lady" as they wand me. I'd bet at least 25% - 30% of the passengers on a 14 day (or longer) cruise have replacement parts.
  8. If you use a lounge chair from the balcony, think about taking an egg crate mattress pad (twin) to put on the lounger, under the sheet. Then add the pillows, etc. (I've taken an egg crate on every cruise for many years; that's what my old bones need.) I had a total reverse shoulder replacement (R) in Jan. & am about 95% recovered but still can't sleep on my R side. My Aug. 2019 cruise was booked w/ a long lead time. I'm 74 & knew it would be a slower process. Good luck w/your recovery no matter where you are!
  9. This is exactly what I do. I usually travel alone, so checking the rollator w/my large bag makes it easier for my wheelchair helper & me. I've found Heathrow the most difficult airport in which to get wheelchair assistance for departure -- everyone is taken by chair or small shuttle to a central "corral" & you stay there until the attendants tell you it's time to be transported to the gate. The AA gate is always SO FAR from a restroom!
  10. I've cruised in Alaska 4 x & plan to go again in 2020. I did a 15-day cruise in Norway (beyond the Arctic Circle) in 2018. Norway was beautiful, but I find Alaska more majestic! The mts. are higher, more rugged, more commanding. I enjoyed Norway, but I have no urge to return. Alaska, however, calls me back. I haven't been to Newfoundland yet; I'll be there in Sept. I'm really looking forward to that visit.
  11. I often cruise solo. I take my rollator, but I need a wheelchair to get thru the airports. Since the escort & I can't handle my carry-on bag & the rollator, I check the rollator with my large suitcase. I have velcro straps that hold the rollator closed. It hasn't been damaged by the airlines -- so far.
  12. FYI -- https://www.cntraveler.com/story/brazil-may-drop-visas-for-us-travelers?mbid=social_facebook&utm_brand=cnt&utm_campaign=trueAnthem%3A+Trending+Content&utm_content=5d08f5a6e84fc20001ceea7a&utm_medium=social&utm_social-type=owned&utm_source=facebook&fbclid=IwAR3Tow9ztg1Ait9TboFDFPFxBk6ZQA2PnVs6q3YPm6c39HSxRFx3xUgqmkY
  13. Cold medicine (dayquil/nightquil) Any OTCs that you use at home I keep a general packing list in my computer. I don't plan to buy any OTCs on board -- too costly or may not be available.
  14. I have this one (Amazon) that I used on a few cruises. I didn't really like it. Ideally, you sit astride it (like on a horse); that was quite awkward. It was also not good folded & using as a cane -- too low. And the jarring as I walked cause the screws to loosen/come out. I've switched to a regular rollator.
  15. No fee for the pool. No prior Spa treatment required.
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